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HSSB825: Meeting a match


Facing the rebuttal of the disciple of the Prime Clear lineage, Fu Ting just smiled mildly, “With your cultivation base and age, how much can you know about events from back then”

“While the Dragon Spring Emperor was similarly a bigwig in the dao of the sword, he was defeated beneath the Profound Emperor’s sword back then.

That single loss extended to his entire lifetime.”

The guy smiled coldly, “So what My Prime Clear lineage has always been renowned for our sword arts.

This only serves to further prove this point.”

Fu Ting said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “While the dao of the sword is a major dao, it is not the entirety of the martial dao.”

“There are Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors in my World beyond Worlds.

Even if your Roving Jade Heavens count in the Dragon Spring Emperor, how many Sovereigns and Emperors do you have”

Gao Qing blinked, her expression becoming serious, “So you are doubting my great-grandfather’s cultivation base.”

Fu Ting said, “The Dragon Spring Emperor is a senior expert.

I cannot say anything about his power.

Still, that he cannot defeat the Profound Sovereign is a fact and not something that I am making up.”

Yan Zhaoge thought, “Right, you aren’t making things up.

You’re just blatantly highlighting his fault.”

Yet Gao Qing instead nodded, “You aren’t wrong.

Great-grandfather came to the Roving Jade Heavens with a bunch of sword practitioners of the Jade Clear lineage back then, searching for us Prime Clear lineage disciples to spar with.

After several consecutive victories, he wanted to challenge the old ancestor, but in the end, great-grandmother who was originally in secluded cultivation came out and defeated all of them.

Great-grandfather’s remained in the Roving Jade Heavens ever since.”

“It was not just then.

They still frequently competed after getting married.

Still, great-grandfather has never won even once all these years.”

These words left Yan Zhaoge and the others wide-eyed and dazed.

Even Fu Ting and the other Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners were rather stunned as well.

Those Prime Clear lineage disciples beside Gao Qing all felt an urge to go cover and hide their faces.

Fu Ting only recovered after a long while, unable to resist the urge to ask despite the fact that they were on opposing sides, “This was something the Profound Sovereign told you about”

If this was not so, it meant that the person who had told Gao Qing all this had malicious intentions, intentionally provoking things by lowering the position of the Dragon Spring Emperor in the eyes of his descendants.

If it was the Profound Sovereign who had said it, a very big problem existed therein.

That would mean that she and by extension all of the Roving Jade Heavens did not really think much of the Dragon Spring Emperor, that husband of hers who had married over there from elsewhere.

How great a humiliation would this be to a bigwig possessing the title of Emperor

Whether he had married into someplace or was being imprisoned, he was still an Emperor!

Just as their thoughts were leaping all over the place, Gao Qing instead said, “When I was young and in great-grandfather’s embrace, that was when he told me about it.”

“What!” Everyone was simultaneously dazed.

Gao Qing reminisced, “Great-grandfather was all smiles back then.

I can never understand why he was so happy even when he was telling me about him losing.”

Everyone present was silent for a time as they slowly digested what Gao Qing had just spoken of.

While everyone else had not personally witnessed that scene, they just felt a warm feeling arise within their hearts for some unknown reason.

Someone could not help but ask, “Was the Dragon Spring Emperor purposely letting her win”

Gao Qing shook her head with great certainty, “Great-grandfather said that he was in the peak of his youth back then and seldom recognised others as being superior to him.

Yet, even he could not help but recognise the formidability of great-grandmother’s sword arts.”

Hearing her words, everyone slowly nodded.

As martial practitioners, no one would easily admit their inferiority.

This was especially so the higher up one went in terms of cultivation base.

This concerned a martial practitioner’s will.

The relationship between husband and wife was one thing, but admiring the other’s martial dao was another.

True skill in combat was needed for one to truly admit their inferiority.

Fu Ting felt rather emotional as well, but just as she was about to speak, she saw Gao Qing looking at her as she continued, “Even though great-grandfather indeed cannot defeat great-grandmother, he is stronger than your father at this point.”

Scanning the purple sea of clouds surrounding them, Fu Ting was still unable to see Yan Zhaoge.

Under such circumstances, she was even more convinced that Yan Zhaoge had already seen the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace earlier, yet had already withdrawn for some reason.

If she battled with Gao Qing’s group now, Yan Zhaoge might be able to profit off their conflict.

The seniors of her lineage should not have fallen to a disadvantage in their battling at the very least.

If they had the upper hand, they would definitely come to reinforce them here very soon.

It would be most beneficial for her and her fellow disciples to stabilise the situation here.

If a fourth group of people appeared, the situation would become chaotic and similarly disadvantageous for the oriole waiting behind, Yan Zhaoge.

There would just be another chaotic, major battle between everyone at most then.

Fu Ting instantly ceased in her thoughts, raising her brows up high in her excitement.

“Both being emperors, never having fought before, who can know who would obtain victory” Fu Ting asked, “Though the Sword Sovereign is similarly of the junior generation as compared to the Dragon Spring Emperor, he has already surpassed him now.”

Gao Qing chuckled, “Your father is not the Sword Sovereign.”

Just as the mounting tension between the two sides was about to escalate into conflict, the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace before them suddenly shook once more.

Ripples appeared amongst the purple sea of clouds as several formless tides of qi expanded.

This level of the foreign dimension seemed to have been set off by something as it tremored.

The expressions of Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting and Gao Qing simultaneously changed slightly, “Some peak experts have arrived on this level.”

Fu Ting’s seniors and the other Prime Clear lineage experts of the Roving Jade Heavens were currently locked in a conflict even as they arrived at the peak level of this foreign dimension.

Outside of the purple clouds, the pagoda that served as a passageway now brightly radiated light in the distance.

Then, six figures shot out from within.

The six people were split into three pairs that were currently locked in heated combat.

They were all Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts!

Two of them caused the heaven to roil and the earth to overturn as they battled, leaving the foreign dimension virtually seeming like it might collapse at any moment.

These were shockingly both peak experts of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage.

This was even with them making sure to restrict their power when battling for fear of affecting the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace which might exist here.

Otherwise, if the two of them went all out, they would even be able to break through spacetime.

The clashing sides neared the purple sea of clouds.

Still, the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace was indeed miraculous as even these Immortal Bridge Martial Saints were unable to easily pass through the sea of clouds within a short period of time.

As Fu Ting suspected that Yan Zhaoge was watching things happen somewhere and waiting for an opportunity to strike, she remained patient, preparing to continue stalling with these Prime Clear lineage descendants.

However, Gao Qing who did not know of Yan Zhaoge’s movements instead stuck out her tongue vexedly now, “Oh no, I’ve been too focused on speaking and forgot all about the official matters.”

Even as she muttered this, Gao Qing directly unsheathed her sword.

“This Big Sister Fu, I’m coming,” With that, Gao Qing stabbed straight towards Fu Ting with a sword without further ado.

The Prime Clear lineage descendants beside her charged towards the Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners as well.

Their target was the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

With Fu Ting and the others blocking their path, they needed to break through their defensive lines.

Although Fu Ting might be wary of Yan Zhaoge, since the other side had made a move, she would not fear battle as she now immediately went over with her fellow disciples to face them in battle.

The Ingenious Flying Peak martial practitioners went all out as soon as they attacked, wanting to quickly take care of the opponents before them to better deal with Yan Zhaoge’s possible actions.

However, their opponents were clearly not so easy to deal with.

This was especially so for Gao Qing.

While some of the things that she said seemed rather unconventional to say the least, she boasted extremely powerful might as well.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm as he quietly watched the two sides battling it out from his vantage point amidst the purple sea of clouds, continuing to patiently await what was to come.


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