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HSSB812: Supreme treasure of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace


The numerous images projected from the Northern Ocean Clone’s eyes merged in mid-air, finally forming a complete image.

The scenes depicted within this image were guiding the way for Yan Zhaoge.

Amongst lofty mountains and precipitous peaks, in a mountain gorge which virtually never saw the light of day, there was a lone, solitary cave which was concealed by strange stones and bryophytes.

Xiao Ai realised, “In that short moment after wresting the jade necklace from Sun Zhongda’s hands, before you handed the jade necklace over to the Xie Family Head, Young Master’s clone had already successfully deciphered the secret contained within the necklace”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Precisely so.

Though rather complex, it still did not pose much difficulty for me.”

“The original owner of the necklace suffered a tribulation after exiting the Jade Sun Mountain Range, perishing very quickly afterwards.

The necklace was really a clue that he had left for his descendants.

Sadly, none of them managed to discover its secret, instead selling it to the Setting Sun Archipelago’s Xie Family.”

He pointed at that projected scene, “This cave should be the place where the jade necklace’s original owner discovered that efficacious pill.”

Feng Yunsheng asked, “Do we leave at once”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Let us search for mother’s whereabouts in Whale Fishing City one last time.

If we find nothing, we will leave this place for the Jade Sun Mountain Range’s Solitary Heart Peak.”

He had earlier found out that the Solitary Heart Peak was one of the rare places in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory where Heavenly Flame Trees grew.

Analysing the written clues Qi Wei had left behind, he had found that the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill which he had obtained was related to this place.

If he had still been uncertain before, corroborating this with the situation made known to them by Sun Zhongda and the jade necklace, Yan Zhaoge believed that this was precisely where his goal lay.

They had already planned previously to head to the Jade Sun Mountain Range’s Solitary Heart Peak after coming to Whale Fishing City.

Now that they had the map of the area, they had saved themselves from searching as they would be able to directly enter that cave.

“It is actually the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace” Yan Zhaoge pondered as some memories from times long past arose unbidden in his mind.

Despite not having personally come into contact with the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace before, he knew it was a supreme treasure of the dao of alchemy.

Before the Great Calamity, it had been one of the top-ranking pill-concocting devices throughout all the heavens.

The Internal Crystal Furnace which Yan Zhaoge was currently using to forge artifacts was actually a variant of this supreme treasure, its purpose being switched from pill concoction to artifact forging.

At the price of decreasing its efficiency somewhat, ease of operations as well as production for the Internal Crystal Furnace had correspondingly been obtained.

Yan Zhaoge believed that this could be considered a benevolent gesture which benefited everyone.

Of course, the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace was still that Profound Sky Purple Furnace, being one of a kind and difficult to replicate.

As a supreme treasure of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace, this furnace had usually remained in the Pill Hall.

It would only be opened for alchemical purposes every once in a while.

The miraculous medicinal effects of the pills it produced truly caused one to sigh in admiration.

For powerful divine pills like the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill, it might only be able to produce a limited number of them.

Still, when it was used to produce other pills which were slightly inferior in grade, the number of pills produced would be truly astounding.

The oceanic amount of efficacious medicine stored within the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace was really no simple thing at all.

Moreover, the so-called lower grade pills were only relative to the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill.

These pills were all priceless treasures here in this current post-Great Calamity era.

If any one of them were to appear in the World beyond Worlds, people would go crazy fighting for it.

While it was often said that relying on pills for cultivation would result in an unstable foundation, hindering one’s advance, this was still only in the comparative sense.

While an oceanic amount of efficacious medicine did not guarantee turning an untalented person into an unrivalled expert, it could definitely help those geniuses to soar to the peak more quickly.

The stability of their foundations depended more on they themselves.

As he pondered, he heard Ah Hu re-enter from outside, smiling, “Young Master, Xie Liang and the others have come looking to meet you.”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “I have nothing to say to him.

Even though I obtained the clue within the jade necklace from him, I also returned the necklace to him.

Whether he can discover the secret hidden within it will have to depend on his own abilities.”

“If he cannot discover it, it will just be like today never happened to him.

The fakes would not have come, and while he would not have gained anything, he would not have lost anything either.

There would be no difference from how it was before this.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Regarding finding clues about mother, it is fine to privately take note of it.

There is no need to rely on the help of locals, resulting in a great furore throughout the city afterwards.”

Ah Hu answered, “I know what to do.”

He instantly paused for a moment before clapping his head, “Right, that guy whose wife was earlier abducted has come over as well.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge remained unmoving as he gazed over towards the entrance of the winehouse through the walls that stood between them.

His gaze directly passed through the obstructing entity as he saw that aside for Xie Liang and the others, that young Martial Scholar whose wife had been abducted by the fake had now pulled his wife along, coming over to the entrance of the winehouse as well.

Facing the fake Yan Zhaoge who had also been a Martial Saint, this youth had refused to lower his head.

Yet, he was now kneeling on the ground on one knee, bowing in respect at the winehouse.

He did not even know which part of the winehouse Yan Zhaoge was currently in.

Still, after bowing together, the husband and wife no longer lingered, not attempting to meet Yan Zhaoge again as well as they directly turned and left.

Seeing this, a look of admiration instead appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s face.

After gradually watching them head off into the distance, Yan Zhaoge slowly nodded, “Possessing some backbone indeed.”

The black-clothed imposter who had abducted his wife should be a solitary practitioner of the Jade Sun Mountain Range.

While it was less likely that he had relatives or friends here, there was the possibility that revenge might still be sought against the one who had killed him.

While it was due to Yan Zhaoge that he had perished, he had been personally slain by the youth whose wife he had abducted.

While the other side would be unwilling to offend Yan Zhaoge, they might still kill this youth to vent their negative emotions.

Under such circumstances, this person had still dared to kill the black-clothed imposter, only having thanked Yan Zhaoge about it afterwards with no intention of seeking protection and hanging on the coattails of Yan Zhaoge and the rest.

“His talent is actually not bad, being upper average.

It is just that he started cultivating rather late.

Still, it is not that he has no hope of rising to prominence eventually,” Yan Zhaoge said to Ah Hu, “His personality is rather rash, but his mentality is good.

Give him a chance.

He can decide for himself.”

Ah Hu understood, “I will point out a path for him and prepare some funds.

It will completely be up to him whether he is willing to make the trip to the Royal Reed Sea and join Broad Creed Mountain.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, and Ah Hu left, going outside the winehouse to exchange words with Xie Liang and the others.

The Northern Ocean Clone left the winehouse, continuing to search for Xue Chuqing’s whereabouts.

Sadly, it seemed that there really wasn’t anything about her to be found here in Whale Fishing City.

Yan Zhaoge’s group thus departed, leaving the city and heading for the Jade Sun Mountain Range.

The Xie Family Head, Xie Liang, still never managed to see Yan Zhaoge at the end of the day.

While Ah Hu had spoken politely, he felt uneasy as he did not know if Yan Zhaoge truly did not mind the incident which had happened earlier.

Logically speaking, Yan Zhaoge was not often active in the Setting Sun Archipelago.

He had not missed out on anything much by failing to forge a good relationship with him here.

Still, for some reason, Xie Liang just felt that he and his Family seemed to have missed out on something very important.


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