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HSSB794: Overwhelming treasure


As the small brocade box was opened, spiritual qi instantly suffused the entire area with a pleasant medicinal fragrance that left one feeling completely relaxed filling the entire Myriad Dragon Palace.

A spherical pill that flickered with a faint golden light could be seen inside the box, a faint purple qi shrouding and rising from it which did not dissipate for a long time.

Yan Zhaoge stared at this pill, his gaze distant.

Even before having opened the brocade box, he had already vaguely sensed something.

He had believed it to be a mere figment of his imagination at the time.

Yet, opening the box and truly seeing the pill, all doubts were alleviated as he recognised it at once.

This pill was known as the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill, and it possessed shocking efficacy.

Mortals who consumed it would have their longevities increased, thus achieving eternal youth.

They would be able to sense the heavens, hearing the decrees of the Heavenly Court.

Those on the brink of death would be immediately revived, the dead brought back to life and flesh regrown on bones.

If martial practitioners consumed it, they would be able to connect with the miraculous, purest immortal qi that existed beyond the nine heavens, absorbing it into their bodies and benefiting incomparably as a result.

This pill had only existed in the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace in pre-Great Calamity times, having been stored in the Pill Hall of the Divine Palace.

Even the immortal families of the Heavenly Court had rather treasured such a miraculous pill with how consuming one would allow them to connect with and absorb the highest grade immortal qi from above the nine heavens.

If their cultivation bases were insufficient, only extremely few people ever enjoyed such fortune.

Despite their insufficient cultivation bases, if one consumed the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill and breathed the immortal qi of beyond the heavens, while it would just be a tiny wisp of such, even this tiny wisp alone would already be incomparably valuable.

The spiritual qi in the current World beyond Worlds was abundant, far surpassing that in the likes of the Eight Extremities World, Floating Life World, Vast Ocean World and Flame Devil World etcetera.

Just having arrived here, Yan Zhaoge had felt for a moment as though he had returned to the great thousand worlds of before the Great Calamity.

Still, the environment of the World beyond Worlds was only at a similar level, still being somewhat inferior to the golden age of pre-Great Calamity times.

Perhaps it would be better at the new Kunlun Mountain in the central Jun Heaven Territory than here in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Still, the environment of the great thousand worlds in pre-great Calamity times had also varied by grades according to location.

The Divine Palace of the Heavenly Court that existed above the nine heavens had unquestionably been a supreme location.

The immortal qi of beyond the heavens there had similarly been top-tier beyond the nine heavens, being something extremely few people could get their hands on even within the Divine Palace itself.

The rarity of the immortal qi of beyond the heavens and the value of the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill could be seen therein.

After the Great Calamity, the Divine Palace of the Heavenly Court had fallen to ruin, many treasures having been destroyed as well.

Yan Zhaoge did not know what fate the Pill Hall had suffered and what had befallen the great many divine, miraculous pills and medicines that had been stored within.

He had not thought that he might actually see an Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill here today.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin.

Just this one pill alone surpassed everything else within Qi Wei’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch in value.

Searching through the pouch, he found a book which contained some of Qi Wei’s personal records.

Most of it consisted of Qi Wei’s personal insights in his analysis of formations as well as the records from some ancient relic sites which he had encountered when out adventuring.

They were rather haphazard and did not form a system, being evidently visible as casual note taking.

Some unique information was also to be found within.

It was mentioned how he had coincidentally obtained the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill by a stroke of good fortune when outside in the past.

While he had not recognised the pill, he had vaguely sensed that it possessed boundless miraculous uses which he was unable to grasp.

After coming to the Royal Reed Sea, Qi Wei had seldom moved from place to place due to having to sustain the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation.

Having inadvertently obtained the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill and detected its mystery and profoundness, he had decided to treat it with great care, first analysing it before anything else.

Some of Qi Wei’s random thoughts from his analysis of this pill had also been recorded down by him.

Sadly, he had been very busy afterwards, having ultimately been unaware of its actual nature even up till his death.

Yan Zhaoge carried the small brocade box on his palm, pondering in silence.

This Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill was a supreme treasure even to him.

It could be said that its value even surpassed that of a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Still, whether its value could match its potential was to be seen by how much he gained after having consumed it.

Unlike Sacred Artifacts which were powerful weapons that could be used at any time, serving some use even if one’s cultivation base was insufficient and becoming a fearsome weapon as soon as one had attained a sufficient cultivation stage, the worth of such a divine pill was hard to estimate in the long term if its effects could be properly drawn out.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was more interested in this: Where exactly had Qi Wei obtained this pill

The Pill Hall of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace had been an incomparable treasury no inferior to the martial repository in the least…

Even Yan Zhaoge would feel overwhelmed and slightly dizzy as he thought of what was stored inside.

Even though the Pill Hall had been fallen, if he was able to find more of the pills which had formerly been stored within, it would unquestionably be a treasure trove that knew no rival.

Carefully analysing Qi Wei’s records and examining that Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill, Yan Zhaoge discovered something, “Oh, densely filled with Heavenly Flame Trees…Heavenly Flame Trees seem not to grow in the climate of the Royal Reed Sea.

Still, they should be populous elsewhere in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory”

“I must ask around about where these trees commonly grow when the time comes.”

Yan Zhaoge ceased in his ponderings, carefully keeping the brocade box in which the pill was stored.

It was still not the best time for him to consume it.

Thus, he would just leave it stored away for now.

After keeping the pill, Yan Zhaoge calmed himself before examining the remaining items in Qi Wei’s Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

He picked a Misfortune Alleviating Stone Crystal and a stalk of Miraculous Jade Grass and stuffed them right in Pan-Pan’s mouth.

Pan-Pan opened his big mouth and swallowed them, blinking as his restless air eased somewhat.

The seven sigils silently circulated on the top of his head, his chest, his back and his four paws, serving to aid his vitality and help him to unceasingly refine the power of the Taotie’s demonic heart.

A moment later, the protruding blood vessels on Pan-Pan’s body finally eased, no longer sticking out on the surface of his body.

His massive frame gradually shrunk as well.

Pan-Pan blinked and yawned loudly, flipping over and falling asleep straight away.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, patting his big head.

His Northern Ocean Clone was seated in the meditative position as he cultivated.

Through the Heaven Swallowing Sword Box and Pan-Pan, the Northern Ocean Clone had absorbed a portion of the Taotie’s demonic blood as well which he was currently in the process of refining.

Looking at his Northern Ocean Clone, Yan Zhaoge thought, “With the foundation of the Kunpeng arts and having refined a huge amount of the blood of true dragons and the blood of a Taotie afterwards, he may be able to walk a whole different path now.”

The Myriad Dragon Palace brought them out of the Clear Scenic Region, across the Desert Mountain Region and to the Spirit Inheritance Region.

The Spirit Inheritance Region had suffered great damage from the earlier world-shaking battles, the seawater within having nearly dried up completely as a result.

Afterwards, the tides of the surrounding regions of sea had naturally flowed in to refill it.

With this happening on such a great scale, the climate of this local area here had become extremely chaotic with storms and tsunamis ceaselessly occurring, this still having yet to completely cease even now.

Still, this was merely toddler’s play as compared to the Endless Magnetic Storms of the Clear Scenic Region.

Yan Zhaoge’s group travelled to where the Sun Moon Peak of the Radiant Light Sect had once stood.

It had already been levelled completely now with no traces of those former headquarters remaining.

The wound of the sky gradually appeared in the horizon to the north.

Not far away from the spatial crevice sat a cross-legged man with a sabre placed horizontally across his knee.

This was precisely Yan Di.


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