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HSSB792: Kidnapping


Following Gu Hong and Gongsun Wu’s departure, Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun glanced at the seas of the Clear Scenic Region down below before preparing to leave as well.

While Zhuang Chaohui had fled, there was still another peak expert of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory in the vicinity.

Following the earlier clash with him, there could be a resurgence of activity at any moment.

Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun needed to deal with this.

Also, it was necessary for them to send Tang Yonghao who possessed the phoenix bone back to Golden Court Mountain as soon as possible.

They invited Yan Zhaoge and his father over to Golden Court Mountain as well.

Considering how the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Radiant Light Sect should not be causing any trouble now, with the situation in the Royal Reed Sea finally having become rather optimistic, Yan Zhaoge too had the intention of going to Golden Court Mountain to see the current hegemon of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, the Southeastern Exalt.

After all, his Broad Creed Mountain next planned to gain stable footing in the World beyond Worlds, setting down root and spreading their influence.

As for the matter with Zhuang Chaohui and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, that was more of the problem of Lin Hanhua’s group.

After taking their leave from Lin Hanhua and Mu Jun, Yan Zhaoge’s group left the seas of the Clear Scenic Region, heading for the Spirit Inheritance Region via the Desert Mountain region.

On the way there, they remained in the Myriad Dragon Palace together.

Now, Yan Zhaoge looked at Feng Yunsheng.

She had finally won the Extreme Yin Crown that she had long yearned for.

While it had no longer been that pressing a matter to her, closure had finally been attained in this long-standing issue.

Still, she did not appear relaxed now.

With Zhuang Chaohui having unexpectedly taken Meng Wan away, she was feeling very worried.

Feeling Yan Zhaoge’s gaze on her, Feng Yunsheng smiled, shaking her head, “I’m fine.”

While she was on great terms with Meng Wan, with Zhuang Chaohui having arrived late to the battle, he should only have seen the two of them battling all out to win the Extreme Yin Crown.

If Zhuang Chaohui had wanted to kidnap someone as revenge against Yan Zhaoge, that person should have been Feng Yunsheng and not Meng Wan.

First not speaking of how the relationship between Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan was complicated due to the Sacred Sun Clan having been destroyed by Broad Creed Mountain, it was only Feng Yunsheng who usually shared an intimate relationship with Meng Wan.

At the end of the day, Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan did not have much of a relationship at all.

If Zhuang Chaohui had kidnapped Meng Wan because of his conflict with Yan Zhaoge, he should have been trying to get more information regarding Yan Zhaoge from her at most.

Yet, having come from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, Zhuang Chaohui most likely did not know of Meng Wan’s background, being unaware that she hailed from the Eight Extremities World just like Yan Zhaoge did.

Therefore, this made no sense at all.

The only logical explanation was that he had taken Meng Wan away due to she herself, this actually being wholly unrelated to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng.

Feng Yunsheng had already calmed down following her initial worries, gradually coming to consider the crux of the problem.

It should not have been because of the Extreme Yin Physique since Meng Wan no longer possessed the Extreme Yin Crown.

Therefore, there must be some other underlying reason.

Still, Feng Yunsheng did not know if Meng Wan might meet with any nasty treatment after having been brought away by Zhuang Chaohui.

While it would surely not be like Tang Yonghao who would have been refined for the phoenix bone, this was still a difficult thing to predict.

Therefore, it was very hard for her not to worry.

Wracking her brains, she was just unable to understand why Zhuang Chaohui had taken Meng Wan.

After coming to the World beyond Worlds, Meng Wan had resided in secret on Sun Moon Peak, not having ventured outside at all as even many Radiant Light Sect disciples had never seen her before.

Before having met her today, Zhuang Chaohui would not even have known of her existence at all.

As Yan Zhaoge gazed over, Feng Yunsheng thought for a bit, still not bringing this up in the end.

Yan Zhaoge indeed had no intention of mercilessly getting rid of Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan.

On the contrary, he admired these two people greatly.

Still, there existed the pre-existing condition here that they had never truly been enemies to Broad Creed Mountain before.

This included Meng Wan having held the Extreme Yin Crown in the Eight Extremities World back then.

While it had affected the global situation through its intimidating effect, she had not truly entered bloodied battles against Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners with it, ultimately.

Therefore, whether it was to help Golden Court Mountain or to deny Zhuang Chaohui’s gang, Yan Zhaoge did not mind saving Tang Yonghao, even assisting him in entering Golden Court Mountain.

Meng Wan having lost the Extreme Yin Crown, Yan Zhaoge had no intention of getting rid of her.

If Feng Yunsheng spoke on her behalf, Yan Zhaoge would even consider sending her back to the Eight Extremities World to reunite with her Master.

Still, if Tang Yonghao and Meng Wan wanted to make an enemy out of Broad Creed Mountain because of the Sacred Sun Clan, while Yan Zhaoge would understand their position, he would similarly be merciless in his actions.

Yan Zhaoge too would cherish talent from time to time.

Still, this would never happen with his enemies.

While Feng Yunsheng was really worried about Meng Wan, she too knew how difficult it would be to successfully request her back from the Southern Exalt.

It was just like how Zhuang Yonghao would find it as difficult to get his hands on Tang Yonghao as ascending to the heavens if the latter eventually entered Golden Court Mountain.

If Feng Yunsheng had to risk her life for Meng Wan, she could do so without blinking an eyelid.

Yet, to expect Yan Zhaoge to risk his life for Meng Wan would surely be a little idealistic.

Even if he did agree to do so in the end, it would still just be for her sake alone.

This was unless some unique reason truly existed.

Still, there was none that Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng had managed to grasp at the current time.

Feng Yunsheng sighed inwardly.

Of course, she could actually go alone.

Yet, if she met with danger, what different would it be from her forcing Yan Zhaoge to go along with her

Was Meng Wan more important than Yan Zhaoge, for her to involve him in some avoidable danger over their sisterly ties

Yan Zhaoge had wrecked Zhuang Chaohui’s all-important plan to obtain the phoenix bone and killed the Southern Exalt’s disciple, Li Jing.

The Southern Exalt’s lineage would surely hate him to the core, and would be more than happy to see him give himself up at the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Therefore, when Yan Zhaoge asked about it, Feng Yunsheng could only feign a look of nonchalance.

Still, with Meng Wan possibly having met danger, Feng Yunsheng would be plagued by worry even just thinking about it, finding it constantly hard to relax as a result.

After the Extreme Yin Bouts, Feng Yunsheng had never slacked off in her cultivation in the least.

Yet, she again felt powerless and filled with anxiety now.

That desperation and desire from when she had unceasingly sought to obtain the Extreme Yin Crown arose within her heart once more as she intensely wished that she could be a little stronger, stronger than she currently was.

If only she were sufficiently powerful, she would be able to attempt to save Little Wan alone without getting anyone else involved.

Looking at Feng Yunsheng, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Worried about Meng Wan”

Since Yan Zhaoge had already said it out loud, Feng Yunsheng had no need to hide it, “I wonder why that Zhuang Chaohui took her away.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I thought I’d already successfully built an omnipotent impression in your heart.”

Feng Yunsheng sighed, “Zhuang Chaohui would wish nothing more than for you to send yourself to their doorstep.

There are as many experts as there are clouds at Wutong Slope.

The Southern Exalt too is no minor figure.

Moreover, this matter actually has nothing to do with you.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “You leave me feeling very hurt like this.

You should know that men always hope that their women will rely on them a little more, their egos thus being satisfied.

The stronger you are usually, the more moving and emotional it will be during truly fragile moments.”

Feng Yunsheng was amused whilst also exasperated, “Do you still need to satisfy your ego with me”

Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “It would be different with you.”

Feng Yunsheng’s heart softened as she inhaled deeply, next shaking her head, “You really shouldn’t be doing anything here.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “It all depends on you.”

Feng Yunsheng said, “Actually, when Zhuang Chaohui brought Little Wan away, he did not reveal any lust or a desire to vent.

While he did feel infuriated over the matter of the phoenix bone, that wasn’t targeted against Little Wan.

He seemed to have no ill intentions.

Little Wan probably won’t be facing danger this time.”

“Still, I just can’t understand why he would kidnap her.

Because of that, I just cannot set my heart at ease.”

Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, pondering for a moment before he asked, “Back in the Eight Extremities World, did you learn about Meng Wan’s background You entered the Sacred Sun Clan earlier than she did.

Do you know anything about her family”


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