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HSSB840: Returning to the World beyond Worlds


The light faded from Yan Zhaoge’s pupils as they regained their calm.

Yan Zhaoge stood up once more.

He stood up very normally with no power fluctuations emanating at all.

Yet, as he stood up, the entire Myriad Dragon Palace shook alongside him.

The vast space outside the palace next also seemed to shake alongside this.

Though Yan Zhaoge’s action seemed normal, there was this feeling of returning to simplicity within.

With just a thought on his part, profound patterns of light instantly surfaced about his entire body.

A powerful, blazing aura which shocked one’s heart gushed out from all the acupoints of his body.

The light on Yan Zhaoge was bright at times whilst dark at others, resembling the myriad flickering stars in the night sky.

Inside the Myriad Dragon Palace, Feng Yunsheng, Ah Hu and Xiao Ai all ceased in their cultivation as they clicked their tongue in wonder at this sight.

Xiao Ai opened her mouth wide, soon praising, “Young Master, you have clearly still yet to break through space and see Divinity.

Why does it feel as if you have already refined an inner universe”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “An inner universe that is illusory and still not yet tangible.”

With top-tier supreme martial arts, an oceanic amount of pills from the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace and many treasures accumulated from beforehand, Yan Zhaoge had successfully advanced further today.

His fleshly body of qi and blood, thoughts of the spirit and martial true intent had merged perfectly together as one, no longer being separable from the other.

The third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar.

The path of simultaneously cultivating in the Three Purities was far more difficult than other martial paths.

However, as Yan Zhaoge made tangible progress in this area, there would correspondingly be a huge boost to his strength as well.

He exhaled deeply, the radiance flickering on his body instantly vanishing as that tyrannical, shocking aura was retracted and disappeared.

Yan Zhaoge relaxed his flesh and bones, “Done.”

He waved, his Internal Crystal Furnace flying before him.

Yan Zhaoge clapped down on the Internal Crystal Furnace with a palm.

Its lid opened, a streak of purple light flying out from within.

A dark green bamboo cane that was six feet long lay quietly within.

Apart from that clear purple lustre that flickered on its surface, there was nothing extraordinary about it at all.

Yan Zhaoge carefully appraised the bamboo cane before smiling and putting the furnace lid back on.

He exited the palace, sitting on Pan-Pan’s head as he gazed at the chaotic space before them, noting the variations within as he unceasingly carried out projections in his head.

“It should not just be because they were instructed by their seniors beforehand on what to do in such cases that Gao Qing and the others had a way to quickly return to the Roving Jade Heavens.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “There should be something unique about the Roving Jade Heavens itself.”

“Gao Qing and the others were very confident that after they entered the Roving Jade Heavens, Buddhism would be hard pressed to track them or discover that they had killed some Buddhists.

That should be due to some unique feature of the Roving Jade Heavens rather than due to their Profound Sovereign, Dragon Spring Emperor and other experts.”

This could be from some innate characteristic of the heavens and earth there or some sort of treasure which had been secretly guarding over the Roving Jade Heavens all these years.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered on this, he analysed the variations in space before him, searching for a way to return to the other side of the ‘wall’.

In the upcoming days, Yan Zhaoge spent his time cultivating and searching for a way back.

Within the Myriad Dragon Palace, Feng Yunsheng and the others had numerous efficacious pills and many other resources and treasures to aid them as they cultivated diligently.

Time flowed endlessly by in this never-changing environment.

Soon, yet another half year had gone by.

One day, following a great many projections, Yan Zhaoge had gradually grasped a method of return.

His eyes grew increasingly brighter before he suddenly leapt up, extending a finger and writing in mid-air.

Pan-Pan halted.

The Northern Ocean Clone exited the Myriad Dragon Palace as well, coordinating with Yan Zhaoge in drawing countless runes amidst the darkness of space.

After a long time, when the bright light of these runes filled the entire space, surrounding them all, Yan Zhaoge ceased in his actions.

The dense glowing runes rotated as they congregated amidst space with a massive vortex gradually being formed as a result.

At the bottom of the vortex, space distorted as it was no longer dark, radiance instead being emitted whose brightness was hard to put in words as it virtually lit up the entire surrounding space.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “Yes, this method that I am using for the first time is still not refined enough.

The disturbance that it has caused is rather great.”

“There is still room for improvement indeed.”

As he muttered this, Yan Zhaoge got back on Pan-Pan’s head before lightly patting this big fella beneath him, “Let’s go.”

Pan-Pan gave a low roar, swiftly carrying along the Myriad Dragon Palace and Yan Zhaoge as he plunged into the endless radiance at the bottom of that vortex.

When the radiance faded, it was another dark region of space which had appeared before them.

It appeared not much different from the scenes of before as one might easily wonder if they were actually still beneath the heavens of Buddhism.

Still, Yan Zhaoge knew that he had already successfully returned to the other side of the ‘wall’ as he was now back beneath the heavens of Daoism where the likes of the World beyond Worlds and the Eight Extremities World were.

Having returned here now, it would be much easier to return to the World beyond Worlds.

Still, the motion of flipping over the ‘wall’ had still more or less affected things somewhat.

Although he had returned to this side, the space around Yan Zhaoge was folding about unceasingly with various creases appearing.

He was hence hard pressed to locate the marker that he had left in the World beyond Worlds and return directly to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge was not flustered as he just went along with the flow, searching for a wound of the sky and entering within.

When he passed through the wound of the sky and finally saw the clear skies of the World beyond Worlds once more, Yan Zhaoge felt rather happy and relieved.

Sensing the flow of time around him and comparing this with the timeflow as he had drifted amidst chaotic space previously, Yan Zhaoge nodded satisfiedly, “It is around the same as I had calculated.”

Still having time in abundance, Yan Zhaoge began looking into what sort of place he had ended up in this time.

Soon arriving at a habituated area, Yan Zhaoge immediately went forward and asked around on this.

The World beyond Worlds was truly too big.

While they had a common language, there were many different accents there based on their differing locations.

Yan Zhaoge had to spend quite a bit of time before finally finding out that he was currently located along the borders of the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory and the eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

He was still quite far away from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

To get there, he would have to travel all the way south, traversing the entire eastern Vast Heaven Territory in the process.

Yan Zhaoge was not really concerned about this as he simply departed at once.

However, right when he was about to head off, his footsteps instead slowed.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was involuntarily directed at someone in the distance.

It was a slender youth who was extremely handsome and had an outstanding flair which onlookers would not be able to easily forget.

While he was not intentionally revealing his cultivation base, he was not concealing it as well as Yan Zhaoge was able to tell that he possessed outstanding strength, already being a late Merging Avatar Martial Saint.

With Yan Zhaoge’s vision, he was able to tell that this person should currently be just a mere step away from the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Still, this was not why Yan Zhaoge had halted.

What he was concerned about was that his gender aside, this person looked exactly the same as Sikong Qing.

It was yet another ‘Sikong Qing’.


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