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HSSB807: Demonspawn, show your true form!


Inside the room, Yan Zhaoge sipped on tea as he smilingly watched the events unfolding in the Xie Family Manor.

Currently, everyone in the Xie Family Manor had fallen into a dazed state.

Everyone had just been utterly convinced that the third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ should finally be the real one.

His strength could only be marvelled at.

However arrogant and confident that black-clothed youth had been, however mild and composed that tall, thin youth had been, they were both nothing at all before this third person, being totally unable to match him.

It was said that the Solar Luminary Young Master Yan Zhaoge possessed extraordinary might as an unrivalled genius who far surpassed other experts of the same cultivation level.

Yet, they had actually had no real inkling of exactly how mighty he was, what level he had attained.

Based on the knowledge of those in the Xie Family Manor, they felt: Being as powerful as this third person-that should already be the limit, right

Speaking of Yan Zhaoge, that he possessed the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Extreme Yang Seal, was something that would never be overlooked.

To some extent, his current fame within the southern Yang Heaven Territory as the Solar Luminary Young Master stemmed mostly from the Extreme Yang Seal.

However arrogant and domineering that black-clothed youth had been, however well-mannered and composed that tall, thin youth had been, neither of them had taken out the Extreme Yang Seal at the end of the day.

Already having been beaten to the point of near death, the Extreme Yang Seal had still not made an appearance.

Just this alone was enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were fakes.

Yet, even though this third ‘Yan Zhaoge’ had not shown the Extreme Yang Seal, that tough and blazing, vast and majestic power of extreme yang was something they could not imagine might possibly appear from any supreme treasure apart from the Extreme Yang Seal.

If these two factors were still insufficient for them to believe his identity, the image of Yan Zhaoge that those of the Xie Family had obtained made it seem that there was really no question about it.

If Xie Liang and the rest had been in possession of an image of Yan Zhaoge right from the start, they would have been able to spot the discrepancy as soon as the first fake came knocking on their door.

After his arrival, Xie Liang had sent subordinates to find circulated images of Yan Zhaoge right away.

It had only been to confirm that first person’s identity at the time.

Who could have known that two other Yan Zhaoges would consecutively appear at his home

Still, they had fortunately managed to obtain it in time, thus confirming this third person’s identity.

…But then again, what was this now

Xie Liang held his forehead, feeling that something really was wrong with his Whale Fishing City’s fengshui.

Looking at the two Yan Zhaoges who looked exactly the same, he coughed dryly, “The two of you…”

This ‘Yan Zhaoge’ in the Xie Family Manor had previously been composed and confident throughout, acting with casual ease.

Now, however, a solemn look appeared in his eyes, his mood falling greatly as he faced the Northern Ocean Clone who was not concealing his powerful aura in the slightest.

He wanted to say something, but Yan Zhaoge had already spoken mildly before he could.

“Demonspawn, show your true form!”

Hearing these words, everyone in the manor was first taken aback.

This ‘demonspawn’ had not seemed like purely a form of rebuke

The other party’s expression changed.

Just as he was about to take action, the Northern Ocean Clone directly extended his hand, pressuring down with a palm.

Although that person wished to flee, the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm seemed to encompass the heavens and envelop the eight desolaces of the great earth as he would never be able to escape it even if he fled to the ends of the world.

As the palm descended, it was instantly as if a great mountain was pressuring down upon him.

A biting cold light appeared atop his body as a shocking sword-light shot into the sky.

That was, shockingly, the power of a mid-grade Sacred Artifact!

As a Merging Avatar Martial Saint, he wielded a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s expression was steely as light flickered on his Precipitous Golden Armour, suppressing that mid-grade Sacred Artifact whose full power could still not be unleashed.

The roiling power of extreme yang erupted on his body as well, golden light illuminating the world all round as it was as if he had transformed into the Sun Star.

Here, there actually did indeed exist some of the might of the Extreme Yang Seal.

There was no trace of the Extreme Yang Seal.

Yet, the sigil of a blazing sun appeared on his forehead.

This was apparently the source of his blazing power of extreme yang.

He no longer cared about being exposed now as he only hoped to flee from the hands of the Northern Ocean Clone.

Still, despite his great strength, the momentous power of that sigil was still unable to stand against the current Northern Ocean Clone.

The gap in their strength was simply just too great.

Light flickered in the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm that seemed able to encompass the heavens and the earth.

Facing the obstruction of the sunlight, it just paused slightly before continuing to descend.

Despite his utmost exertions, the other party could only watch on helplessly as he was enveloped by the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm!

As the Northern Ocean Clone clapped this fake straight into the ground with a single palm, the Xie Family Manor and Whale Fishing City did not shudder in the slightest.

His control of power was already intricate to the extreme, even emanating an air of casual ease.

Those inside the manor were instead already feeling a little numb now.

These people were killing one another one after another.

Who knew when all this would end

At this moment, might there suddenly spring up a latest one and clap this one dead as well

Still, seeing how that third person was unable to take out the Extreme Yang Seal and the sigil that flickered with sunlight on his forehead, everyone gradually understood how things really stood.

This one had been an imposter as well.

Yet, the one who was able to obtain victory-was he real then

As had been said earlier, was it true that whoever was most powerful was real

Especially when the latest one had not even personally acted…

Everyone was feeling utterly perplexed now.

But now, as the Northern Ocean Clone retracted his palm, all of them let out startled exclamations.

“What is this!”

On the ground where the Northern Ocean Clone’s palm had encompassed, that imposter could no longer be seen.

Yet, his corpse was not there as well.

There was only a massive demonic beast which was splayed limply there on the brink of death.

This beast was like a deer whilst also a wolf, dragging around the tail of a python behind it.

Of its formerly ferocious aura, only weakness and dispiritedness still remained.

On the head of the beast was clearly a talisman, flickering with golden light.

The light was tough and blazing, clearly the power of extreme yang.

That Whale Breath Sect Elder was taken aback, “…This, this is a Maoliang”

Seeing the sigil of sunlight flickering on the Maoliang’s forehead, everyone was dazed for a long time before finally regaining their wits, exclaiming, “That youth was actually this Maoliang transformed”

“Well, actually, legends like this were rather prevalent in ancient times.”

Someone rebutted, “Its cultivation base should have been insufficient for it to take human form I have heard of the Maoliang before.

While its intelligence isn’t low, it is not proficient in variations.”

Someone rebutted, “It may not be like this.

There are great demons and also lesser demons.

Great demons depend on their cultivation base.

In the legends, there were also some lesser demons who consumed some spirit grass or herbs beneath unique circumstances and became able to transform into humans as well.”

“From the sigil on its head, it shouldn’t be wrong”

“I can’t see for sure if it is similar…”

Someone realised, “…I get it now! This mark was left behind by the Extreme Yang Seal! Like a farmer leaving a mark on his livestock as a mark of identity, this Maoliang is either the steed or a spirit beast reared by the actual Solar Luminary Young Master! It transformed into human form and fled, instead masquerading as its master to go around swindling people!”

Someone else asked in puzzlement, “Then his martial arts…were transmitted by the Solar Luminary Young Master in the first place”

Everyone nodded in understanding, “It seems that it really is like this.

The Solar Luminary Young Master has sent someone to clean up after him.”

“No wonder he would say ‘Demonspawn, show your true form!’.”

They all looked at the projected image in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge was still calmly sipping tea in the elegant room.

Seeing the beast dealt with, he just nodded slightly, looking wholly unconcerned.


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