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HSSB81: Xiao Shen, where’re you going!


Yan Zhaoge looked at that Xiantian Martial Scholar of the Sacred Sun Clan, drawing closer and closer with every step.

Now, a voice suddenly roared from afar, before it neared.

The aura-qi surrounding Ah Hu surged, resembling a black hurricane as it blocked in front of Yan Zhaoge.

“Young Master, I’m back!” Saying thus, Ah Hu took off the sizeable luggage he was carrying on his back and promptly threw it down before Yan Zhaoge.

Then, with a single stride, he was in front of that martial practitioner of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Not saying a word, Ah Hu’s arms intercrossed as he shot out with his claws, a wild, violent black hurricane enveloping the area as it reached the heavens and covered the earth.

Letting out an enraged roar as well, that Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner’s aura-qi turned into an illusory heaven and earth, illuminated by a massive, brilliant sun.

The golden sunlight and the black hurricane clashed together in that instant.

As he let loose a fierce laugh, Ah Hu’s huge frame came to resemble the shadow of a ghost, forlorn and drifting unpredictably.

A ferocious black tiger lunged out of the black hurricane, raring to swallow whoever it saw!

Ah Hu’s figure abruptly crouched, then leapt, already having ripped the massive golden sun apart as his claws grabbed towards his opponent’s throat and heart!

Where the Ghost Tiger Divine Claw passed, the very air seemed to be torn and ripped apart like a piece of fabric!

The black hurricane transformed into the head of a ferocious tiger, opening its gaping maws wide as it prepared to swallow the enemy directly!

The expression on the face of the Xiantian Martial Scholar controlling the Flowing Fire Sword turned grave.

He temporarily forsook the Radiant Spirit Wheel, directing the Flowing Fire Sword to chop down towards Ah Hu.

A glow lit up on Ah Hu’s body as a black armour of light materialised, blocking the blow of the Flowing Fire Sword.

With a roar, Ah Hu sent out a claw to block his opponent’s Divine Sword of Dawn.

His first opponent hurriedly executed the Leap of the Rising Sun as he retreated, his entire body startled into a sweat!

The Flowing Fire Sword and Ah Hu’s Black Nightmare Armour clashed, neither giving way.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s two great Xiantian Martial Scholars now shouted loudly in unison, following which a wind of aura-qi shocked the heavens, an illusory heaven and earth enveloping in all directions.

They say that there can never be two suns in the sky, but at this moment, two suns had appeared right before Ah Hu’s eyes!

One of the suns was hanging high overhead, like the sun in the afternoon sky.

The other emerged with the break of dawn, the first light of dawn appearing!

Ah Hu was not intimidated in the slightest.

His entire body’s aura-qi erupted as he leapt with his body, resembling the pouncing of a tiger.

Clouds obey dragons, wind obeys tigers!

As Ah Hu roared wildly, an all-enveloping black hurricane swept away everything in its path, sand flying and stones shooting, terrifying beyond compare!

Yan Zhaoge grabbed the luggage that Ah Hu had thrown over, from which he retrieved various rare and unique treasures.

Controlling his aura-qi, Yan Zhaoge waved his hand, various materials flying over to land within the reversal formation.

As Yan Zhaoge made continuous gestures with his fingers, the rows of spirit patterns within the reversal formation became more and more dazzling and eye-catching as its entire structure was finally completed.

Those of the Sacred Sun Clan also understood what a reversal formation entailed, but none of them could have predicted that this reversal formation would actually have been completed so quickly.

That Martial Grandmaster had all along been trying to break through Zhao Shicheng’s line of defence and first destroy the reversal formation.

However, having been obstructed doggedly by Zhao Shicheng, he had never had a chance to succeed.

At this moment, seeing that the reversal formation had been completely established, a bad feeling suddenly rose up within his heart.


With a low yell, Yan Zhaoge flung out his arm, the Jade Dragon Sword rising into the air.

Then, he extended his palms straight forward, before pressing down towards the air!

The reversal formation within the Spirit Wind Canyon having completely taken form, it began operating with a bang, merging into one with the grand formation Zhao Shicheng was controlling!

The spirit patterns of the grand formation suddenly shone with a strange, fierce red light!

As the red light flashed, within the royal palace in the faraway Jingyang City, the body of Zhao Shilie, also currently drawing on the power of the grand formation, shuddered intensely, as he directly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

Yan Zhaoge said urgently, “Uncle, now!”

Not saying a word, Zhao Shicheng, standing within the formation, directly made a stance with his fist.

As Yan Zhaoge looked at Zhao Shicheng, he could see that as the shadow above his head hovered, he could vaguely see a spirit tree swaying in the wind, towering mightily to the heavens.

The power of the Imperial Golden Dragonscale Armour was completely drawn upon by Zhao Shicheng.

As he punched out with his fist, the power of the grand formation abruptly increased.

The Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan who had originally been holding the upper hand had a shocked expression on his face as he was instantly sent into retreat!

“Yan Zhaoge!” Xiao Shen and the others were all shocked, never having thought that even after their side had gained the upper hand, Yan Zhaoge’s side would actually still have the possibility of turning the tables around.

“Even if it is the reversal formation combining with the original grand formation, there also shouldn’t be such strong, instant results ah!”

Zhao Shicheng was heavily injured while Zhao Shilie currently occupied his Jingyang City.

In the end, however, in the fight for the control of the Jingyang Grand Formation, it had actually been Zhao Shicheng who made a turnaround victory!

A golden sword-light lit up from afar.

Yet another Sacred Sun Clan Xiantian Martial Scholar defeated his opponent, following which he chopped down with a West-tilting Heaven Incinerating Blade directly towards Yan Zhaoge!

However, not waiting for him to draw near, Ah Hu released an angered roar, his left hand remaining in the Ghost Tiger Divine Claw whereas he retracted his right hand to from a fist!

This was actually a martial skill that Yan Zhaoge had passed down to Ah Hu in private!

Of the Six Spirits Demonic Fist, the Tiger Roar Demonic Fist!

Ah Hu turned completely berserk as he punched out with his fists and let fly with his claws, with his own power, actually holding down the three Sacred Sun Clan Xiantian Martial Scholars all at once!

The roar of a tiger resounded throughout the entire Spirit Wind Canyon.

Seeing this, Xu Chuan and the others were all secretly shocked within their hearts.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Shen’s face turned gloomy and vicious, as he no longer had the mind to continue collecting the Radiant Spirit Wheel.

“A good dog does not block the dao!” Xiao Shen looked venomously at Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu, “Since you are protecting your owner so loyally, I’ll slaughter you dog lackey along with him as well!”

Hearing Xiao Shen’s dark tone, Yan Zhaoge fixated his gaze on him.

He saw Xiao Shen suddenly take out an object in the shape of a cylinder.

One end was held within his hands, while the other was aimed straight at Ah Hu!

Yan Zhaoge bellowed, “Ah Hu, evade it! It’s Sun Rain!”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu seemed to hesitate slightly.

However, his big frame still didn’t move to evade.

Yan Zhaoge frowned.

If Ah Hu were to evade it, Xiao Shen’s Sun Rain would be aimed directly at himself, Yan Zhaoge.

Therefore, Ah Hu stayed where he was!

The next moment, the cylinder within Xiao Shen’s hand suddenly erupted with ten thousand streaks of golden light, incomparably piercing to the eye.

The glow of innumerable golden needles, resembling sunlight illuminating the heavens and the earth, also resembling a huge downpour of rain, so dense that not even a sliver of wind could slip past!

An incalculable amount of Divine Sun Needles transformed into streaks of light, shooting straight for Ah Hu!

Sun Rain, the Sacred Sun Clan’s direct lineage secret treasure hidden weapon, specialising in breaking through a Martial Scholar’s aura-qi!

Anyone below the level of a Martial Grandmaster, when facing this attack head-on, would be hard-pressed to get out of it easily!

Even the three Xiantian Martial Scholars of the Sacred Sun Clan hurriedly flashed to the side.

Ah Hu’s gaze was as though it had been ignited, his aura-qi transforming into an illusory heaven and earth as he roared madly.

The black hurricane engulfed all directions with the momentum of a tiger crouching and a whale swallowing, the Black Nightmare Armour lighting up with a glow as Ah Hu focused all his efforts on defence.

Fine, piercing collisions resounded one after another non-stop, as Ah Hu’s body was now dotted with thousands, ten of thousands of resplendent golden Divine Sun Needles!

On the other side, Zhao Shicheng lifted his head skywards and let out a long howl, his palms pushing forward.

The control of the grand formation had been fully wrested back by him.

While Zhao Shicheng himself was heavily injured, with the power of the grand formation to support him, his power instantly became extraordinary.

First, he drew on the formation, launching a counterattack on Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie back over in the faraway Jingyang City who had still yet to recover his spirits, shocking him to the point that fresh blood spurted uncontrollably out of his mouth.

Then, he hit out at the air with his palm towards the Martial Grandmaster expert of the Sacred Sun Clan, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood as he retreated.

As the perimeter of the grand formation expanded, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were all forced into retreat.

Yan Zhaoge rushed out and supported Ah Hu, before handing him over to Xu Chuan and the others who came up after him.

Turning his head and gazing, Xiao Shen was also retreating in a hurry.

His voice like thunder, Yan Zhaoge boomed angrily, “Xiao Shen, where’re you going!”

Yan Zhaoge’s figure leapt, as he instantly lunged to before where Xiao Shen was, like a fearsome tiger released from its cage!

Six Spirits Demonic Fist, Tiger Roar Demonic Fist!


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