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HSSB82: The ferocious Yan Zhaoge!


Like a ferocious tiger, Yan Zhaoge roared as he landed bloodthirstily before Xiao Shen.

Xiao Shen retreated hurriedly, taking to the air as he wanted to increase the distance between them.

Taking a few consecutive steps forward, Yan Zhaoge also took flight, striding out as he stepped on the very air itself.

Within the acupoints of his entire body, the coiling ice and fire dragons let out a shocking roar in unison.

A fog of ice and the light of fire rose up from Yan Zhaoge’s body, merging with his aura-qi, ice and fire intermingling as he resembled a deity.

The roar of a tiger with his fist, the roar of dragons in his qi!

The Divine Xuanwu of the North-the power of the Door of Blood erupted.

With that single fist, Yan Zhaoge directly broke through and collapsed Xiao Shen’s defensive Sunset Thousand Illusory Palms.

Greatly shocked, Xiao Shen prepared to execute the Leap of the Rising Sun in order to evade him.


With a loud shout, Yan Zhaoge straightened his back abruptly, as for a moment it seemed like there was a divine dragon stretching its massive bulk.

This exertion of power had integrated the rising of clouds and the soaring of dragons of the Coiling Dragon Sleeve.

All the clouds and dragons within the surrounding ten thousand kilometres soared into the sky in that instant.

Just as Xiao Shen’s body was about to move, Yan Zhaoge arrived before him with a higher speed, lashing out domineeringly.

The fingers on his clenched fists unfurled, forming into hooks as each of his hands seized onto one of Xiao Shen’s arms.

The two figures halted simultaneously in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge shot out one of his legs, directly kicking towards Xiao Shen’s chest.

At the same time, the power of the coiling ice and fire dragons roiled as they were exerted outwards from his hands.

A powerful force, forming the momentum of roiling mountains and rivers, was exerted on Xiao Shen’s arms.

While kicking Xiao Shen backwards, his hands were still gripping tightly onto Xiao Shen’s arms, refusing to let go.

Kicking and pulling-the two diametrically opposing forces instantly distorted Xiao Shen’s body till it resembled a tattered rag.


A muffled noise resounded, blood and flesh spraying in all directions.

The entire sky where the two were in mid-air was filled with a rain of blood, exploding and descending on the surrounding area below.

With a low roar, Yan Zhaoge had actually forcibly ripped Xiao Shen’s arms apart, all the way up to their shoulders where they were connected to his spine.

Xiao Shen let out a sharp, piercing wail, “Yan Zhaoge, you actually dare…”

Yan Zhaoge flung away Xiao Shen’s broken arms, stepping on the air as he caught up with Xiao Shen who had finally been sent flying by the force of his kick, his hands reaching out once more.

“Someone who is going to die, shouldn’t speak so much rubbish.”

The surrounding Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners, having been repelled by Zhao Shicheng and the power of his grand formation, had not been in time to assist Xiao Shen.

They now let out enraged roars in unison.

Xiao Shen’s eyes were almost popping out of their sockets, “Yan Zhaoge, don’t get too happy.”

“Even if you kill me, you are destined to go down with me.”

“I will be waiting for you below.”

Yan Zhaoge didn’t take any of this into his ears, shooting out with a claw and directly piercing straight through Xiao Shen’s chest.

His other hand, its fingers spread wide apart, filled up Xiao Shen’s vision as it clamped down on the top of his head.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm pressed down on Xiao Shen’s head as he laughed coldly, “Oh, I’m so scared.”

Saying thus, he abruptly tightened his fingers as he made an upward motion of his hand.

The violent power of his fleshly body, coupled with his powerful, abundant aura-qi, erupted simultaneously.

A blood of rain once again erupted and descended as Yan Zhaoge wrenched at Xiao Shen’s neck and took his really great big head off.

Xiao Shen remained staring wide-eyed, unable to rest in peace.

The entire Spirit Wind Canyon instantly fell silent.

Everyone stared dazedly at Yan Zhaoge, lifting Xiao Shen’s head up high as he stood unyielding in midair.

“Yan Zhaoge!”

The next moment, the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners simultaneously let out enraged roars.

With that Martial Grandmaster at their head, they all rushed towards Yan Zhaoge together.

Within the valley, Zhao Shicheng was calm and silent as he formed a fist with his left hand and a palm with his right, hitting forward simultaneously.

Golden dragons of light began rampaging between the heavens and the earth, their scales heaving and their roars shocking the heavens, as though real dragons had descended upon the world.

The Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners were sent into continuous retreat by the power of the grand formation as unleashed by Zhao Shicheng, unable to take even a step closer to the Spirit Wind Canyon.

Xu Chuan and the Martial Scholars of Broad Creed Mountain and the Eastern Tang Kingdom began moving from defence to attack.

“Retreat!” That Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan roared despondently, having no choice but to lead his fellow clan members into retreat.

Blood oozed from the corner of Zhao Shicheng’s mouth, green and red flickering intermittently on his face.

He retracted his palm, as the others also ceased in their pursuit of the enemy.

Carrying Xiao Shen’s head, Yan Zhaoge descended to the ground, turning and returning to Ah Hu’s side.

Ah Hu was sitting cross-legged on the ground, the radiance of the Black Nightmare Armour on his body having dimmed.

On that black armour of light were densely dotted numerous golden needles.

All the golden needles had penetrated deeply into the armour.

Ah Hu had a rather sooty and defeated look on his face.

Luckily, his accompanying spirit artifact, the Black Nightmare Armour, was also a defensive tool.

Even when it could both attack and defend, its defensive power was still shocking.

Otherwise, when simultaneously engaged in battle with three Xiantian Martial Scholars earlier, having been sneak attacked by Xiao Shen’s Sun Rain, he would have died for sure.

Even so, while the Black Nightmare Armour had been able to hold off the dense rain of Divine Sun Needles, Ah Hu had also been injured by the force of their qi penetrating his body.

Although the Divine Sun Needles themselves had not directly penetrated into his body, it was like Ah Hu had endured thousands, tens of thousands of heavy blows in that instant.

Yan Zhaoge came before Ah Hu, placing his palm on his back to assist him in adjusting his body’s condition.

The others all now came to look at Yan Zhaoge with complicated expressions on their faces.

While Xiao Shen had also moved with the intention to kill, meaning that Yan Zhaoge had been totally justified in killing him, really seeing Yan Zhaoge kill Xiao Shen, all their spirits had wavered momentarily.

Especially with such a vicious and brutal method of killing.

Earlier, when Yan Zhaoge had clashed with Xiao Shen, however badly he had beaten him, it could still have been discounted as Xiao Shen having been the weaker side in their sparring match.

However, with both sides similarly being an elite of their respective clan’s younger generation, seedlings with much potential on whom their clan devoted much effort to rear, deciding superiority with a spar and straight out killing the other party were two completely different concepts indeed.

Moreover, Xiao Shen’s grandfather was one of the few ultra bigwigs of the Sacred Sun Clan.

As Xiao Shen had said, this having happened, the Sacred Sun Clan would definitely not let it go so easily.

This matter, as compared to taking in the other side’s disciples who had betrayed their clan, was even greater.

But amidst their complicated feelings, the Broad Creed Mountain and Eastern Tang Kingdom martial practitioners also felt a strong sense of excitement.

In recent years, the Sacred Sun Clan had been pressuring them closely with every step, having already been arrogant and unbridled for very long.

Allowing you to move in for the kill, while not allowing my Broad Creed Mountain to retaliate

That wouldn’t conform to logic at all.

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge had already regained its former calm.

The Jade Dragon Sword was still serving as the core of the reversal formation, working in synergy with Zhao Shicheng’s grand formation.

With a wave of his hand, the Radiant Sun Wheel returned to Yan Zhaoge’s hands once more.

Looking at the Radiant Sun Wheel, everyone was suddenly snapped out of their reverie.

“The Broad Creed Young Master killed Xiao Shen just now, in but a short instant.”

While both of them were late outer aura Martial Scholars, Yan Zhaoge had directly crushed Xiao Shen till not even dregs were left of him.

An Eastern Tang martial practitioner swallowed his saliva, “Xiao Shen was definitely not someone ordinary outer aura Martial Scholars could compare to ah.”

Of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners who had attacked this time, there were those who had a higher cultivation than him.

However, at the same cultivation level, no one could say for sure that they could defeat him.

“The Radiant Prince of the Sacred Sun Clan is hailed as one of this generation’s Four Young Masters alongside Young Master Yan, while Xiao Shen and the Radiant Prince are part of the Sacred Sun Clan’s Four Young Suns, precisely the face of the Sacred Sun Clan’s younger generation.”

However, such a Heaven’s favoured son had been attacked and killed by Yan Zhaoge so easily.

“Xiao Shen was so easily defeated by Young Master Yan; for other people, would it also…”

Someone exclaimed in a low tone, “Yan Zhaoge is even stronger than rumoured ah!”

Earlier, rumour had it that Yan Zhaoge had surpassed levels to beat Xiao Shen while only in the mid outer aura Martial Scholar realm.

As none of them had witnessed it personally, they had still been a little sceptical about this.

But now, there was no question about it.

The handsome, graceful young master and the iron-willed, ferocious martial practitioner-both of these identities now perfectly reconciled within their minds.


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