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HSSB834: Rain of swords slaying Buddha Dragon


Seeing Gao Qing and the others, Yan Zhaoge guessed that they had previously been trying to scout the Obscured Way World to find a way back to the Roving Jade Heavens.

They too had probably discovered a problem in this world’s spiritual qi cycles, thus having found their way to Five Elements Mountain.

Yet, they had clearly run into a wave of Buddhist martial practitioners before Yan Zhaoge had.

That group of monks was solemn and dignified with Buddha light enveloping their bodies from which emanated the true intent of pureness and tranquillity.

While these Buddhist martial practitioners were not vicious in their attacks, they were all tough and resolute with raging, unwavering eyes of steel.

With just a simple glance at them, Yan Zhaoge knew that these Buddhist martial practitioners were very similar to those from pre-Great Calamity times.

Buddhist martial arts had different cultivation levels from Daoist ones.

Before having Transcended that year, the Gautama Buddha had walked a new path atop the foundation of the martial way which the Lord of the Dao and Virtue of the Grand Clear lineage had pioneered back then.

Still, while both of these had seemed somewhat opposing to each other, they shared similarities as well as they were connected at some basic level.

All these years, Daoist martial practitioners had habitually appraised Buddhist martial practitioners based on their own cultivation levels.

It was just that currently, things were already very different from how they had been back during the time of the legendary Journey to the West when the Gautama Buddha had presided over the central Whirling World, known also as Sahā-lokadhātu.

Whether it had been for better or for worse, only time could tell.

Currently, these Buddhist martial practitioners’ foundation was the Buddha light within their bodies.

This Buddha light aided them by raising their cultivation levels and boosting their strength, making it much easier for them to improve than disciples of Daoism.

One would not require great talent or high comprehensive abilities.

So long as they had hearts which were devout towards the Buddha and firm, decisive wills, their strength would be able to increase by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

Low requirements were needed and it was highly effective as well.

Still, they would be weaker than the average Daoist martial practitioner at the same cultivation level.

This was because their comprehension of their martial arts at the corresponding cultivation level and their knowledge of the principles of the heavens and the earth would be insufficient.

It would be rather like knowing how something worked but not knowing why it worked that way.

Still, although Buddhist martial practitioners were weaker than Daoist martial practitioners at the same cultivation level, there was a problem which could not be overlooked.

It was easier for Buddhist martial practitioners to achieve breakthroughs into new cultivation levels.

The current situation was just like this.

Despite the great might of Gao Qing and the other Prime Clear lineage disciples, they were currently being encircled and attacked by many Buddhist martial practitioners far surpassing them in number.

There were even a few of them who were equivalent to Daoism’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Yan Zhaoge was facing the same problem as well.

Still, his expression did not change as he casually summoned the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box, a terrifying suction force now instantly blocking the attacks of all his foes.

“You monks, where is your regard for life” Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Although even Buddhas do get enraged, isn’t this a little too uncalled for”

The monk leading them recited a Buddhist mantra before saying, “Benefactor, your words fall short.

Since you have appeared here, things are already clear as day.

We humble monks can only illuminate you, aiding you in breaking free of the bitter sea.”

“Huh” Yan Zhaoge was somewhat unable to understand what this monk meant, “You know me”

The monk shook his head, raising the Vajra pestle in his hand, “I do not, but since you are from the other side, it makes no difference who you are.”

Yan Zhaoge first frowned before the creases between his brows then eased, “So that’s it.

I seem to understand it a little now.”

He stood there unmoving with his hands behind his back.

The Buddha light of his foes glowed brightly.

Yet, their ferocious attacks were unable to penetrate the defences of the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box.

Streaks of Buddhist true essence and spiritual qi were all sucked into the entity which resembled a black hole, vanishing without a trace.

“The external dao is powerful.

Only even broader arts can cleanse their stain,” The monks chanted all at once, reciting in unison.

They all stood in a column, with those behind placing their hands on the shoulders of those in front.

Their Buddha light quickly transformed into a streak of light which seemed tangible as it manifested.

With golden scales and silver feelers, its body filled with auspicious qi and auspicious clouds around its claws.

The roar of a dragon resounded amidst the air.

It was the Great Broad Buddha Scripture.

The power of the monks merged together as one, their martial true intent manifesting an incomparably powerful and authoritative golden dragon which lunged towards Yan Zhaoge.

The text of Buddhist scriptures were shockingly inscribed on the golden scales of the dragon’s body.

As the dragon shot through the air, space directly rumbled and broke apart as a result.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “Come on then.”

He reached out and clapped on the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box.

The big box opened mightily before dense white sword qi that resembled a rainstorm suddenly flew out from within!

The white qi crisscrossed within the sky, separating the heavens and the earth.

Countless streaks of brutal sword-qi continuously struck down on that golden Buddha Dragon, resembling raindrops mercilessly battering down on a surface.

Radiance exploded unceasingly, numerous scales of dragons plummeting to the earth.

The chanting of sutras gradually diminished to be replaced by the muffled groans of monks.

Yan Zhaoge was not in a rush to inflict any serious damage.

He wanted to see what sort of methods the other side possessed.

This was the first time he was battling against Buddhist martial practitioners.

After today, upon successfully returning to the World beyond Worlds, it might be a long time before he got the chance to again.

While that golden dragon teetered as it was bombarded by the dense rainstorm of sword-qi, it could still barely hold on as it did not immediately collapse.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “High defensive abilities.

This can also be considered a variant of Buddhism’s Golden Body.”

While the golden dragon was powerful defensively, the sword-qi in the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box seemed infinite and endless as it battered down fiercely and unforgivingly on it.

The next moment, however, the lid of the black metallic box abruptly closed.

The previous acute winds and strong rains suddenly vanished at this moment.

Without any delay whatsoever, the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box emanated a terrifying suction force which sought to devour the sun and the moon, plucking away the stars.

The golden dragon which was riddled with wounds and barely holding on was forcibly devoured by the black hole formed of the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box!

“Scatter!” The monk leading the group roared.

Right before it was too late, the golden dragon suddenly dissipated, numerous figures reappearing.

The Buddhist martial practitioners simultaneously coughed out blood and toppled back in retreat as they painstakingly resisted the suction force of the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box.

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Anything new you got”

As he spoke, his gaze suddenly flickered slightly.

Gazing over, he saw a tear suddenly opening in the distance amidst space, a massive figure that resembled a mountain stepping out from within.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge found that it was shockingly a massive white elephant, its body resembling jade as it trod upon the profundities of nature.

The massive white elephant strode forward, arriving in front of Yan Zhaoge from the distant horizon.

Atop its head stood a young monk who looked around thirty from his external appearance.

He looked down upon Yan Zhaoge as well as Gao Qing and company, muttering to himself in a low tone, “Is it that these people of a sinister, external dao have caused the restrictions to weaken or was it that the restrictions weakened, thereby drawing them over here”

His gaze lingered for an additional moment on Gao Qing and co, “…Prime Clear lineage”

He turned again to look at Yan Zhaoge, “Are you from the Prime Clear lineage like them or do you hail from the World beyond Worlds”

Yan Zhaoge was instead staring at his white elephant.

Seeing that it had only two teeth rather than six, he could not help but laugh, “I still found it strange, wondering if this might be a mighty expert like the Samantabhadra And indeed, it wasn’t the case.”


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