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HSSB806: Truth and falsity cannot be reversed


This third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ appraised the tall, thin youth and glanced at the black-clothed youth before smiling, “Not bad, a bit stronger than this one.”

He immediately substantiated afterwards, “Not your cultivation base, but in how you at least knew to find some decent clothing to imitate me with.”

“Still, you seem only to know of the rough concept of the white clothes and blue robe, not knowing the kind of white clothes, the kind of outer robe.”

In the elegant winehouse, Ah Hu curled his lips, “He’s one to talk.

His clothing is only approximate, being different in the details from Young Master’s.”

Yan Zhaoge said rather interestedly, “He should have seen images of me before, hence having an approximate appearance to imitate my garb with.”

“Still, what I am more interested is in-how could he have become so similar in his appearance”

Most facial adjustments and concealments could not easily fool the eyes of Martial Saints.

In the Xie Family Manor, that ‘Yan Zhaoge’ asked smilingly, “You are proficient in many martial arts Why don’t you demonstrate them to us then, letting us see if you really are broadly versed or if you only know the Finger Palm Mountain River in the first place.”

The tall, thin youth said mildly, “This will have to depend on whether you have the abilities for such.”

The other party laughed, “Alright then.”

Even as he said this, he lined his index and middle fingers into a sword, directly stabbing towards the throat of the tall, thin youth.

That tall thin youth similarly pointed with his finger.

Rather than substituting his fingers for a sword, it was instead a finger art which resembled the unpredictable rise of a mountain peak.

They exchanged attacks, sparks flying as they mightily clashed.

Yet, the tall, thin youth felt a chill within his heart now.

He had been confident that his finger attack would be the first to arrive even though it had actually been unleashed afterwards.

Yet, he now discovered that he was actually slightly slower as the other party’s sword-fingers would be first to pierce right into his throat!

The tall, thin youth’s gaze was solemn as he executed a palm art with his other hand, resembling a great river which surged over in an endless stream with a shocking momentum.

Yet, the other party’s sword-fingers rode the wind and broke the waves, continually breaking past the obstruction of his palm.

That tall, thin youth simultaneously utilised both finger and palm, his finger like lofty, precipitous mountains and his palm like rivers and seas.

His true essence surged, his martial true intent manifesting as it instantly created mountains and rivers within the air that extended for ten thousand li.

The mountain range was endless, the long river surging to encompass the entire Whale Fishing City.

This huge, majestic city seemed to be temporarily removed from the Whale Region and from the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds as it had become an independent world of its own.

All this was caused by the world of rivers and mountains formed of the tall, thin youth’s martial arts.

Instantly, countless spirit patterns lit up in the Xie Family Manor and Whale Fishing City, intersecting in the air above the city.

The guardian grand formation was directly activated as it prevented the tall, thin youth’s attack from affecting the entire city.

Yet, beneath the suppression of these mountains and rivers which seemingly formed an entire world of its own, the guardian grand formation instantly shook with spirit patterns continually falling apart.

Fortunately, it was not Whale Fishing City and the Xie Family Manor that was actually this tall, thin youth’s target.

Otherwise, this place would most likely long since have been levelled into flat land.

Still, affected by the tip of the typhoon, the grand formation seemed unable to hold on for much longer.

However, everyone knew at this moment that this tall, thin youth was no longer holding back, having gone all out!

His opponent was completely different from the likes of the black-clothed youth from earlier.

Despite this, his opponent merely laughed nonchalantly in the face of such a ferocious attack.

His sword changed slightly, still retaining its unstoppable momentum as it did not halt in the slightest, cleaving through the ten thousand li of mountains and rivers that stood before him!

A bloodied hole was directly pierced through the palm of the tall, thin youth by his opponent’s sword.

Sword qi was visible on his fingertip as it continued forward!

“Oh” In the elegant room of the winehouse, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze suddenly flickered as he saw this sword-qi.

In the Xie Family Manor, the tall, thin youth could only retract his other hand, meeting finger with finger.

The next moment, fresh blood splattered everywhere as one of the tall, thin youth’s index fingers was shockingly hacked off by the sword-qi!

That image of mountains and rivers which had enveloped Whale Fishing City instantly vanished, the heavens and earth regaining their usual state.

The tall, thin youth stumbled backwards, a hole in one of his palms and a missing finger on the other as fresh blood gushed out of those wounds.

His opponent smiled, “Truth and falsity cannot be reversed.

You are unlucky, just happening to run into me when impersonating me.

Otherwise, you might still have been able to fool some people.”

As he said this, this third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ moved once more, speedily nearing the tall, thin youth.

The tall, thin youth wanted to resist.

Yet, a figure flashed, and he could only emit a tragic groan as a tragic wound was slashed right across his chest.

He stumbled backwards, toppling onto the ground.

Those present had insufficient cultivation bases.

There was only Yan Zhaoge who had clearly seen that there had been a jade necklace in his hand when he had retracted it after wounding his foe.

The tall, thin youth’s face finally changed.

Still, before he could speak, the other party smilingly moved once more.

This time, a single slash across the throat!

The tall, thin youth clutched his throat, yet could no longer make any noise as he collapsed limply.

Shocked, Xie Liang said, “At the end of the day, he holds Golden Court Mountain’s jade pendant…”

That third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ smiled, “While the jade pendant is real, it is but an object which can be stolen or snatched.

It does not prove anything.

He is also not of Golden Court Mountain’s direct lineage.

Even if he knows people from Golden Court Mountain, Golden Court Mountain will not blame me for killing him over having impersonated me.”

Everyone present was intimated by his overwhelming aura in claiming a life as they could not speak.

“What, is everyone thinking that if another fake appears now who can defeat this Yan, wouldn’t he be the real one then, and I a fake”

As he spoke thus, he was looking at that black-clothed youth.

The black-clothed youth was startled.

The other party laughed, “Didn’t you want a taste of the Extreme Yang Seal Well, get ready.

This Yan will grant you your wish.”

Now, sunlight actually lit up about his body, the blazing, tough power of yang illuminating the entire city.

Xie Liang and the rest exchanged looks.

They had been thinking exactly what he had said.

Still, seeing how things were now, they were mostly convinced of his identity.

Now, Xie Liang’s expression suddenly changed slightly as he appeared to have been secretly notified of something.

A look of hesitation appeared on his face.

That third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ smiled, “What is it Has the person Family Head sent to obtain the image of my appearance returned Let him come in.

I have already said-truth and falsity cannot be reversed.”

Xie Liang grit his teeth.

The three who claimed to be the Solar Luminary Young Master were all extremely powerful, to the extent that none of them were figures that their Whale Fishing City might be able to stand against.

This was especially true for the third one who was extremely powerful.

If he was a fake and he was exposed, feeling outraged at the humiliation, the consequences then might truly end up disastrous.

Still, seeing how confident he appeared, Xie Liang still waved his hand, calling, “Bring the person in.”

A moment later, someone entered, “Family Head…”

Xie Liang commanded, “Let us see it!”

That person took out a jade talisman, infusing his true essence within.

A projection instantly showed atop top the jade talisman.

Everyone held their breaths, staring at that silhouette.

As it condensed, Yan Zhaoge’s features appeared.

They matched completely with those of the youth!

Everyone exhaled, no longer harbouring any doubts at all.

So this was the real Yan Zhaoge!

Xie Liang and that Whale Breath Sect Elder hurriedly bowed, “We were impolite before the Solar Luminary Young Master.

Please forgive us for our behaviour!”

The other party smiled, “The ignorant are not guilty.

You never saw me before, easily being hoodwinked as a result.

I too only came hearing that two fakes had caused a ruckus here…”

At this point, he suddenly stopped in alarm.

An extremely powerful aura was directly bearing down upon the Xie Family Manor.

Everyone dazedly watched on as the Northern Ocean Clone strode right in.

The Northern Ocean Clone did not waste time saying anything as he draw a ring of light in mid-air, a scene of light thus forming.

Within it, Yan Zhaoge sat leisurely in the elegant room of the winehouse.

Deathly silence suddenly descended upon the Xie Family Manor.

Then, an uproar arose as everyone looked astonishedly at the two Yan Zhaoges who looked exactly the same.


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