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HSSB791: Ferocious dragons must cross the river, fearsome dragons will soar the skies


Along with Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu, the other North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island longtime Elders were all stunned as well.

If not for the fact that it was the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint disciple of the Southeastern Exalt’s, Mu Jun who was currently speaking, a great din would definitely have arisen right there and then.

Currently, everyone was lost for words as they could only stare dazedly at Yan Zhaoge.

There was only one thought in all their minds, “How did he do it”

It couldn’t be that King Xuanmu’s predicament at the time had also been like that of Kang Ping and Luo Zhiyuan earlier, being one where he was trapped in a precarious position and forced to receive beatings

Gu Hong’s heart jolted slightly as he recalled how Yan Zhaoge had previously made use of the unique environment over at the Phoenix Bearing Region’s wound of the sky and caused a tough competition for life between Luo Zhiyuan and Madame Kang.

Instead, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “King Xuanmu personally descended to the Eight Extremities World, yet left the King Xuan Spear here in the World beyond Worlds.

Thus, I took his treasure.”

“After King Xuanmu returned, my father just had happened to ascend to the World beyond Worlds as well.

In the end, it was he who slew King Xuanmu.”

Gu Hong, Gongsun Wu and the others nodded, “Oh, so that’s how it was.”

The King Xuan Spear had not been in King Xuanmu’s hands, while Yan Zhaoge possessed the Extreme Yang Spear.

Considering all the astonishing methods that Yan Zhaoge had put on display in the past, it was indeed possible that this could have happened.

Wait, something seemed to be wrong

Someone’s eyes grew wide, “Your father just happened to ascend to the World beyond Worlds.

Next, he slew King Xuanmu”

“Just happened to ascend.

This should mean that he only just refined his acupoints to see Divinity”

Everyone else realised this as well as they stared on in shock at Yan Zhaoge.

Wasn’t this to say that someone who had just ascended to the early Seeing Divinity stage had slain an expert of the peak of the late Seeing Divinity stage like King Xuanmu

Even though King Xuanmu had not possessed the King Xuan Spear, that was still just inconceivable!

Everyone leapt up in fright, Yan Zhaoge’s expression as per usual as he mildly nodded, “That’s right.

My father just ascended, breaking through space to see true Divinity.”

Everyone exchanged looks, all unable to speak.

Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun exchanged glances, shock still present in both their hearts as they recalled what Chen Zhiliang had recounted to them earlier.

Especially with Chen Zhiliang having recounted how it was someone whom the power of dimensions could not allow to remain down in the lower worlds just at the third level of the Martial Saint realm.

Such a heaven-defying genius was something that even the likes of Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun had to sigh in admiration at.

In addition, there was also another such person standing before them right now.

While it was only a prediction, Lin Hanhua and Mu Jin deeply suspected that the current Yan Zhaoge had very likely surpassed his father, being even stronger than him.

While he was currently at the second level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Merging Avatar stage, it was probable that he already might not be tolerated by the lower worlds.

With such talent having simultaneously appeared from the lower worlds, the two even being father and son, even Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun felt shocked at this.

As the Southeastern Exalt’s most outstanding disciples, they were originally already the best of the best, elites amongst elites.

Yet, they could not help but sigh continually in admiration now.

While Mu Jun was inwardly dismissing how the Eight Extremities World’s Broad Creed Mountain possessed more than just a single high-grade Sacred Artifact despite having no Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, such thoughts of his could only remain unspoken.

He was really feeling extremely interested in this clan from the lower worlds now.

As Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu looked at Yan Zhaoge now, there was only a single thought that existed within their minds.

Ferocious dragons must cross the river, or rather, fearsome dragons will soar the skies.

Gongsun Wu had a somewhat deeper impression of this.

Being able to win against King Xuanmu, that was likely equivalent to being able to win against him.

Someone who had only just attained the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Seeing Divinity stage…

Looking at the great sea down below where Endless Magnetic Storms were gradually beginning to rise once more, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “King Xuanmu has been exterminated while the peak figures of the Shenling Ten Swords are currently all trapped in this Clear Scenic Region, great casualties having been suffered by the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Still, their four Lord Protectors remain, a centipede simply not dying easily with its many legs.”

Gu Hong, Gongsun Wu and the others all considered this as well.

Now seemed to be the time for them to grasp this chance and exert themselves against the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

What they had to consider was how they would deal with Kang Ping and the others when they eventually managed to extricate themselves from the Clear Scenic Region.

At the end of the day, these were three whole Martial Saint experts who had stepped into the Immortal Bridge stage.

Still, looking at Yan Zhaoge before them, their hearts jolted slightly.

When Kang Ping and the others had extricated themselves, what heights would this youth before them have attained by then

Gu Hong and the others turned to look at Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun who were standing by the side.

The two of them seemed wholly unconcerned about this matter which they were now discussing.

This instead gradually boosted the confidence of North Sea Sword Pavilion and Copper Men Island.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Our clan seeks to come to the World beyond Worlds, with the location probably being the Spirit Inheritance Region in the Royal Reed Sea.

I would like for Mister Lin and Mister Mu to help in working this out, also asking Pavilion Lord Gu and Chief Gongsun to look out for us.”

Everyone had already generally predicted this somewhat.

Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu directed their gazes at Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun.

Lin Hanhua said mildly, “I am fine with it.

Still, I will have to ask my Master about this.”

If it were any ordinary power of the lower worlds, just their permission alone would already be sufficient for them to set up their headquarters within the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yet, the circumstances of Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain were unique.

They had stirred up rather great disturbances, having been involved in so many things.

They also possessed great treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown which held a special significance, no one being able to tell what all this might bring about in the future.

Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun could not make a decision on their own regarding this.

Still, Mu Jun nodded as well, “I too am fine with it.

It will be okay if Master gives his permission.”

“If Little Friend Yan and your father are free, why not make a trip to Golden Court Mountain to meet our Master.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I too would like that.”

Seeing this, Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu said to Yan Zhaoge in unison, “It is a cause for celebration that your sect desires to develop here in the World beyond Worlds.

When the ceremony for your grand opening arrives, we will definitely be there to give our congratulations.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Since that is so, this Yan first thanks you here.”

Thinking about how the Grand Xuan Dynasty might not have yet received news from the Clear Scenic Region, wanting to catch them unawares, Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu quickly cupped their hands towards Yan Zhaoge, Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun, “Everyone, we will be taking our leave first.”

“Shadow Mountain Sword King and Green Plains Sword King, if you have any instructions, just swiftly notify us about it.

If orders come down from Golden Court Mountain, we will surely abide by them.”

Lin Hanhua nodded in silence while Mu Jun smiled, “You are polite.”

Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu intentionally looked at Yan Zhaoge.

“It is all thanks to Little Friend Yan for your help this time.

We are extremely grateful for it.

Little Friend Yan is welcome at our Grinding Hut Region as a guest at any time.”

“Little Friend Yan is welcome at our Copper Men Island at any time.

We will surely welcome you.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “You are welcome.

This Yan will definitely head over for a visit in the future.”

After seeing Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu off, Yan Zhaoge looked at the broad, boundless great sea before him, a hint of a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth as he felt greatly at ease, “Now, the scenery of this Royal Reed Sea looks much more interesting.”


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