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HSSB832: The roar from beneath Five Elements Mountain!


Yan Zhaoge did not comment on Sun Zhongda’s words.

From what he currently grasped of the situation, Buddhism had definitely played a part in the events of back then.

However, he still lacked sufficient information to judge what kind of role they had played.

Still, Sun Zhongda’s attitude did inform Yan Zhaoge about something.

The Prime Clear lineage and the World beyond Worlds clearly diverged when it came to Buddhism.

The descendants of the Prime Clear lineage seemed to have a tougher, more antagonistic stance.

Yan Zhaoge could not be certain whether this was actually the primary reason for the conflict between the Roving Jade Heavens and the World beyond Worlds.

While Sun Zhongda might really be feeling outraged now, he could actually also be testing him to draw out his attitude on this matter.

He gradually had the feeling now that this Yan Zhaoge might truly be different from most people of the World beyond Worlds.

Very different indeed.

Yan Zhaoge naturally understood his intentions with a single glance.

Still, he ignored it as he left Sun Zhongda his captive once more and exited the Myriad Dragon Palace.

As he continued traversing the Obscured Way World, Yan Zhaoge grew increasingly familiar with the circulation of spiritual qi within as he gained an increasingly greater grasp of things.

He had already started attempting to find a path back to the World beyond Worlds.

Still, as he grew increasingly familiar with the spiritual qi cycles of the Obscured Way World, Yan Zhaoge vaguely felt that something seemed to be out of the ordinary.

“Why does there appear to be an empty region in the heavens and earth of a part of this world”

Feeling rather puzzled, Yan Zhaoge looked for the place through this world’s spiritual qi network.

The size of the Obscured Way World was similar to that of the Eight Extremities World, naturally being nothing much to the current Yan Zhaoge.

He quickly found the place that he was looking for.

When he arrived, Yan Zhaoge was even more bemused as he laid eyes on the scene before him.

It was like a painting scroll with a portion dug out from the middle.

The area that had been dug maintained its height but had shifted back somewhat amidst space.

Gazing over from the distance, the scenes on the painting scroll remained unchanged.

After getting closer to it, however, one would feel a distorted effect.

Changing the angle at which one viewed it, an obvious problem would surface.

It felt as if there were two distinct worlds layered over each other that were distinctly broken off at their boundaries.

Yan Zhaoge or the region of the Obscured Way World where he was currently at was located right outside the ‘painting scroll’.

The heavens and earth before him were clearly layered over the Obscured Way World, yet were clearly a separate entity.

There was a somewhat desolate mountain there from which Buddha light faintly emanated, giving off the true intent of tranquillity and nature.

“No wonder I felt that there is a massive empty region someplace in this world.

So something is truly the matter.”

Yan Zhaoge observed this seemingly otherworldly mountain, not knowing where exactly it was.

Just looking at it, Yan Zhaoge suddenly seemed to hear a voice resounding by his ear.

That voice was indistinct, appearing incomparably distant and also unclear.

Yet, it audibly contained some extremely complex emotions.

Disbelieving, quizzical, shocked, furious, sorrowful, disappointed, violent, unwilling to concede…

Varying emotions all merged, seemingly inscribed amidst the space of the universe for all eternity.

Even though Yan Zhaoge could not hear what the voice was saying at all, he was able to clearly sense just how deep and intense the emotions contained within were.

What sort of hatred and fury and despair could birth such emotions

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows slightly, striding over towards that mountain.

Yet, he soon discovered himself his way hindered as he was unable to get any closer to that mountain no matter what he tried.

While he did not cultivate in the Spatial Heavenly Scripture or the Immortal Trapping Sword, Yan Zhaoge already had a decent grasp of the profound variations of space now which far surpassed what would normally be seen at his current cultivation level.

Yet, he was just unable to approach that mountain at all.

Yan Zhaoge noted how he was unable to feel any restrictions, formations, fist-intent or even any spiritual qi fluctuations there which were obstructing his advance.

Everything seemed to be perfectly normal.

Yet, while that mountain seemed right before his eyes, it remained eternally beyond his reach.

“It is not that there are no restrictions here.

Instead, the one who set those restrictions is just too powerful,” Yan Zhaoge frowned.

Able to make it such that the current him could not detect a single trace of those restrictions, that person’s cultivation base was just so far above him that a comparison need not even be made.

It was probably one of those almighty bigwigs who were the talk of legends.

Who could it be

Amidst his ponderings, that voice suddenly resounded by Yan Zhaoge’s ear once more.

Those intense emotions almost destabilised Yan Zhaoge’s mind, nearly rendering him insane.

This time, Yan Zhaoge was vaguely able to hear their contents.

One word.


That roar seemed to resound all throughout the river of time, reaching the past, present and future.

Gazing at the mountain, Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Is it coming from that world From the mountain…”

He entered the Myriad Dragon Palace, asking, “You’d definitely have heard that voice from earlier”

Ah Hu and Xiao Ai had blank looks on their faces.

Feng Yunsheng hesitantly answered, “It was indistinct, but I seemed to hear a voice, but it also felt like there wasn’t anything.

I still thought that I was imagining things.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Were you able to hear the contents”

Feng Yunsheng shook her head.

Yan Zhaoge considered this for a while before asking Sun Zhongda.

Sun Zhongda’s answer was similar to Feng Yunsheng’s.

“One would have to be at least a Martial Saint to hear that voice” Yan Zhaoge pondered in silence, “The more powerful one is, the easier it would be for them to hear it.”

Feng Yunsheng was always accompanied by the Cold Sun Divine Sabre which had high compatibility with her soul, thus having been able to hear it unlike Ah Hu and Xiao who had been wholly ignorant.

Yan Zhaoge tried approaching that mountain again but was still unable to succeed.

He returned to the Obscured Way World, looking for a populated area and subtly asking them about that mountain.

Against his expectations, the place was actually quite a famous holy ground in the surrounding area.

It was just that the name of that place left Yan Zhaoge shocked and unable to speak for a long time.

“The Sage Buddha Peak is a blessed, miraculous land.

We mortals would naturally be unable to go there.

Only those who are devout to the Buddha might be able to enter such a place.

That is where Buddha cultivates! Without troubles, without resentment, without tribulation, with complete ease.”

“Sage Buddha Peak…this Sage Buddha refers to”

“The Namo Victorious Fighting Buddha, of course! It is said that this Sage Buddha Peak was also once called Two Boundary Mountain, and even before that, it was first called Five Elements Mountain…”

Yan Zhaoge was already no longer in the mood to listen to that noisy chattering.

With a dazed look on his face, he gazed into the horizon towards the mountain which seemed not to exist in this world, just feeling that it was utterly ludicrous.

“Five Elements Mountain…Two Boundary Mountain…Namo Victorious Fighting Buddha…isn’t that” Yan Zhaoge had a strange expression on his face, “I know that there are legends of the Journey to the West in this world as well, but wasn’t it that that monkey left Five Elements Mountain and headed west to collect scriptures before attaining the Buddha seat of the Victorious Fighting Buddha thereafter”

“Could it be that it is not just space which has been distorted Time here has also been distorted as we have returned to the era of ancient times”

Yan Zhaoge currently felt as if he lacked sufficient brainpower, “Wait, it seems like I still cannot confirm who exactly the voice belongs to.

Could it be that after the monkey broke free, another came to occupy this place”

“Still, since it has been named Sage Buddha Peak by those who live in this Obscured Way World which directly neighbours it, whoever could it be apart from that monkey”


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