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HSSB808: Switching a live person


In the room, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Our lack of discipline has resulted in a disturbance for you.

Please do not blame us for this.”

Xie Liang and the others hurriedly said, “We do not dare, we do not dare…”

They were still feeling rather dazed now, not knowing how exactly they should speak to Yan Zhaoge.

They saw the Northern Ocean Clone extend a hand and store the dying Maoliang on the ground before him before taking out a jade necklace.

The jade necklace flew through the air, arriving before Xie Liang.

Yan Zhaoge said, “This Maoliang of mine was rebellious and disloyal, impersonating me after fleeing and wrecking my reputation.

First not mentioning that, the other two people came here for this item which I will now return to its rightful owner.”

Xie Liang was rather surprised as he received the necklace, “This indeed belongs to my Xie Family.

To think it would actually be on this person.”

“Thank you…thank you…”

He spoke rather haltingly, really feeling a bit fearful from the several consecutive fake Yan Zhaoges.

Seeing the jade necklace, Xie Liang finally understood what those people had really come for.

The first to arrive at the Xie Family, the tall, thin youth, had once been led around by him in admiring some of his treasured collection in his manor.

This jade necklace had most likely been switched by him at the time.

The one in his vault now should thus be a fake.

After the tall, thin youth had been killed, the jade necklace had fallen into the hands of his killer.

The necklace had now been wrested back by Yan Zhaoge and returned to him.

After checking repeatedly, Xie Liang confirmed that the one he held was real, not being yet another fake that had been switched.

It was just that while Xie Liang knew it to be valuable, he did not know its true value and the secret hidden therein.

He did not know how it was worth so many people putting in so much effort for it.

He looked warily at Yan Zhaoge.

While this one seemed most like the real Yan Zhaoge, who knew that he wasn’t plotting something

Yet, Yan Zhaoge simply nodded to the people in the manor, “This matter having reached an end, this Yan will first take his leave.

Everyone, please.”

With that, the projected image vanished.

Xie Liang and the others felt dazed.

Yan Zhaoge had not come to the Xie Family Manor for anything at all, not even deigning to converse any more with them.

As Xie Liang swivelled his head to look at the Northern Ocean Clone, he saw that he was striding towards that black-clothed youth after having stored that dying Maoliang.

While the black-clothed youth was arrogant, he dared not make any reckless moves now.

He had a feeling that the current Yan Zhaoge was probably the actual one this time.

First not speaking of how he had been caught red-handed as an imposter, the Northern Ocean Clone before him was an actual Seeing Divinity Martial Saint.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s terrifying aura weighed down upon him, causing a suffocating pressure.

The Northern Ocean Clone said mildly, “I can sense that there are a number of living people within your accompanying Shadow Shrinking Pouch.”

That black-clothed youth was taken aback.

The Northern Ocean Clone directly pressed out with a palm, restricting his movements as the Shadow Shrinking Pouch too thus entered his possession.

As the mouth of the pouch was opened, a few figures flew out from within, landing on the floor.

These were several beautiful women.

Xie Liang and the others were taken aback by this.

The Northern Ocean Clone opened his palm, a figure now appearing from within it who leapt onto the ground.

Everyone in the manor watched on curiously.

This youth was merely a Martial Scholar, being totally ordinary no matter how one looked at him.

Still, as he had been brought here by the Northern Ocean Clone, no one would dare to overlook him.

That youth was still in a bit of a daze now, looking as though he was still dreaming.

Still, as his gaze fell upon one of the women, the expression on his face instantly changed.

That woman looked lost and also panicked.

As their gazes met, she instantly cried out in shock.

The two of them embraced each other tightly.

The Northern Ocean Clone had a calm expression on his face that was devoid of joy or sorrow as he looked downwards at that black-clothed youth before continuing to emit some force with his palm.

That black-clothed youth instantly howled in agony, the bones of virtually his entire body breaking apart as his meridians were wrecked and his internal organs damaged.

All of his true essence transformed into essential qi which dispersed via his entire body’ acupoints.

The powerful life force of a Martial Saint prevented him from instantly dying in the short term.

Still, his cultivation base had already been completely crippled, all his power having been lost.

The black-clothed youth felt like this was a fate worse than death, preferring if he had been killed with a single palm.

The Northern Ocean Clone could definitely have killed him with a single palm.

Instead, he had chosen to let him go on in this enfeebled condition.

This was surely out of his good intentions.

A chill that penetrated into the very core of his being arose within his mind.

Indeed, he heard the Northern Ocean Clone saying, “Deal with this person as you lot deem fit.”

As that youthful Martial Scholar who had reunited with his wife heard this, his eyes instantly turned bloodshot as he strode forward after consoling his wife a little.

Even though it was a Martial Saint whose cultivation base had already been crippled, as his essence, qi and spirit had still yet to completely disperse, his infuriated gaze caused the youth who was just a Martial Scholar to instinctively shiver.

Still, the fury and hatred within his heart suppressed his fear and his panic.

Emitting a loud yell, he struck out simultaneously with both his palms towards the other party.

Seeing this, the Northern Ocean Clone nodded slightly, “Indeed hot-blooded and with a backbone.”

Having obtained his revenge, the youthful Martial Scholar felt a little lost for a time.

Still, swiftly recovering, he then knelt down before the Northern Ocean Clone.

“Thank you! Thank you to the Solar Luminary Young Master for upholding justice for me!”

His wife hurriedly knelt down as well, as did the remaining women.

Yet, when they raised their heads, the Northern Ocean Clone had already vanished.

Xie Liang and the others too stared blankly, feeling shocked by those undetectable movements.

He had left just like that

There was nothing else that he wanted

Right, the actual Yan Zhaoge would never have wanted anything from this Whale Fishing City and the Xie Family in the first place.

After taking care of those imposters who were impersonating him, he would naturally take his leave.

Xie Liang exchanged looks with that Whale Breathing Sect Elder, the latter sighing, “This final one is the actual Solar Luminary Young Master!”

“This old man was impolite just now.

I only hope that the Solar Luminary Young Master will not take offense,” Xie Liang smiled bitterly, “Right, an outstanding hero like the Solar Luminary Young Master would probably not think of the Xie Family and Whale Fishing City as anything at all, just that…sigh!”

It was just that his family had lost an opportunity to get friendly terms with Yan Zhaoge.

The Xie Family had treated the fakes as best they could, yet had been dumb in front of the real one.

After realising this, Xie Liang felt incomparably regretful, feeling the urge to give himself two slaps.

Beside him, a Xie Family descendant suddenly realised something with a start as he hurriedly said, “Family Head, that seemed a bit like the interior design of a winehouse of our Whale Fishing City.”

Xie Liang’s eyes instantly lit up, “Hurry, lead the way!”

Everyone in the manor instantly sped off into action.

Currently, the Northern Ocean Clone had already returned to the elegant room of the winehouse.

Light flickered in his palm as two figures landed on the ground.

One of them was that of the dying Maoliang while the other’s features fully matched Yan Zhaoge’s.

At this moment, he was staring in a daze at the Maoliang with that sigil of sunlight on its forehead.

This person smiled bitterly, touching his own forehead.

As a fully grown human, how had he somehow turned into a demonspawn who had escaped from Yan Zhaoge’s tutelage, causing chaos in its wake

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Pretty good disguise.

If it weren’t close acquaintances, this would indeed be difficult to distinguish.

You are different from those other two.

They would easily be exposed, while you would be able to do it for the long term.

Your scheming runs deep indeed.”


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