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HSSB828: Doubly rewarded


The Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace seemed to be slumbering quietly in the depths of the Myriad Dragon Palace as its aura was not emanated in the least.

The divine seven-coloured glow of the Myriad Dragon Palace vanished as well, with only the majestic and authoritative air of dragons remaining.

Therefore, others would not be able to detect easily at all that the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace that was an invaluable treasure to everyone whether it was the entire World beyond Worlds or the Roving Jade Heavens as they had competed over it had already fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Gao Qing and the rest were only a bit surprised, “Weren’t you from just now…”

While Yan Zhaoge found it rather unexpected to see them here as well, this was not revealed on his face in the least, “Greetings.”

The facial expression of one of the Prime Clear lineage descendants suddenly changed slightly as he secretly sent a message to his companions via sound transmission.

A look of realisation appeared on all their faces.

Gap Qing appraised Yan Zhaoge curiously, directly asking, “You are Yan Zhaoge, a descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary”

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge knew that that person must have seen an image of him like Sun Zhongda.

He smiled, “I am indeed Yan Zhaoge.

Still, I am not a descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary.”

Gao Qing and the others appraised Yan Zhaoge, seemingly considering how they should be interacting with him.

Yan Zhaoge was currently greatly renowned throughout the World beyond World’s southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yet, there were diverse rumours about his origins which they could not be certain of as well.

While they were enemies of the Jade Clear and Grand Clear lineages of the World beyond Worlds, they were not purely antagonistic towards it.

This was especially so with Yan Zhaoge’s great fame and powerful strength yet unknown origins as an expert of the younger generation.

While they had all been competing for the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace earlier, they did not believe that Yan Zhaoge might possess the capabilities to obtain the furnace when faced with the sudden misfortune that had descended earlier.

There had also been no direct conflict between their two sides.

They did not suspect like Fu Ting did that Yan Zhaoge had been like an oriole, stalking all of them.

Gao Qing and the others had only witnessed Yan Zhaoge’s sudden appearance, not knowing whether he had long since been waiting there or if he had only just happened to arrive.

Still, seeing that they did not possess a hostile attitude, Yan Zhaoge increasingly felt that the Exalted Solar Luminary might indeed have paid a visit to the Roving Jade Heavens before.

Back when the Kunlun Nine Luminaries had still reigned in this world, dazzling the nine heavens, the relationship between the World beyond Worlds and the Roving Jade Heavens might not have been as strained as it was now.

Even as he pondered, Yan Zhaoge said, “A definite passageway was formed amidst space just now, sucking us within.

Yet, it was suddenly terminated midway, and we ended up being swept along by the chaotic flows of space instead.”

“As we were drifting afterwards, we discovered this world, thus first coming in to rest before making further plans.

I wonder if this very same situation also befell you”

Hearing this, the descendants of the Prime Clear lineage exchanged glances before nodding slightly.

Gao Qing answered, “It was the same for us as well.

We were originally going to be sucked away.

However, that spatial passageway suddenly collapsed on its own due to some unknown reasons.”

Clear worry surfaced on her face, “I wonder how senior apprentice-uncles Tang and Lu are now…”

The expressions of the Prime Clear lineage descendants all dimmed as their moods fell drastically.

The six Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who had first grabbed the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace had instantly been devoured by the projection of the Pill Hall before being swept into the black hole.

Yan Zhaoge, Gao Qing and the rest had only been sucked within afterwards.

They had fortunately avoided danger thanks to the spatial tunnel falling apart mid-journey.

Still, the fates of those who had first been swept within was hard to say.

Thinking of the trap that even late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints had been unable to stand against, a chill arose in the hearts of everyone present.

Gao Qing’s group’s most pressing concern now was quickly establishing contact with the Roving Jade Heavens and inviting seniors with higher cultivation bases over to think of a way to deal with all this.

Unfortunately, with the chaotic spacetime, this was not something that could be achieved so easily as getting all flustered was no solution.

Yan Zhaoge thought, “Indeed, with the complexities of the chaotic spacetime, while everyone was drawn towards the opposite end of the passageway, we existed in different regions that were not connected to one another.

There was only the possibility of arriving in this world and running into each other after having extricated ourselves.”

Gao Qing and the others felt rather awkward as they looked at Yan Zhaoge now.

They were basically aware of how Sun Zhongda had covertly infiltrated the World beyond Worlds and impersonated Yan Zhaoge whilst there.

They wondered how Sun Zhongda was faring now.

Back then, Sun Zhongda had intended to look for clues for entering the foreign dimension where the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace was within the World beyond Worlds’ southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

In the end, Sun Zhongda had not appeared, yet the actual Yan Zhaoge had.

Gao Qing and the others could not help but wonder.

Sun Zhongda could not have been so unlucky as to directly run into the real Yan Zhaoge soon after entering the World beyond Worlds, right

Gao Qing wanted to say something, but a fellow disciple beside her secretly reminded her not to using sound transmission.

It was best not to ask about such things straight out lest things become awkward between them.

Their most pressing matter now was to establish contact with the Roving Jade Heavens.

Creating more problems would not be ideal at this point.

As soon as experts from the Roving Jade Heavens arrived, many problems would simply be solved.

Gao Qing pursed her lips, still not speaking in the end.

While Yan Zhaoge did not know the specifics of what they were interacting on, with Gao Qing who always seemed to say whatever was on her mind having actually resisted the urge to inquire about Sun Zhongda’s matter, Yan Zhaoge basically knew the other side’s considerations.

Gao Qing’s group had not asked about it, and Yan Zhaoge was happy to temporarily feign ignorance as well.

“The spiritual qi circulation of this world is one that this Yan has never encountered before.

I wonder if any of you recognise this place”

The descendants of the Prime Clear lineage exchanged looks before all shaking their heads.

Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands, “Since that is so, we will be investigating into this world for now.

If there is nothing else, this Yan and companions will first take our leave.

Please move as you’d like.”

After saying so, Yan Zhaoge turned and left.

Gao Qing wanted to say something but stopped.

Exchanging glances with her fellow disciples, they all just sighed before heading off in another direction.

They too had to get familiar with the spiritual qi cycles here in order to confirm the coordinates of this world amidst space, hereby seeking to establish contact with the Roving Jade Heavens or look for a path that led back to it.

Pan-Pan’s figure expanded as he lifted up the Myriad Dragon Palace and sped through the air.

Yan Zhaoge was currently sitting inside the Myriad Dragon Palace as he sensed the spiritual qi cycles of this world whilst continuing to analyse the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

When the seven levels of the foreign dimension had collapsed all at once, while those worlds had all met destruction, the pills within had been returned to the interior of the furnace alongside the flow of qi.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had not spent much time specifically looking for the pills in their earlier rush to quickly get to their destination, hence having given up on collecting many efficacious pills.

Now, much time had been saved as all the remaining ones which had not been taken away by others had been netted in one fell swoop.

Yan Zhaoge felt especially joyful at the fact that numerous efficacious pills still lay scattered about at the bottom of the furnace, not consisting of just a single sort of pill as there were varying amounts of pills of differing kinds.

These should not have been left behind after concoction, instead having likely been placed there.

There were even more of them in total than the medicinal pills scattered about the seven levels of the foreign dimension initially.

Yan Zhaoge felt rather interested regarding this, “Who exactly was it who used the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace earlier on Was it the same person who set up that ritual”

While wondering about this, Yan Zhaoge first selected and retrieved a jet-black medicinal pill.

With a flicking motion, the pill flew over in an arc to land right before the meditating Northern Ocean Clone.



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