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HSSB797: The seal hidden in the depths of the soul


Broad Creed Mountain’s Grand Elder Zhang Kun replaced Fu Enshu over at the Vast Ocean World.

Over the years, Fu Enshu had led the Broad Creed Mountain disciples in residing in Changli Mountain of the Vast Ocean World, producing many outstanding individuals who had made a name for themselves in the Vast Ocean World with their great strength and martial prowess.

While they had not produced another Martial Saint with Yan Zhaoge also not having appeared for a long time, the descendants of Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage currently had a rather lofty position in the Vast Ocean World.

The global situation there would change from time to time, already being different from how it had been when Yan Zhaoge had last been there.

Still, this never affected Broad Creed Mountain much as they had the feeling of sitting comfortably at home, watching the ongoing storm outside.

Some had returned to the Eight Extremities World over this period of time, new disciples being sent over by Broad Creed Mountain for tempering there.

Fu Enshu stood at the peak of the late Essence Talisman stage as she was set to break through into the Transcending Mortality stage anytime now.

After meeting Zhang Kun, she had brought Ying Longtu, Sikong Qing and the other junior disciples along, following the Northern Ocean Clone to Tribulation Wind Mountain where the wound of the sky was located.

“The dimensional passageway leading to the Flame Devil World was sealed by the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation that year, so we do not need to worry about that.

Still, what about that other dimensional passageway you said Shen Li opened from the Heavenly Thunder Hall” Fu Enshu asked as she walked.

Yan Zhaoge had temporarily sealed that dimensional passageway back then.

Afterwards, Broad Creed Mountain had focused on keeping vigilant against the Radiant Light Sect of the World beyond Worlds, therefore not having paid much attention to this dimensional passageway which could lead to some other world.

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Our clan’s main goal this time is still establishing a stable foundation in the World beyond Worlds.

Therefore, I strengthened the seal with this clone.”

“The seal cannot be forcibly broken unless it is by someone whose cultivation base surpasses my Northern Ocean Clone’s.

It is very unlikely for this to happen with native inhabitants of the lower worlds.

We need not worry about this for the time being.”

Fu Enshu nodded slowly, “Handling it like this is fine.

I heard the second batch of disciples who came to the Vast Ocean World say that junior apprentice-brother Yan once checked around its entrance.”

“It seems to be a rather more primordial, desolate world there”

Yan Zhaoge said, “I too heard my father mention a few things about it before.

When things at the World beyond Worlds are settled for good, we can take some time to look around if we are free.”

Ying Longtu and Sikong Qing aside, there were Xu Fei and Shi Jun as well.

Shi Jun’s mother, Ying Yuzhen, had still yet to awaken.

While her injuries had already gradually healed, she still remained in a deep, unconscious slumber.

Yan Zhaoge felt this to be very abnormal.

Thus, he examined her again.

Earlier, he had not discovered it due to his cultivation base being too low or because it had been hidden too deeply.

As the Northern Ocean Clone examined her now, he finally discovered a bit of an abnormality.

A seal could indistinctly be detected amidst the depths of Ying Yuzhen’s soul.

Fearing that he might have seen wrong, the Northern Ocean Clone sent everyone to the Spirit Inheritance Region after arriving at the Phoenix Bearing Region of the World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di examined Ying Yuzhen as well, finally confirming that there was really a profound seal hidden in the depths of her soul.

With their current cultivation bases, they could only barely detect the seal’s existence, being unable to get rid of it or investigate what exactly was being sealed.

“Have a look at Jun’er,” Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di exchanged glances before imperceptibly nodding.

After their examination, father and son both appeared rather solemn.

There was also a seal in the depths of Shi Jun’s soul.

Still, it was different from that of Ying Yuzhen’s.

The difference between the two seals might explain why Shi Jun had awoken normally after recovering from his injuries while Ying Yuzhen had remained in a deep slumber throughout.

Sadly, they were unable to decipher anything about the seal.

Yan Zhaoge frowned.

It was only because his cultivation base was higher now that he could see all this.

When he had been weaker in the past, he would have been unable to detect even the existence of the seal itself.

From this, it was evident that the person who had set down the seal was either extremely powerful or had extremely strange, remarkable methods.

“Jun’er and Sister-in-law Yuzhen were both carried around asleep in the ice coffins by senior apprentice-brother Shi that year.

That should only have been in the Eight Extremities World.

Coming into contact with such a powerful existence there should not really have been very possible”

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “If the methods are too strange, it may be related to the Nine Underworlds…”

Sadly, Shi Songtao had already died long ago.

It could not be known in detail what he and his wife had experienced that year.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di could only temporarily set this matter aside, slowly analysing it afterwards.

“Senior apprentice-brother Fang, senior apprentice-sister Fu, I will first have to trouble you for the matters here at the Spirit Inheritance Region of the Royal Reed Sea.”

Yan Di said to Fang Zhun and Fu Enshu, “The matter of the construction can be slowly worked upon.

There is also no need to be in a rush to expand.

We should first gain a stable foothold here.

If there is anything you need help with, you can communicate with the North Sea Sword Pavilion or Copper Men Island on it.”

“Thanks to Zhaoge, these two major powers of the Royal Reed Sea are now on friendly terms with us.

They can be considered dependable allies as we can also help one another out in times of need.”

“If there is a major crisis or something that cannot be solved, we need not fear having no firewood to burn if the mountain still exists.

Use the remaining Heavenly Connection Jade to immediately return to the Eight Extremities World.

With Master’s protection, it will be much safer there.”

Yan Di said, “Bar any major incidences, the descendants of the Southeastern Exalt’s lineage here in the Royal Reed Sea are trustworthy.

If anything major crops up, you could request their assistance.”

Fang Zhun nodded, “That Southeastern Exalt whom you are going to see this time is very important.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Xiao Ai, “Xiao Ai, come along with us.

After leaving Golden Court Mountain, let us retrace the route that my mother travelled along that year.”

Xiao Ai said, “This maid is definitely fine with it.

Still, you must be prepared, Young Master.

It spans varying directions throughout the entire world, the distance being very great.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I expected as much.”

After Fang Zhun and the others had settled down, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di travelled alongside Chen Zhiliang’s group, officially heading to Golden Court Mountain.

Prior to this, Tang Yonghao had already been sent to Golden Court Mountain under Mu Jun’s personal protection.

As for Lin Hanhua, he still remained watching over the Royal Reed Sea.

Not long after, Golden Court Mountain would probably dispatch more peak experts there to guard against their neighbours to the west.

The Royal Reed Sea was at the westernmost part of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory while Golden Court Mountain was in the central part of the territory.

Led by Chen Zhiliang, they left the Royal Reed Sea and headed north, traversing the domain of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

There was the vast ocean there as well as a great many islands.

Continuing north, they finally set foot on the spacious mainland.

There were lofty mountains and dangerous valleys where few people ever ventured and plains containing high population density.

The Royal Reed Sea had already been much more massive than the Eight Extremities World.

Still, from the perspective of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, it was really but a corner of the ocean that existed at its west.

As for this ocean, the portion of it that was in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory was only equivalent to a quarter of the size of that entire domain.

Only now did those from the Eight Extremities World gain a more accurate impression of the vastness of the World beyond Worlds.

Even with their current cultivation bases, it was still a long journey before Yan Zhaoge and the others arrived at the place where the Southeastern Exalt’s dao arena was located, Golden Court Mountain.


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