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HSSB815: Realm of divine pills, seven distinct levels


Gazing all around, Yan Zhaoge saw that there was a layer of faint purple qi in the skies here which resembled clouds.

Golden light vaguely emanated from these purple clouds, resembling sunlight that was obscured.

Still, the heavens and the earth were completely empty.

While there were mountains and rivers visible, no other living entities could be seen.

Yan Zhaoge sniffed lightly and was able to smell a faint medicinal fragrance.

He strode forward once more, resuming his advance.

The world before him was seemingly without end.

As he took out the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill again, this divine pill had instead fallen silent, not moving at all.

It was like returning to this foreign dimension had left it feeling incomparably satisfied at having returned to from whence it came.

Yan Zhaoge kept the Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill once more, next starting to advance based on his own sensory abilities.

Primarily relying on his senses of smell and taste, Yan Zhaoge distinguished the density level of medicinal fragrance located all around him and headed towards where it was more abundant.

Indeed, after flying for a bit, Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly.

He landed atop a mountain peak.

Carefully searching the area, Yan Zhaoge soon found a speck of mild blue light partway down the mountain on a jutted outcropping of rock.

As he neared, he saw that the blue light seemed to be socketed within the overhanging rock cliff.

The source of the light was clearly a black pill around the size of a grown adult’s thumb, its surface flickering non-stop with a blue lustre.

Carefully looking over, tides seemed to be unceasingly rising and falling in the interior of the black pill.

As he got close to it, the sound of the beating of waves even resounded by Yan Zhaoge’s ears.

“Profound Essence Black Water Pill…” After thinking a little, Yan Zhaoge managed to identify this pill.

This was an invaluable pill for those who cultivated in water-type martial arts or whose martial arts were related to the essence and qi of water.

It would be rare indeed in this world to find a pill which, when consumed, would allow the cultivation base of the one who had consumed it to immediately soar by leaps and bounds.

Yet, there were always exceptions to these things.

The Profound Essence Black Water Pill was one of those.

It would immensely benefit those who cultivated in water-type martial arts or who cultivated with the help of the essence and qi of water.

The results would be instantaneously visible for those beneath the Martial Saint realm.

While the effects were not so immediately obvious for Martial Saints, it would still be of great benefit to their daily cultivation, saving much effort for them in their usual cultivation process.

Seeing this divine pill, it was not the pill itself that Yan Zhaoge was most concerned about.

Instead, it was the fact that this Profound Essence Black Water Pill was similarly one of the efficacious medicines created in the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace in the past.

Yan Zhaoge pricked a golden needle within, infusing his true essence and carefully sensing and examining the changes within.

“Huh” A moment later, a puzzled look appeared on Yan Zhaoge, “If I am not wrong, unlike that Encompassing Abundance Golden Pill, it seems it hasn’t been long since this pill was concocted”

He surveyed his surroundings, “Even though this dimension is unique, able to seal the leakage of the pills’ spiritual qi and help the pills to preserve their spirituality, if this pill was really concocted in pre-Great Calamity times, it still shouldn’t have been preserved to this extent.”

“It feels like… it was just a matter of somewhat over a decade ago that it was concocted”

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated abruptly, “Someone has beaten us to this place.

After arriving here, he even used the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace for pill concoction”

He frowned, suppressing his doubts as he first carefully kept that Profound Essence Black Water Pill before continuing to advance forward.

As he travelled, Yan Zhaoge discovered a few random pills scattered along the way.

Resplendent Clear Longevity Pill, Purple Qi Golden Jade Pill, Supreme Miraculous Star Flying Pill, Divine Sky Pill, Broad Coldness Pill…these various scattered pills had all been produced in the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace in the past.

While some of them emanated ancient vibes, possibly being left behind from before the Great Calamity, there were also some which felt very new, seeming like they were recently concocted.

Yan Zhaoge quickly kept all the pills that he came across.

Still, he no longer specifically looked for them as he accelerated his rate of advance.

It could already somewhat be said that Yan Zhaoge’s present gains were already utterly ludicrous.

If others were to learn about this, they would probably collectively go crazy all at once.

Even the likes of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the North Sea Sword Pavilion and the Whale Breath Sect would be greatly desirous of his wealth.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge was naturally not content and satisfied with what he had gained thus far.

After yet some more time had passed, Yan Zhaoge finally saw a somewhat different scene.

Atop the great earth before him stood a tall pagoda that flickered with radiance.

It also resembled an altar.

There were seven levels in total to the tower which was shrouded by golden light with streams of purple qi rising straight up into the heavens from its peak like a column of smoke.

After arriving in the sky, the purple smoke would come into contact with the purple auspicious clouds in the sky, a distorted image that resembled a vortex next being formed.

The exceptionally strange thing was that that rotating smoke column just appeared so silent.

Yan Zhaoge pondered for a moment before treading upon that tall pagoda.

The tall pagoda indeed had mechanisms in place.

Still, it possessed no hostility or offensive capabilities.

Yan Zhaoge was swept along by that purple column of smoke which resembled a pillar that supported the heavens as his figure immediately shot up into the purple clouds up above.

After entering the purple clouds, all was dense in the world before him as he was unable to distinguish up from down and left from right.

Still, a door of golden light soon appeared.

Yan Zhaoge did not hesitate in the least as he strode through that door of golden light.

When the glow faded, all was clear again before his eyes.

The surrounding scenery was just the same as earlier.

Still, sensing his surroundings carefully, Yan Zhaoge discovered that had had already shockingly entered a whole different world.

While the flow of spiritual qi here was similar to the previous dimensional space, there were minute yet obvious differences which made it very easy for one to determine that these were two different dimensional spaces.

“No, perhaps it should be said that this dimensional space is far vaster and more mysterious than I previously thought,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin.

Turning and gazing over, he indeed saw the same tall pagoda that was seven floors high erected there.

Still, there was no purple smoke that surged into the heavens from the top of this pagoda.

Feng Yunsheng said, “From the looks of it, this place is divided into levels We have travelled from a lower level to a higher level.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded even as he glanced at that tall pagoda before him.

Did this pagoda signify that this unique dimensional space was divided into seven levels in total

“Then, how do I go to the next level Is there another pagoda elsewhere” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, knowing that the mechanism of this pagoda would in all likelihood send him back to that previous, lower level if it was activated.

Still, it remained unknown if that level had been the bottommost one.

Yan Zhaoge’s group resumed their advance.

There were still quite a few pills scattered about in this particular world.

Yan Zhaoge set finding a pagoda as their primary goal, not specifically focusing on finding those scattered divine pills.

Still, they did casually stop to pick up those pills they happened to pass by or catch a glimpse of.

After paying attention to the situation, they discovered that though there weren’t that many pills here as well, there still seemed to be slightly more of them than there had been in the lower level.

“From the looks of it, the higher up we go, the better things we will find.

Thus, our earlier guess is likely correct.

The Profound Sky Purple Gold Pill is likely at the topmost level, not the bottommost.”

After spending some time, they managed to successfully ascend to the next level.

Once there, Yan Zhaoge’s group continued attempting to find a way forward.

Still, this time, there was a special situation that garnered their attention.

There had indeed been more efficacious pills scattered about in this world that the previous two.

Yet, in some areas, while traces of the pills still remained, they themselves were no longer there.

Ah Hu had a rare stern expression on his face, “Young Master, these have clearly been taken by someone else.”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed into slits, “It isn’t that person from over a decade ago.

Instead, another person or a group of people entered this place just a little earlier before we did.”


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