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HSSB810: Divine Palace’s Pill Hall and pill furnace


“Senior apprentice-granduncle Long” Yan Zhaoge smiled upon hearing his words, “It looks like you are rather highly thought of by your seniors.

You even know about these deeply concealed things.”

“Still…” Yan Zhaoge instead shook his head, “I am different from you, and different from him too.”

The other party shot Yan Zhaoge a deep look.

Having been able to come adventuring in the World beyond Worlds, how would he be someone who could not keep secrets

While he had seemed to blurt that out earlier, leaking some information, it had actually been to test out as well as misdirect Yan Zhaoge.

That senior apprentice-granduncle’s lineage consisted only of a single person.

There was always just this one person in the World beyond Worlds.

Also, it was not a legacy of tutelage but of inherited bloodline.

With a descendant staying behind in the World beyond Worlds, the senior would leave and not remain there.

While he did not know who this person currently residing in the World beyond Worlds was and what his identity was to the general public, he was aware that this person was definitely not Yan Zhaoge.

While his understanding of Yan Zhaoge was limited, he knew that Yan Zhaoge’s father had also appeared in the Royal Reed Sea, his identity being definite.

If Yan Zhaoge had admitted it earlier, attempting to mislead him, he would instead have known that Yan Zhaoge was unclear on the situation.

Yet, he was unable to properly make a judgment from Yan Zhaoge’s actual response.

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Don’t you try to get anything out of me.

You’d better obediently answer my questions instead.

I have never minded torturing information out of people.”

“While you are older than me, you can still be considered extremely young amongst those of the same cultivation level.

Your talent and will should both be great.

You might also possess quite the confidence in your willpower.”

Yan Zhaoge smilingly retrieved a golden needle, waving it before him, “Still, I wonder if you can bear the Cold Marrow Needle of the Seven Great Tortures With your birth, you should have heard of it”

“You are of the Prime Clear lineage, possessing a substantial background, that is true.

Still, since you have masqueraded as me, also falling into my hands, I will have no reservations in dealing with you.”

“To speak shamelessly, even if I carve away your skin and pull out your tendons, smash your bones and scatter your ash, if your seniors were to want vengeance, ask them to first pass the trial of the Earthly Sovereign before coming to the World beyond Worlds to look for me.”

That youth smiled bitterly, “I was wrong in masquerading as you to enter the World beyond Worlds.

Still, it can be said that there is some relation between us at the end of the day.

There is no need for you to use a great torture like the Cold Marrow Needles, right”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, interrupting him, “Whether it is so will depend on your performance.”

The youth instantly shut up, never having thought that Yan Zhaoge would be this shameless.

Yan Zhaoge asked leisurely, “Right, it’s been long, but I still don’t know your name”

The other party had the urge to burst into tears as he heard these words.

It had been so long, and now he knew to ask for his name

He answered solemnly, “Disciple of the Prime Clear lineage, Sun Zhongda.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Very good.

I don’t need you to say anything regarding the internal matters of your lineage.

Still, you must clearly inform me why it is that you came to the World beyond Worlds.”

Sun Zhongda sighed.

He would rather brave that major torture than reveal matters regarding his lineage.

Still, since Yan Zhaoge had not asked him about this, just asking about his reason for coming to the World beyond Worlds, he had no need to stubbornly resist.

After all, both of them had their own things that they needed.

If he adamantly refused, it would just spell needless suffering for him at the end of the day.

While Sun Zhongda cultivated in the dao of the sword, he was a very flexible person, knowing how to give in as the situation demanded long as it did not encroach on his bottom line.

He was silent for a bit before he answered, “That jade necklace is related to a hidden treasure.

While I only set my eyes on it after having heard about it, it was for this hidden treasure that I came to the World beyond Worlds this time.

It was because I heard that the jade necklace is related to it that I made this trip to Whale Fishing City.”

Yan Zhaoge glanced at him through the corner of his eye, “What kind of hidden treasure is it that you were willing to undertake a task with such a great risk”

Sun Zhongda answered, “It is related to the legendary Divine Palace of the Heavenly Court.

If the clues speak true, it should be the Pill Hall in which countless efficacious pills and miraculous spirit medicines were stored in the past.”

While Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, he took great notice of it inwardly, “You bluffing me First not speaking of whether the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace still exists following the Great Calamity, assuming that it does and is really like that, all the great experts of your Prime Clear lineage springing into action would not be surprising.

Instead, you have come alone to the World beyond Worlds now”

“Forgive my bluntness, but you are not even qualified to scout and clear the way.”

Sun Zhongda was unperturbed by this, “The Solar Luminary Young Master speaks truly.

I came here just to try my luck, rather than being certain of surely being able to find the Divine Palace’s Pill Hall.”

He said candidly, “The clues are extremely limited, and also do not point to the Pill Hall itself.

They instead simply point towards a pill furnace that was within the hall that year.”

“My thoughts are of attempting to find this pill furnace, perhaps having a chance of locating the Pill Hall through this.”

“Still, will I really be able to find the pill furnace If I do, will I be able to find the Pill Hall Just as you said just now, does the Pill Hall still exist How many of the divine pills within still remain These all being unknown factors, our lineage would naturally not devote so much on looking into this area.”

Sun Zhongda said, “Examining the clues, I felt that there might be a path here in the World beyond Worlds.

Thus, after some preparations, I came here and masqueraded as you in order to better and more conveniently traverse the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.”

Yan Zhaoge asked him, “Where is your destination in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory”

Sun Zhongda answered, “Jade Sun Mountain Range, Solitary Heart Peak.”

Beside them, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai discreetly exchanged glances at this.

The Heavenly Flame Trees that Yan Zhaoge had found based on the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill flourished precisely in the region of Solitary Heart Peak of the Jade Sun Mountain Range.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “What does this jade necklace have to do with that place”

Sun Zhongda explained, “It is said that this treasure was not always owned by the Xie Family.

Instead, their Family Head Xie Liang purchased it from the hands of another.”

The original owner of the item had once been to the Jade Sun Mountain Range’s Solitary Heart Peak, having obtained two pills there which were considered extremely valuable even in the World beyond Worlds.

After the news had spread, others had ventured there as well in order to try their luck.

Still, they had all returned empty-handed in the end.

With the original owner of the jade necklace now being dead, not having left anything behind, some people had thus set their eyes on it.

This news was only known to a select few even in the region of the Jade Sun Mountain Range, still having yet to spread to the Setting Sun Archipelago.

While Xie Liang had bought the jade necklace, he was oblivious as to the secrets that lay therein.

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a bit before asking, “Can you let me have a look at the most initial clue that you had”

Sun Zhongda smiled bitterly, “It is not that I am unwilling, but that I am unable.

It was information that was stored inside a jade talisman.

After I had looked at it, the jade talisman was wiped empty.”

Yan Zhaoge stared at him for a while before suddenly smiling, “I just love dishonest people like you.”

As he said so, a golden needle pierced into one of Sun Zhongda’s acupoints.

His expression instantly changed greatly.

Looking at Sun Zhongda who was shivering all over, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “It still exists, just that it is no longer with you.

You have fellow disciples who also came here to look for that hidden treasure, just that possibly not all of them did enter the World beyond Worlds, am I right”


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