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HSSB818: Grand Clear direct lineage


It was fine for the others, but as Fu Ting heard Yan Zhaoge’s name, her expression changed slightly.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Although I just met some imposters of mine in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory earlier, they were just too inexperienced for them to truly get away with their swindling.”

Fu Ting appraised Yan Zhaoge all over, a hint of a smile appearing at the corners of her mouth, “Low level tricks aside, I heard that a senior of the Prime Clear lineage concocted a pill known as the Form Dispelling Pill which changes one’s appearance.

One’s close acquaintances aside, it is difficult indeed for others to distinguish real from fake.”

“If someone were to impersonate another based on this, however good the discernment of the one being cheated, they would also first have to be familiar with the one being impersonated in order to see through the imposter.”

“Moreover, there is also that rare treasure known as the Imitation Killing Jade.

While its effects last only for a short time, there will be no flaw whatsoever in terms of the victim’s external appearance.”

Fu Ting said, “Still, all of this has nothing to do with me, because I have only heard of the name Yan Zhaoge, not knowing how he actually looks like.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled.

The legacy of the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie indeed originated from the direct lineage of the Purple Tenuity Emperor.

As one of the four Imperials, the Purple Tenuity Emperor who was the Lord of the myriad stars had once listened to the dao from the founder of the Grand Clear lineage, the Lord of Dao and Virtue in the past.

He could be somewhat considered to be of the direct lineage of the Grand Clear lineage.

The Lord of Dao and Virtue had once pioneered the dao of enlightening countless citizens, leaving behind a foundation for future martial arts evermore.

Refining one’s acupoints to achieve Divinity and cultivating an inner universe, transforming the acupoints into numerous stars which resonated with the myriad stars in the skies of the actual universe, with the inner and outer universes thus coming together as one.

The origin of this path which pursued the dao was none other than the Lord of Dao and Virtue.

The rule of the Purple Tenuity Emperor over the myriad stars was precisely a manifestation of cultivation along this path of thinking.

There were few who were of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

If one insisted on looking for some, while the Southeastern Exalt’s dao arena had the same name as that of the legendary bigwig of the Jade Clear lineage, the Lord of the Daoist Way, the current World beyond World’s Golden Court Mountain could be considered one of the rare few who were of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

Meanwhile, the Brocade Emperor of the Five Emperors was another rare descendant of the Grand Clear direct lineage.

Therefore, of the peak experts of the World beyond Worlds, the Brocade Emperor and the Southeastern Exalt were on considerably good terms, usually adopting the same positions.

With such a heaven-defying genius like Yan Zhaoge having appeared beneath the Southeastern Exalt’s eyes, one who might even be connected to the Exalted Solar Luminary and Exalted Lunar Luminary, if there were interactions between him and the Brocade Emperor, he would definitely mention this matter for sure.

Yan Zhaoge did not find it strange that the Brocade Emperor might know of his name.

Yet, whether he would mention him to his daughter in turn was another matter altogether.

Still, from the looks of it now, Fu Ting had clearly heard of Yan Zhaoge’s name from her father.

His arms crossed before him, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “What would you intend for then, Miss Fu”

Personally battling it out and testing his mettle would be ideal for confirming his identity

Most martial practitioners were arrogant and domineering.

Such matters were not rare.

Fu Ting said, “If you are willing to bestow your guidance, I would certainly like to exchange pointers with that rarely seen one in a thousand years genius whom Uncle Cao speaks of.”

“Still, I bear you no ill will, and also do not desire to force you into a battle.”

“As for confirming your identity, please show that legendary Extreme Yang Seal.

That would be more effective than clashing in battle, because I myself do not know what martial arts Yan Zhaoge uses in the first place.”

“Therefore, as compared to you yourself, the Extreme Yang Seal will be more effective in proving your identity.

Of course, it would be another matter altogether if you are an imposter, yet had the ability to borrow or wrest away the Extreme Yang Seal from the real Yan Zhaoge.”

Fu Ting said straightforwardly, “It does not matter if you do not wish to show the Extreme Yang Seal.

There is no enmity at all between us in the first place.

Whoever you are, there is no need for a battle between us, even though I must admit that I am rather curious about your battle prowess and would quite like to witness it.”

Yan Zhaoge asked rather interestedly, “Oh Even though we are currently in the same foreign dimension The fact that we are competitors for treasure does not change this relationship”

Fu Ting said mildly, “That’s right.”

Now, she glanced at Feng Yunsheng.

Yan Zhaoge aside, Feng Yunsheng had drawn Fu Ting’s attention as well.

It was not just because her appearance was seemingly outstanding.

Instead, Fu Ting could actually vaguely feel somewhat of a potentially dangerous aura emanating from her.

A Martial Grandmaster could actually possess such strength

Even if she bore supreme treasures, that shouldn’t be something that a Martial Grandmaster had the ability to wield.

As Fu Ting trusted greatly in her own intuition, her attention was naturally drawn by the strange, unique nature of this situation.

Remembering some of what her father had previously mentioned, Fu Ting generally understood what was up here.

“I know, you are feeling curious why I appear confident, totally in control.

Also, you think that my companions and I would not be able to take care of you.”

“First not speaking of how admiring Uncle Cao is of you,” Fu Ting’s gaze scanned Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “You, you people, if you truly possess the Extreme Yang Seal, Extreme Yin Crown and the Rahu Sabre and are able to draw upon the power within, that would indeed entail a very mighty force.

Even an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint expert might not be able to take care of you.”

Although she was saying this, Fu Ting’s tone was very calm.

“Still, after entering and discovering the abnormalities here, we have already reported back on it to Ingenious Flying Peak,” She looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Our seniors will be rushing over here very soon, and believe me, it will not be as simple as just a single Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge was slightly taken aback.

If Fu Ting was not faking things, Yan Zhaoge indeed found this to be rather unexpected.

It was not that he feared those of Ingenious Flying Peak coming.

Instead, he felt surprised by Fu Ting’s way of handling things.

Secret realms such as this with all their treasure were basically considered individual fortune.

If someone managed to enter, they would first sate themselves before considering anything else.

Only if they truly were unable to take all of it for themselves would they consider calling upon their backer and requesting for reinforcements.

The younger and more outstanding the genius, the more likely they were to act in such a fashion as they were literally overflowing with confidence over their great strength.

Had there ever been anyone like Fu Ting, directly calling for help right after having found a location

Granted, she was the only daughter of the Brocade Emperor, and would definitely receive some benefits if Ingenious Flying Peak were to profit.

She would surely get a foremost priority in that.

Her current choice was actually the most efficient one, holding the greatest chance of success.

Therein could be seen her choice that was available to no other Ingenious Flying Peak disciples.

Yet, for a youth who basked in the glory of success, wasn’t this choice a little too…demoralising

Even so, however, Fu Ting just happened not to have such a soft personality.

Yes, she was indeed the daughter of the Brocade Emperor.

Still, her current fame had all been won by herself from the countless geniuses of the same generation whom she had stomped beneath her feet.

Though it was rather impolite to say so, even her father at her current age and cultivation level might not have been able to defeat her for sure.

Yan Zhaoge could not help but appraise Fu Ting with another glance as he thought, “As a martial practitioner, while it is unavoidable that she desires victory intensely, what a calm person she is.”

Fu Ting said, “This foreign dimension is outside of the World beyond Worlds.

That we were able to meet here, this can also be considered fate.”

“You are a member of the junior generation whom Uncle Cao admires greatly.

If you can prove your identity, it would be fine if we travel together.

When we reap the efficacious medicines here, we can all have a share of them.”

“If you do not want to show the Extreme Yang Seal as proof, I can similarly understand that.

How can supreme, ultimate treasures be taken out so casually A Heaven’s favoured son like you might find it unpleasant to have to prove something to someone else.”

“My Ingenious Flying Peak will not clear out the area, forcing you away.

You can still continue moving about in the area.

Still, whatever you obtain here will have to fully depend on your own abilities.

If a conflict later arises between us over the treasures, we will not show any mercy then.”


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