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HSSB80: The Battle of Spirit Wind Canyon


Yan Zhaoge took a glance at Xiao Shen, then ignored him totally.

“Arriving earlier than expected-this is not just the Eastern Tang Kingdom’s problem…”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed into slits, “Yan Xu…”

As the Sacred Sun Clan had many experts present, Yan Zhaoge wanted to assist Zhao Shicheng in sustaining the formation himself.

He immediately called loudly, “Elder Xu!”

“I understand,” Faced with serious business, Xu Chuan had completely discarded the usual flattery and slickness that he showed in private.

He led the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners under him, surging forward to meet the invading Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners.

The Eastern Tang martial practitioners who had travelled alongside Yan Zhaoge and Zhao Shicheng also went with them.

The Sacred Sun Clan invaders consisted of a considerable number of elites, possessing many experts.

Because Cloud-Veined Crystals could be used to produce Jade Essence, while Broad Creed Mountain had kept from making any major, obvious moments in order to pull the wool over others’ eyes, the Spirit Wind Canyon had become very strict internally, its defences having increased considerably in secret.

Otherwise, at this moment, they might have been broken through instantly by the Sacred Sun Clan.

Even so, with so many Martial Scholars experts of the Sacred Sun Clan attacking together, the pressure on the Spirit Wind Canyon had increased considerably.

Xu Chuan and the Xiantian Martial Scholar expert of the Eastern Tang went up together to block their path, obstructing the advance of most of their opponents.

The two sides were momentarily locked in a stalemate.

The Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan who had been prevented from entering the canyon attacked like an unending tide, sending attacks towards the Spirit Wind Canyon and Zhao Shicheng non-stop.

Yan Zhaoge and Zhao Shicheng both had stern expression on their faces.

As they dealt with this attack before their eyes, their side had once again fallen at a disadvantage in the battle over at Jingyang City.

With two battles simultaneously ongoing, the pressure on Zhao Shicheng had increased considerably.

The reversal formation had yet to be fully set up.

With Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie, continuously exerting pressure over at Jingyang City, the control over the Jingyang City grand formation was gradually falling into his hands.

As this situation persisted, over at the Spirit Wind Canyon, the power of the grand formation that Zhao Shicheng had agglomerated gradually began showing signs of deficiency.

The enemy Martial Grandmaster who was clashing with it was most sensitive to this change.

He led out a long howl, “Zhao Shicheng, you stubbornly insisted on being the enemy of my Sacred Sun Clan-this is how it’d end up!”

“You are too foolish, unable to clearly see where the trend of the times lies.

Broad Creed Mountain has long since reached its sunset, whilst my Sacred Sun Clan is at its zenith!”

“Your brother, Zhao Shilie, is much smarter than you; in consideration for the Eastern Tang, the throne will be better sat by him instead!”

As he said this, he brought his palms together, before pushing them out forward in unison.

One of the Seven Great Sun Arts, the Heaven Striking Palm!

The sun hung high, in the middle of the sky!

Moving with a domineering attack renowned for its power, executing the wild and violent side of the Sacred Sun Clan’s martial arts to the point of perfection!

Supressing with its momentum, suppressing with its power.

The higher the cultivation of a martial practitioner, the better they were able to unleash the power of this martial art.

At this moment, utilising the Heaven Striking Palm, the Martial Grandmaster’s attack was far more ferocious than that of the Martial Scholar Chan Yuanlong previously.

Everyone present could only feel that before their eyes was a resplendent golden sea, blazing violently.

The Martial Scholars all felt like their aura-qi had almost been ignited by this one palm, burning up and vaporizing!

Zhao Shicheng’s expression was grave, his face having turned slightly black.

A green qi and a red qi once again began flashing on his face.

The chaotic streams of baleful qi that had not been completely expelled from within his body had been continuously causing trouble for him all along.

At this moment, clashing with an opponent and facing pressure, their momentum also became stronger and stronger.

He sucked in a deep breath, hitting out with his fist once more.

The Imperial Golden Dragonscale Armor on him began to flicker with a glow, the roar of a dragon resounding.

That Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster let out a low shout, a purple-gold radiance lighting up on his right arm.

It was an armguard of pure gold, containing nine purple crystals which flickered as they shone with a brilliant light, its momentum rising up to the heavens.

It was, shockingly, yet another spirit artifact!

As the two sides collided, Zhao Shicheng’s and his enemy’s bodies both shook.

The formation shuddered once more as Zhao Shilie’s advantage over in Jingyang City grew.

The amount of the grand formation’s power that Zhao Shilie could draw on once again dropped.

Pressing on his advantage, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Martial Grandmaster consecutively hit out with the Heaven Striking Palm, causing the surrounding space to rumble unceasingly, as if it was about to collapse.

Under the brilliant glow of the massive sun, the radiance of the formation’s spirit patterns dimmed.

Zhao Shicheng had no choice but to reduce the perimeter of his defences.

However, this way, the enemy’s attacks began affecting the Spirit Wind Canyon’s defences.

With the help of their Martial Grandmaster, the group of Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners closed in.

Xiao Shen’s gaze was fixated on Yan Zhaoge from afar, as venomous as a snake.

The Xiantian Martial Scholar beside him formed a sword with his left hand, his right hand abruptly tapping on his scabbard behind him.

A sword-light lit up, penetrating through the horizons, resembling the morning sun rising eastwards into the sky as dawn broke.

One of the Seven Great Sun Arts, the Divine Sword of Dawn!

Low grade spirit artifact, Flowing Fire Sword!

The sword-light shocked the heavens as the first light of dawn broke, with the sun beginning to rise eastwards, reaching its zenith within the sky before eventually tilting westwards and descending beyond the distant horizon.

That single sword displayed sunrise to sunset, the beginning to the end.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge hacked out at the air with his palm, the Radiant Sun Wheel emerging!

Seeing the Radiant Sun Wheel, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners all faltered slightly, following which their attacks became even more ferocious.

Xiao Shen stared intensely at the Sacred Sun Wheel, his eyes seemingly about to pop out of their sockets.

Letting out a piercing, enraged howl, he abruptly raised his palm.

The light of a spirit diagram flickered on his palm, resembling a crown formed of the sun.

The Radiant Sun Wheel within the air halted momentarily.

“Tsk! It is indeed like that…” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “A pity that I have to use my Jade Dragon Sword for the reversal formation.

Otherwise, I could just switch artifacts and all would be fine.”

As the Radiant Sun Wheel halted in midair, that Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner, wielding the Flowing Fire Sword, landed towards the Spirit Wind Canyon.

The defensive formation of the Spirit Wind Canyon, having been facing the pressure of a Martial Grandmaster all along, suffering this blow from the Flowing Fire Sword, finally had a rift formed within it!

The crowd of Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners immediately rushed in!

Xiao Shen swivelled his head to look at that Xiantian Martial Scholar, “Elder Liang, help me out!”

That Xiantian Martial Scholar nodded, once more striking out with a Divine Sword of Dawn.

The Flowing Fire Sword transformed into a red light, entangling with the Radiant Sun Wheel in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge watched this scene coldly from the side, his figure already having arrived before Zhao Shicheng.

Grabbing hold of the Jade Dragon Sword, with the guidance of his fingers, the spirit patterns of the reversal formation flickered.

Zhao Shicheng’s situation now became somewhat more stable.

Xiao Shen flew forward, once again extending his hands and grabbing towards the Radiant Sun Wheel.

The Radiant Sun Wheel began vibrating intensely as the sun crown diagram on his palm also shone with a radiant light.

The Radiant Sun Wheel’s shuddering gradually died down.

Xiao Shen shut his eyes; within the darkness, it was though sunlight had gradually appeared.

Feeling that he was currently re-establishing his connection with the Radiant Sun Wheel, regaining the spirit artifact that he had lost, Xiao Shen felt an incomparably comfortable sensation running throughout his entire body, as though all of the pores on his body had simultaneously been opened up.

He began cutting off Yan Zhaoge’s connection to the Radiant Sun Wheel.

Opening his eyes, Xiao Shen’s pupils flickered with a cold light as he stared at Yan Zhaoge, “Yan Zhaoge, you are a figure.”

“However, the more outstanding you are, the greater the threat that you will pose to my Sacred Sun Clan in ther future!”

“I have to admit that the humiliation you gave me is something that I am unable to wash clean now.”

“However, rendering you dead-there are many people here who can do it!”

The crowd of Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were locked in battle with Xu Chuan’s group.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan had more experts on their side.

Without the assistance of the Spirit Wind Canyon’s formation, Xu Chuan and the others had fallen at a disadvantage.

The Sacred Sun Clan sent out a Xiantian Martial Scholar, heading directly towards Yan Zhaoge!

Yan Zhaoge looked straight at the oncoming enemy.

With every single stride that the other party took, the surrounding space as well as scenery seemed to tremble!


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