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HSSB805: Real Yan Zhaoge, fake Yan Zhaoge


In the manor, after saying those words, the black-clothed youth did not hesitate in the least as he directly punched outwards at the tall, skinny youth opposite of him!

As the wind flew past his palm, the entire Xie Family Manor and the entire Whale Fishing City seemingly shook.

Yet, the power within was quickly retracted, focused on a single point as it targeted only that tall, thin youth.

Around the tall, thin youth in the white clothes and blue robe were many Whale Fishing City martial practitioners who had been granted permission by the Xie Family to stand witness to this matter.

As the black-clothed youth struck, they felt an intense shadow of death cover their hearts as everyone seemed about to be sent into death by that black-clothed youth’s punch together.

Still, after the force of that punch had been focused at one point, they all relaxed.

Yet, they remained unable to clearly see the movements of the black-clothed youth.

Their hearts all grew solemn and in awe, “An expert indeed!”

Xie Liang and the Whale Breath Sect Elder beside him who were both Martial Saint experts also felt overwhelmed by this scene before them.

Even joining forces, they knew they would be unable to receive that black-clothed youth’s punch!

“Could it be that…”

Just as everyone was thinking this, the scene suddenly seemed to fall still.

The black-clothed youth whose movements had originally been indistinct appeared before their eyes once more, seemingly frozen in mid-air.

That tall, thin youth calmly raised a hand, extending his palm horizontally forward to block the black-clothed youth’s shocking punch.

If this punch were used to attack Whale Fishing City, the entire city apart from the Xie Family Manor would be destroyed as a result.

If its might was fully unleashed on the Xie Family Manor, it might also be reduced to a pile of rubble.

However, such a punch had been casually blocked by that tall, thin youth.

A shocked look appeared in the gaze of the black-clothed youth.

He immediately changed his stance.

Yet, the other party was faster than him as after diverting his punch with a palm, he tapped out with a finger towards his forehead.

The black-clothed youth was forced into retreat.

The other party pressured down unrelentingly on him, immediately switching from defence to attack as the momentum of his palm descended with the momentum of a great, endless river.

Beneath this mighty pressure, the power of that black-clothed youth began to dissipate somewhat as he was hard pressed to retract it.

The violent true essence turned into strong gusts of wind which expanded into the surroundings.

Even the aftershocks of this terrifying storm alone would be sufficient to render all beneath the Martial Saint realm dead.

Yet, the tall, thin youth in white clothes and a blue robe actually well and properly restricted all these frenzied winds with his palm, preventing them from rampaging about their surroundings.

His movements were all casual, nonchalant, ordered.

It was just like a scripted play.

While the words were uttered quickly, each was distinct as everyone could hear them clearly and understand them correctly.

For all who were present, they could clearly see his every action if they were Martial Grandmasters.

Yet, such movements which did not appear swift properly restricted the attack of the black-clothed youth which originally should be as swift as the wind.

His inferior opponent was completely unable to deal with his retaliatory palm as he was forced to slow down to an even slower speed than him.

At this point, a judgement could be made.

However blind the spectators were, it was still clear that despite the black-clothed youth’s arrogant, tyrannical manner and his confidence in issuing a challenge, his opponent was stronger than he was!

While this tall, thin youth appeared moderate, even having seemed to guiltily make an excuse to get away from fighting, he was still terrifyingly powerful.

He was clearly had much strength left in reserve even as he battled the black-clothed youth .

After suppressing the black-clothed youth’s punch with a palm, the tall, thin youth tapped out with a finger, striking the abdomen of that black-clothed youth.

Finally, the floodwaters surged high, breaking through the dam that obstructed its advance.

An embankment of a thousand li falls to a single anthole.

A slight crack having appeared, the entire dam would only be able to collapse helplessly.

After being struck on the abdomen, the black-clothed youth’s qi instantly scattered.

The tall, thin youth capitalised unforgivingly on his momentum, soon sending forth another palm towards him.

That black-clothed youth stumbled backwards in retreat from this palm, his face flushed red.

Finally, he was forced to utilise measures as a treasured light flickered on his body, blocking a further attack.

He now knew that his enemy was the type who would go all out and claim his life if ever he decided to act!

Suffering that finger, the black-clothed youth had actually already been defeated.

Still, his opponent attacked continuously with his palm, clearly wanting to render him dead.

“Low-grade Sacred Artifact…” That white-clothed, blue-robed youth punched mightily down on the treasured light, causing it to tremble as it looked like it might disintegrate.

Still, the black-clothed youth made use of this chance to swiftly dodge backwards, finally escaping the perilous situation that he had been in.

He was finally unable to keep from vomiting a mouthful of blood, crying out as his red face instantly turned pale.

The tall, thin youth finally no longer moved as he appraised him all over before saying calmly, “This Yan said that if the Extreme Yang Seal appears, someone will perish.

Still, I did not say that if I were to move, you could live.”

The black-clothed youth had a defeated look on his face as frustration could be seen in his eyes.

He could clearly see disdain and suspicion in the gazes of those around him.

Despite having made the first move with his prided abilities, he had ultimately met a tragic defeat!

At the same time that he was severely embarrassed, it was also equivalent to an admission in itself.

How could the likes of him possibly ever be that Solar Luminary Young Master, Yan Zhaoge, who had rampaged throughout the Royal Reed Sea

“Daring to impersonate this Yan, things will not be settled as easily as that.

Still, currently being in another’s residence, this Yan does not want to dirty the home of the hosts.

I shall allow you to live for a bit longer,” Saying thus, the tall, thin youth turned and nodded slightly towards Xie Liang and the rest, “I have been impolite.”

Everyone was commenting, “So powerful yet so humble; truly the bearing of a famed practitioner!”

“It looks like he is indeed the actual Solar Luminary Young Master!”

“Right! How would someone with strength flaunt with their words all the time”

“I already said it.

With the token from Golden Court Mountain, how could he be a fake”

In the elegant room of the winehouse, Feng Yunsheng chuckled, “The person in question is not so humble in actuality.”

Yan Zhaoge commented, “Do you really believe this person to be so humble While I cannot identify the martial arts that he cultivates in, I can tell that he is intentionally concealing them for fear that his origins might be seen through by others.”

“In other words, some on this Sun Setting Archipelago might be able to recognise his martial arts.

Therefore, he hopes that he will not have to clash in battle as much as possible.”

Before Yan Zhaoge had finished speaking, the Whale Breath Sect Elder who had previously remained silent throughout as he sat beside Xie Liang suddenly raised his white brows, focusing on the tall, thin youth who had just achieved a complete victory in the battle which had just occurred.

“This…this Young Master Yan, this old man has something he would like to ask,” The Whale Breath Sect Elder asked ponderingly, “From what this old man saw earlier, the martial arts that you used somewhat resemble the unique martial art, Finger Palm Mountain River that was created by the eastern continent’s Jade Sun Mountain Range’s  Layered Dragon Peak’s Vast Origin Old Man”

He gazed at that tall, thin youth, “This old man is untalented, having once seen the Vast Origin Old Man in action after leaving the Sun Setting Islands and venturing to the Jade Sun Mountain Range.”

The tall, thin youth said mildly, “It was indeed the Finger Palm Mountain River.

Still, these unique martial arts may not really be all that unique.”

“The martial arts this Yan are proficient in are many.”

This Whale Breath Sect Elder fell silent as he considered this.

Now, the third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ who had previously been spectating smilingly from the side, not having said anything at all, raised his palm and laughed, “Pretty entertaining indeed.

Still, it ends here now.”

He stood up, walking towards that tall, thin youth neither hurriedly nor slowly.

In the elegant room of the winehouse, looking at this face which was virtually exactly the same as his, Yan Zhaoge really could not help but feel a little discomforted somewhat.


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