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HSSB846: Undying at the same cultivation level


As soon as that orb of thunder appeared, Yan Zhaoge instantly knit his brows.

He could not be any more familiar with that terrifying thunder light that was violent and decisive.

He too often unleashed it.

Of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, An Instant’s Thunder!

Blazing all one’s power in a single bid, concentrating it all in a single strike, blooming in an instant!

This purple orb of thunder was clearly also a fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

A slight stabbing pain could be felt in Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as strands of thunder light uncontrollably flickered within.

His Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment which had always been concealed within was now drawn over by an immense force as it sought to break free of his control, shooting towards the other party.

Both being fragments of the same Sacred Artifact, the larger, stronger ones would automatically draw the smaller, weaker ones over.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment that this thin youth had was bigger than the one Yan Zhaoge currently grasped.

Now, the power of that Sacred Artifact fragment and the power of the thin youth himself were both blazing at full force, set to erupt in that next instant.

The power contained within already surpassed that of mid-grade Sacred Artifacts!

Both sides were just mere inches away from each other, with An Instant’s Thunder possessing speed that was extraordinarily swift beyond compare as it was an extremely ferocious and rapid existence even amongst the Nine Immortal Heavenly Thunders.

At such close proximity, the activation of An Instant’s Thunder virtually left Yan Zhaoge with no time to react at all whatsoever!

The rain of light formed of the spirit flag that restricted the use of treasures did not just affect Yan Zhaoge alone.

It affected the Clear Light Locale disciples as well.

Therefore, however much of a heaven-roiling, earth-overturning battle it had been earlier, no treasures had been used at all as everyone had relied solely on their cultivation bases in battle.

The other party made use of the chance just when the rain of light was about to disperse with Yan Zhaoge still yet to make use of any treasures to attempt to take Yan Zhaoge helplessly by surprise!

How could any of the cunning from feigning death and the panic in fleeing still be seen on the thin youth’s face now

He was expressionless, his gaze cold as he had been waiting for precisely this moment.

This person had previously judged that Yan Zhaoge was extremely powerful such that he was not his opponent with just his cultivation base alone.

If he wanted to obtain victory as the weaker party, his only chance at victory would be to buy some time before making use of that instant when the rain of light dispersed to attack Yan Zhaoge at full force with the help of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment.

With the activation of An Instant’s Thunder, he believed that even if Yan Zhaoge possessed full control over a high-grade Sacred Artifact like the Extreme Yang Seal, he would still not have the chance to take it out and use it.

Yan Zhaoge had had the upper hand all this while, fighting one against many as he left his three opponents either dead or wounded.

Even when the rain of light dissipated, he would surely not take out the Extreme Yang Seal to boost his strength immediately afterwards as he would definitely still depend on his own martial prowess.

That was already sufficient for him to take care of his opponents.

The thin youth had been targeting this very mentality of Yan Zhaoge’s.

In having attempted to flee and feigned death earlier, it had all been to secure this opportunity to turn the tables and slay the enemy at this final juncture!

Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying Cyclic Heavenly Seal continued mightily descending towards the head of this thin youth!

The Cyclic Heavenly Seal on one side, An Instant’s Thunder on the other.

Their attacks struck towards each other’s vitals simultaneously as both sides instantly seemed about to drag each other into death together!

That person went all out in unleashing the power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment as he was thus unable to evade.

Yan Zhaoge’s palm slammed down on his head, directly exploding his skull.

The top of his head directly caved in with a large, shocking pit being formed.

However, this thin youth actually did not die.

While he had only his last breath remaining, streams of clear qi still surged upwards to his head.

The Longevity Martial Scripture was circulated fully in reversing life and death at this moment as it sought to turn the qi of death into the qi of life, protecting him from dying.

A shocking scene unfolded with this youth actually shockingly managing to bear his head caving in following a direct blow from the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Despite a broken head and the spewing blood, his skull having split apart, he was actually still alive!

His body was weak as it had never been before as his head rung chaotically and all was dark before his eyes.

The intense pain caused him to feel frenzied before turning numb, then caused him to feel frenzied again as the cycle continued.

However, this person managed to forcibly pull himself back to the living from the gates of death just like that.

“I’ve succeeded!” He opened his mouth, “Would you have imagined, Yan Zhaoge”

This was the result he had been aiming for from the very beginning!

His various efforts had all been directed simply at securing a situation where peril befell both sides.

At an immense disadvantage, he had still desired to achieve victory, the true victory of the weaker.

He wanted to make use of his abilities to create such a situation wherein he was confident that he would survive and take Yan Zhaoge’s life in exchange.

“Junior apprentice-brother Xiang!”

That Clear Light Locale fifth level Martial Saint gave a startled exclamation as he made to draw near.

The thin youth, Xiang Yiyang, actually only had a breath more than a corpse left in his body as he desperately needed fellow disciples to treat his injuries for him.

However, the other party did not come over in the end as he instead emitted a muffled groan.

Xiang Yiyang was shocked as he struggled to open his eyes and gazed over.

He saw Yan Zhaoge sending his fellow disciple into retreat even as he still clutched that Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment which had already lost its lustre as it had descended into a deep slumber!

He had not seen how things had been earlier when that terrifying An Instant’s Thunder had arrived before Yan Zhaoge even as his head had been exploded by Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

At that time, a strange flow of qi had appeared about Yan Zhaoge’s forehead, forming a clump of qi that resembled chaos.

Obstructed by this clump of qi that resembled chaos, the violent thunderbolts had instantly halted slightly.

As it momentarily halted, Yan Zhaoge had been granted sufficient time to react.

The light of thunder shot out of his right eye, his Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment plunging straight towards the opposing one.

However, Yan Zhaoge had already long since become familiarised with An Instant’s Thunder as he was able to unleash it using his own cultivation base even without the assistance of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment.

The shocking light of thunder erupted from Yan Zhaoge’s eyes as well!

An Instant’s Thunder versus An Instant’s Thunder!

The violent thunderbolts directly resulted in an endless chain explosion just mere inches before Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure swayed slightly as he had already moved elsewhere, perfectly avoiding the swift, raging thunder.

His opponent’s trump card missed, no longer landing on him.

Yan Zhaoge beat back that Clear Light Locale disciple of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm into retreat before extending a hand and grabbing the slumbering Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment.

The fragment that he had originally possessed had already merged with this bigger fragment of his opponent’s now, resulting in an even more massive orb.

Yan Zhaoge looked at the tragic-looking Xiang Yiyang whose head had caved in, his flesh and blood distorted and unrecognisable.

Xiang Yiyang painfully stared wide-eyed at him.

Looking at him, Yan Zhaoge saw that despite the severity of his injuries, the wound at the top of his head had actually begun to slowly heal.

That shattered skull and that distorted and unrecognisable flesh and blood were clearly mending on their own.

Yan Zhaoge said, “You have the Withered Wood Meeting Spring Body No wonder your regenerative abilities are so great.”

“I once heard those of Golden Court Mountain mention that there is someone of Clear Light Locale known as Xiang Yiyang who is the most outstanding expert of the newer generation in this eastern Vast Heaven Territory.

He possesses the miraculous physique, the Withered Wood Meeting Spring body, and also cultivates in a supreme martial art like the Longevity Martial Scripture which allows him an infinite lease of life.

He also has the great reputation of being undying at the same cultivation level.”

“Hard to come by indeed.

It is rare indeed that I can personally witness a physique as rare as this,” Yan Zhaoge clicked his tongue in wonder, “A pity that I have never seen your appearance before.

Otherwise, I would have recognised you at once.”

Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “I should really congratulate you now.

After today, your great reputation of being undying at the same cultivation level can henceforth be preserved for all eternity.”


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