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HSSB804: You guys are really having fun


Of the three youths, two were in white clothes and blue robes while the other was dressed completely in black.

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “This bastard is too lazy to spend effort even in impersonating.”

Garbed in white clothes and black-bordered blue robes, young, arrogant and handsome, accompanied by a supreme treasure, the Extreme Yang Seal.

Such was the image of Yan Zhaoge which had circulated the most widely.

Most of those discrepancies were still founded upon this basis.

The three before them could all still be considered handsome in their appearances.

“B, B , A…” While excitedly evaluating their looks, Xiao Ai suddenly grew dazed.

She stared wide-eyed at the projected scene for a long time before suddenly turning to look at Yan Zhaoge beside her, her movement so abrupt that she very nearly twisted and injured her own neck.

Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu both had stunned looks on their faces as well.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes into slits, “Interesting.”

In the projected scene, one of the three Yan Zhaoge wannabes present made it seem like it was truly Yan Zhaoge himself sitting there.

Hence, as Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai all first set their eyes upon him, they became shocked.

Carefully observing him, they found that his appearance was truly exactly the same as Yan Zhaoge’s.

As he was sitting, they could not really compare their physiques.

Still, they seemed similar as well on first glance.

The two of them seemed cast out of the same mould.

It was only with careful observation that they detected that his expressions and bearing as well as some minute habitual mannerisms were different from Yan Zhaoge’s.

Still, this fake was virtually at a point where he could be confused with the actual person himself.

Only those who frequently interacted with Yan Zhaoge like they did, being extremely familiar with him, would be able to spot a discrepancy here.

Even if this imposter dude went to the Royal Reed Sea and walked one round in front of Gu Hong, Gongsun Wu, Zhou Haosheng and the rest, just looking at his appearance alone and not carefully distinguishing his fluctuations in true essence and aura, they would likely be utterly hoodwinked.

In the Sun Setting Islands where Yan Zhaoge was a stranger to everyone, no one would be able to distinguish between them even if they had a portrait of him at hand.

Looking at this person, Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Good! This is called sufficient preparations, loving the profession that you are in.

Full of professional spirit indeed.”

Yan Zhaoge truly felt rather interested now.

Therefore, he did not get the Northern Ocean Clone to barge in directly, instead continuing to laugh in amusement as he continued watching this fun show from outside the manor.

Inside the Xie Family Manor, the Family Head Xie Liang’s gaze swept the surroundings as he said in a heavy voice, “The Solar Luminary Young Master having descended, my Xie Family should be greatly honoured.

Still, this situation is a little difficult to understand.

Can you three please enlighten me”

On his left was a tall, thin youth in white clothes and a blue robe.

This youth said mildly, “This Yan has nothing to enlighten Family Head Xie on.

If you have any problems, you can make a trip to Golden Court Mountain.

Everything will naturally be known.”

He was playing around with a jade pendant in his hand which flickered with a pearly lustre.

Seeing that jade pendant, Xie Liang’s snowy white brows now trembled slightly.

This person had been first to arrive, claiming to be Yan Zhaoge.

While Xie Liang did not recognise him, he recognised that that jade pendant was indeed of Golden Court Mountain.

It was already widely known that Yan Zhaoge was on close terms with Golden Court Mountain.

While Xie Liang was uncertain of this person’s identity, as he had a treasure of Golden Court Mountain and was a mid Merging Avatar Martial Saint, it would not do good to offend him.

His distinguishing characteristics and cultivation base were similar to that of Yan Zhaoge in the rumours.

Thus, Xie Liang had taken him in as a guest.

Inside the elegant room in the winehouse, Ah Hu said, “Young Master, his jade pendant is real.

I have seen quite a few Golden Court Mountain wearing it before.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “It should be.”

Ah Hu asked curiously, “Can’t he just directly pretend to be from Golden Court Mountain then”

“That jade pendant can identify Golden Court Mountain disciples.

There is a special technique which requires the true essence or aura-qi of someone who cultivates in the martial arts of Golden Court Mountain’s direct lineage to be infused within, after which unique changes will affect the jade pendant,” Yan Zhaoge said.

This person had most likely inadvertently obtained the jade pendant, yet was unable to impersonate a Golden Court Mountain disciple.

However, impersonating Yan Zhaoge was different.

While there were also rumours that Yan Zhaoge was a disciple of the Southeastern Exalt, those were only rumours.

It could be understood if he did not cultivate in Golden Court Mountain’s direct lineage martial arts.

Yan Zhaoge being on good terms with Golden Court Mountain, that he had obtained such a jade pendant to journey around under the protection of the Southeastern Exalt was also very logical.

It was precisely because of this that Xie Liang had believed him.

Who knew that a black-clothed person had next arrived, actually claiming to be Yan Zhaoge as well.

That black-clothed youth currently sat on the right of Xie Liang, opposite of that tall, thin youth who held the jade pendant.

He smiled disdainfully, “Proving your identity just based on a single artifact.

How laughable indeed.”

The tall, thin youth opposite him said mildly, “The Extreme Yang Seal is a supreme treasure.

How can it easily be taken out This Yan’s Extreme Yang Seal will see blood when it is shown.

If you doubt this point, can you take out the Extreme Yang Seal for everyone to see”

The black-clothed youth chuckled, “Fakes are fakes indeed, only knowing how to bluster.

You have the Extreme Yang Seal I’m sitting right here.

So, take out the Extreme Yang Seal and come at me”

That tall, thin youth turned, glancing at Xie Liang, “With the hosts here, this Yan cannot be impolite.”

The black-clothed youth rose, laughing loudly skywards, “Impolite”

Gazing at Xie Liang and the others from the corner of his eye, he looked brazenly arrogant, “Allowing these two fakes to act like circus clowns here in front of me.

This has already been your greatest act of impoliteness here as host.”

“I am Yan Zhaoge, never changing my name as my deeds are mine.

Why would I need to take out something to prove my own identity Laughable! In remaining here, I just want to see what these two fakes are capable of such that they have actually dared to come here and impersonate me.”

The black-clothed youth pointed at an old man beside Xie Liang, “I am only giving face to the Whale Breath Sect.

Otherwise, just based on you mentioning me in the same breath as these two imposters and daring to doubt me, I would directly tear down your Xie Family.

Do you think I wouldn’t  do it”

Next to Xie Liang was precisely an Elder of the Whale Breath Sect who frowned slightly upon hearing this.

“The Solar Luminary Young Master has rampaged throughout the Royal Reed Sea.

My Xie Family naturally cannot afford to offend him,” Xie Liang was not enraged by this, “If you were to leave this place with a flick of your sleeves, this panicked old man would dare give no voice of resentment.”

That black-clothed youth chuckled coldly, “No need to hide a blade in your smile.

I know that you feel me guilty, thus being enraged over my embarrassing failure and hence blustering baselessly”

He pointed at the tall, thin youth opposite him, “It is true that the Extreme Yang Seal is my treasure.

Still, when have I ever needed to rely on the Extreme Yang Seal to claim lives You say that I am fake, and you are real.

Well, let the two of us meet in battle and see who is superior.”

Those in the surroundings felt that the side being testified for by Golden Court Mountain should be the actual one.

Otherwise, not only would they offend Yan Zhaoge, they would even offend Golden Court Mountain together with him as well.

Yet, seeing that black-clothed youth’s domineering confidence, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

Yan Zhaoge’s reputation had spread far and wide for his peerless talent and his fearsome might.

That he was virtually invincible at the same cultivation level was a well-known fact.

To identify who the actual Yan Zhaoge was, it might really be true that whoever was stronger was more possible to be him.

In the elegant room of the winehouse, Yan Zhaoge clicked his teeth, “You guys are really having fun.”


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