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HSSB824: Gossip on bigwigs


Looking at Gao Qing, Fu Ting asked, “Green Duckweed Mountain, surnamed Gao…you are a direct descendant of the Prime Clear lineage’s Profound Sovereign”

Gao Qing smiled, “Right! The Profound Sovereign that you speak of is my great-grandmother.”

In the Myriad Dragon Palace, amidst the purple sea of clouds, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “The Prime Clear lineage’s Roving Jade Heavens indeed also have experts with the title ‘sovereign.”

Feng Yunsheng asked, “The Prime Clear lineage has shaken the world with its dao of the sword over all eternity.

I wonder how this Profound Emperor of the Roving Jade Heavens compares to the World beyond World’s Sword Sovereign”

The World beyond Worlds had Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of extremely lofty statuses.

Of the three sovereigns, apart from the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign, there was also the Sword Sovereign.

The age and seniority of the Sword Sovereign was lower as compared to the Exalted Earth Luminary and Exalted Concealed Luminary of the past, the current Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign.

These bigwigs had risen to prominence following the era of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries, becoming major figures who stood on equal footing with the Earthly Sovereign and the Concealed Sovereign.

Yan Zhaoge said jokingly, “This is very hard to say.

Still, the name ‘Sword Sovereign’ is itself rather provocatively conspicuous.”

Now, after staring at Fu Ting for a time, Gao Qing suddenly clapped in realisation, “Fu Ting, Fu Ting…I remember now.

Father once mentioned to me that the current top figure of the World beyond Worlds’ younger generation is a female named Fu Ting who is the only daughter of the Brocade Emperor of the Grand Clear direct lineage.”

She looked curiously at Fu Ting, “You said just now that you are of New Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak.

Isn’t that precisely the Brocade Emperor’s dao arena”

Fu Ting said, “While we have never met before, no enmity existing between us, since we both have intentions towards this furnace now, we are enemies rather than friends.

We will be offending you.”

A disciple of the Prime Clear lineage snorted, “Huh, the descendants of the Grand Clear and Jade Clear lineages are all used to being domineering.

This is not the World beyond Worlds we are in.”

Someone from Myriad Flying Peak immediately contested, “If this were the World beyond Worlds, how would you be able to walk here freely”

The other party chortled, “You speak like we are afraid of you! The relationship is mutual between us.

Do you dare to take a step into the Roving Jade Heavens I’d like to see you get out in one piece.”

Both sides were unrelenting in their stance.

Never having had a harmonious relationship in the first place, sparks were now flying between them over the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

Gao Qing just appraised Fu Ting curiously, “You’re really that young, around the same age as me…”

Fu Ting raised her brows slightly.

The other party’s tone did not seem to be one of praise, instead seeming like pure amazement.

Indeed, she next heard Gao Qing continue, “The Brocade Emperor is also not old anymore.

He indeed birthed one at an old age.”

“Still, I heard that the Brocade Emperor has countless concubines, his harem going into the ten thousands, yet has never been able to have a son.

Why has he suddenly gained a daughter now”

Hearing Gao Qing’s words, the expressions on the faces of the Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners all changed.

Even the Prime Clear lineage disciples beside her had rather strange looks on their faces.

These words were really stabbing into unconventional, forbidden territory.

Even though they were from opposing sides, discussing an expert with the title of an Emperor like this really caused them to be rendered speechless.

Yet, what made the Prime Clear lineage disciples who were familiar with Gao Qing smile wryly was the fact that Gao Qing was not intentionally provoking Fu Ting in her speech or trying to lower the morale of their foes.

She was really just feeling curious.

Having heard about the matter of the Brocade Emperor and Fu Ting in the Roving Jade Heavens previously, Gao Qing had already been feeling extremely puzzled about this.

Now that she had coincidentally run into Fu Ting herself, she simply asked her about it directly.

However, the problem was that while they understood this, the opposing Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners did not…

After those words had been said, the originally nervous mood in the air was instantly magnified as everyone fell dead silent.

Amidst the purple sea of clouds, Yan Zhaoge and the others exchanged looks, feeling speechless.

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple.

Some matters of the Brocade Emperor’s were still rather famous in the World beyond Worlds.

While Mu Jun had not directly introduced this to him due to his status as a member of the junior generation, Yan Zhaoge had still heard quite a bit about it back in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

This Brocade Emperor of the Five Emperors who had achieved his fame many long years ago had indeed once toured through an ocean of flowers, hooking up with endless women.

His Emperor title, ‘Embroidered Brocade’, was actually wholly unrelated to the martial arts that he cultivated in.

Back when he had been young, he had been known as the ‘Embroidered Brocade Young Master.

With his handsome looks, he had resembled a descended immortal whose flair had shaken the World beyond Worlds, having even been acclaimed as the handsomest beneath the heavens.

There were various, innumerable women that he had experienced in his life, and such was how things had been for him before he had become an Emperor.

While there had been some female experts with powerful cultivation bases amongst them, there had also been beautiful mortal women, their statuses being unimportant as they had consisted of wealthy heiresses, daughters of big families, daughters of small families and talented women from brothels.

Still, all of them had been beautiful women.

Amongst them, most had already long since passed away because of their limited longevity.

Yet, whether they were youthful or old and shrivelled, the Brocade Emperor would never abandon them as he would accompany them to the end of their lifespans.

If any of them wanted to leave, the Brocade Emperor would also not make things difficult for them with both sides separating amicably.

The Brocade Emperor had always been like this all these numerous years.

Still, though the Brocade Emperor had traversed the myriad field of flowers, he had stayed unstained by a single leaf.

It had already been over a thousand years since he had accomplished his fame, and he had also lived like this for almost the same period.

Logically speaking, with him having vigorously spread his seed over countless places, his descendants should encompass the entire world.

Yet, the Brocade Emperor had never had a child for the past thousand years.

As a result, many people had been secretly wondering about this.

Still, in recent years, Fu Ting had finally been born.

Upon hearing this news, many even believed that the Brocade Emperor had been made a cuckold.

Still, when Fu Ting had come of age and gone adventuring in the outside world, they had found that that disposition, that appearance, that talent was undoubtedly of the Brocade Emperor.

It was only then that had their suspicions had been alleviated.

It was just that it was taboo to even discuss this in private.

How many would dare to mention this in front of the Brocade Emperor or his daughter, Fu Ting

The Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners were even slightly stunned for a time.

When they regained their wits, they all had unfriendly expressions, their eyes spewing fire.

Looking calmly at Gao Qing, Fu Ting asked mildly after a while, “The Profound Sovereign is Miss Gao’s great-grandmother.

Then, your great-grandfather is the Dragon Spring Emperor”

Hearing her suddenly say this, the Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners beside her were all bewildered.

As the Brocade Emperor’s only daughter, Fu Ting knew many secrets that others were not privy to.

This included even her fellow disciples.

Hearing her words, Gao Qing nodded very frankly, “That’s right, he is.”

Fu Ting asked mildly, “Then, may I ask why Miss Gao follows the surname of your great-grandmother and not that of the Dragon Spring Emperor”

This time, it was the looks on the faces of the disciples of the Prime Clear lineage that changed.

Gao Qing was taken aback, “Grandfather and father both follow great-grandmother’s surname, and so I naturally do as well.”

Fu Ting asked, “Is it because the Dragon Spring Emperor cannot defeat the Profound Sovereign, thus having to be subservient to her”

Someone beside Gao Qing snorted coldly, “The Dragon Spring Emperor was originally of your World beyond World’s Jade Clear lineage.

It was precisely because he disdained continuing to coexist with the likes of you that he came to my Roving Jade Heavens, even entering marriage with the Profound Emperor.

Their relationship has been harmonious all along.

You know so little of this; how dare you speak so presumptuously of it”

Amidst the purple sea of clouds, the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and the others all radiated light.

Their gossipy hearts and paparazzi souls were all ignited with these continuous major scoops.

Yan Zhaoge truly felt like howling at the sky, “Let the gossip on bigwigs come fiercely, intensely!”


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