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HSSB826: Where the water is dry, watching the clouds rise high


Currently, Fu Ting was no longer seeking to test her opponent’s capabilities as she had done with Yan Zhaoge earlier as she instead unleashed all her might, only seeking to secure a speedy victory.

Yan Zhaoge also finally got to witness in person what exactly the Red Lotus Tribulation was all about.

Fu Ting extended her hand towards a pouch that hung at her waist, waving her hand as a crimson streak of fire then flew out.

After arriving outside, the crimson streak of light transformed into a beautiful, dazzling red lotus.

The next moment, however, the red lotus directly exploded, space even breaking apart as a result.

That rampant destructive power virtually seemed hot on the heels of one of Yan Di’s sabres without the assistance of a Sacred Artifact.

Fortunately, time was needed for the blooming of this Red Lotus Tribulation.

If a great amount of its might was depleted within a short period of time, it would not be able to materialise quickly enough.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge could also be certain that Fu Ting’s power was similarly outstanding as she was not someone who purely relied on her treasures.

She was superior to even the likes of Lin Hanhua, Zhuang Chaohui and Kang Ping in battles of the same cultivation level.

Speaking of this, though the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Yue Baoqi was also very talented, the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s martial arts could not be mentioned in the same breath as Fu Ting at Ingenious Flying Peak with the personal tutelage of the Brocade Emperor.

Top-tier martial arts as well as Fu Ting’s own outstanding talent had created a monstrous genius who shocked the world.

Atop this foundation, she had many treasures as well, with the Red Lotus Tribulation for offence and the Phoenix Woven Plume for defence being especially prominent here.

Although she was still a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint now, she would be able to overturn many Seeing Divinity Martial Saints in battle.

Yet, her opponent, Gao Qing, was similarly outstanding.

Being somewhat younger than Fu Ting, she was currently still a mid Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

Facing Fu Ting at such a cultivation level, virtually everyone would find it hard to retaliate as most might even be instakilled by her.

Yet, despite Gao Qing falling to a disadvantage, Fu Ting was actually unable to defeat her within a short period of time.

In just a mere few short exchanges, Gao Qing had displayed both the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Immortal Ending Sword.

There was no delay in switching between the two great sword arts as she executed them with utter ease, in an incomparably practised manner.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge nodded to himself, “It is indeed the Immortal Trapping Sword.

No wonder they were so very quick in finding a path to this foreign dimension from outer dimensional space.”

“The Roving Jade Heavens do indeed live up to the name as direct descendants of the Prime Clear lineage.

Their elite descendants are not any inferior to Fu Ting who presides over all others of the same generation in the World beyond Worlds in the least.”

If they were clashing at the same cultivation level, they would truly have met their match with victory and defeat being hard to predict.

While Gao Qing had currently fallen to a disadvantage, she still remained extremely resilient.

Facing Fu Ting who was more powerful than her, Gao Qing primarily unleashed the Immortal Trapping Sword.

The Immortal Ending Sword did not just hack through space.

Amidst its variations, it could shift space to a certain extent as well.

Making use of this, Gao Qing entered a protracted battle with Fu Ting.

When facing blows that she was really unable to evade, she would retaliate and defend with the Immortal Ending Sword, leaving Fu Ting unable to take her down within a short period of time.

Both sides were locked in conflict.

And as time passed, their seniors who were clashing outside broke through the purple sea of clouds, getting closer to the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

That massive pill furnace still stood quietly amidst space now, seemingly completely unaffected by the intense battles in its surroundings.

Yan Zhaoge led Feng Yunsheng and the others along in concealing their location amidst the purple qi, keeping calm and steady and remaining focused as he paid attention to the current situation.

“Young Master, is there really something wrong with that furnace” Ah Hu was no longer smiling jovially as he usually did now as his expression was grave, “With so many Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts arriving here, we would be very hard pressed indeed to try to profit off their conflict.”

Yan Zhaoge stared intently at the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace, “My intuition tells me that there is something wrong with the furnace.”

Actually, he would still be in time to make a move now.

There was still some time left before the Ingenious Flying Peak and Roving Jade Heavens experts managed to successfully force their way into the area completely.

Meanwhile, Fu Ting, Gao Qing and the others were currently still locked in an intense battle.

There would still be a great chance of success if Yan Zhaoge were to make a move now.

To act or not to act

To trust in that earlier feeling or not

Yan Zhaoge was unceasingly asking himself this now.

If his earlier guess was wrong, that would be equivalent to him having freely given away a supreme treasure like the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

This was not the mere matter of a couple of pills or a Sacred Artifact.

While he was unable to immediately convert it into combat power now, this treasure was worth even more than high-grade Sacred Artifacts, even more than Immortal Artifacts!

What hindered Yan Zhaoge’s judgment was actually that he had no actual proof to support his suspicions.

Everything was based purely on that feeling alone.

It originated from his memories of the past Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace of pre-Great Calamity times which existed at the very bottom of his heart.

Having attained Yan Zhaoge’s current level, intuition was not something to be scoffed at.

Instead, these things truly meant something.

Yet, too mysterious and abstruse things would generally cloud the senses of a martial practitioner.

The Immortal Bridge Martial Saints outside possessed acute sensory abilities as well.

Yet, they had not yet discovered any abnormalities at all as of this moment.

Yan Zhaoge asked himself seriously if he might just have been imagining things.

He lightly closed his eyes, no longer gazing at that furnace which caused his will to waver.

After a long time, he reopened his eyes, saying in a heavy tone, “Where the water is dry, watching the clouds rise high.”

“We wait.”

“If I felt wrongly, that is something that cannot be helped.

Having made a decision, consequences would naturally have to be borne.”

Since he had decided to wait, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai spoke no further.

They all inhaled deeply, calming themselves as they gazed at the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace along with Yan Zhaoge, simply waiting and observing patiently.

After who knew how long, the ripples amongst the purple sea of clouds grew increasingly intense.

Just as things were becoming increasingly tougher for Gao Qing and the others as they were gradually being forced back, the dense purple qi was mightily broken through, a few figures charging out from within.

As the three pairs of people who were still battling it out saw the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace now, their eyes all lit up.

Upon their arrival, the battle between Fu Ting, Gao Qing and the others had no further purpose as they all retreated to the side.

The two with the highest cultivation bases, those ninth level Martial Saints, both simultaneously grabbed towards the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

That Roving Jade Heaven expert who cultivated in the Immortal Trapping Sword seemed to ignore all that existed amidst space as he was first to arrive, grabbing onto the side of the furnace with a hand.

The pill furnace shuddered intensely, very nearly jolting his hand off.

He exerted his strength mightily, yet was unable to move the furnace.

Having been delayed slightly, his opponent was not slow as well as he shot over, avoiding his sword as he went over to the other side of the pill furnace, reaching out to grab it as well.

Both sides now tried to wrest control of the pill furnace in mid-air, falling into a stalemate for a time.

The remaining four Immortal Bridge Martial Saints advanced forward even as they clashed, grabbing the pill furnace successively even as they attacked their opponents.

The Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace shuddered intensely, its lid opening as bright steam arose all around, surging with a vicious momentum.

The next moment, the fog which composed the purple sea of clouds in the surroundings of the pill furnace were all swept up into the heavens, flowing in reverse back into the pill furnace.

Bright golden light was emitted from within the pill furnace, brightly illuminating the area all round.

Fu Ting, Gao Qing and the others clenched their teeth, preparing to step forward to help as well.

As the purple qi dissipated, Yan Zhaoge’s group now appeared in their field of vision as well!

Both sides were shocked by this.

At the same time, a black ring of light suddenly appeared from atop the furnace, expanding into the surrounding area.

Where the black light was, illusory shadows manifested which formed a massive, illusory palace hall!


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