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HSSB847: There is nothing a single palm cannot solve; if there is, well, another palm then


While Yan Zhaoge was smiling, Xiang Yiyang and the others felt a chill overrun their entire bodies.

His great reputation of being undying at the same cultivation level would henceforth be preserved for all eternity.

If he died today to Yan Zhaoge whose cultivation level was lower than his, wouldn’t it truly be the case then that he would never be killed by an opponent of the same cultivation level in the future

“When facing a situation such as this, some people will think that since you actually managed to take a palm of mine, how rare it is.

Perhaps I should just spare your life,” Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “Still, I won’t think of it that way.”

“It would be fine for any normal opponent.

Still, facing my enemies, my belief has always been that there is nothing a single palm cannot solve.

If there is, well, just another palm then.”

With that, Yan Zhaoge struck down with a palm, directly unleashing another Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

With a ‘bang’, Xiang Yiyang who was unable to put up any resistance at all was slammed straight into the ground by Yan Zhaoge’s palm, his corpse and bones ground directly into dust.

That Clear Light Locale martial practitioner of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm was helpless to stop this as he could only feel very bitter inside.

In truth, that middle-aged man of the late Seeing Divinity stage aside, Xiang Yiyang was their actual number two expert who had ventured here.

While his cultivation base was indeed higher, in actual battle, Xiang Yiyang of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm had always been more powerful than him.

He was the descendant of the younger generation that the Eastern Exalt thought the most highly of, his potential and status unparalleled amongst the lineage of Clear Light Locale.

While his fame did not shake the world like the Grand Red Lotus Fu Ting, Xiang Yiyang was similarly a young genius who was renowned throughout the entire World beyond Worlds.

Amidst his great prominence in the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, the experts of the other lands had all remembered his name.

He might not have been the strongest in terms of attack, defence, speed etcetera.

However, in terms of life force and regenerative abilities, Xiang Yiyang who bore the Withered Wood Meeting Spring Body and cultivated in the Longevity Martial Scripture could virtually be considered a peak existence amongst those of a similar cultivation level.

In the past, he had relied on his powerful regenerative abilities to forcibly wear out numerous experts who were superior to him both offensively and also defensively to death, even having brought about the collapse of many opponents whose cultivation bases were higher than his.

It was relying on this that Xiang Yiyang had feigned death earlier with Yan Zhaoge’s sword having been unable to bring about his demise.

His confidence in having dared to attempt such a risky plan and forcibly receive a direct blow from Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Scripture to the head also lay here.

Sadly for him, his all-out trump card had been dispelled by Yan Zhaoge.

However formidable his life force and regenerative powers, it would be impossible for him to quickly recover completely from one of Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seals.

With that, as Yan Zhaoge unleashed a second palm, Xiang Yiyang was only able to close his eyes and await death.

He was not slain by someone of the same cultivation level or higher, instead having died to this Yan Zhaoge whose cultivation base was lower than his.

Xiang Yiyang hereby perished with unsaid grievances.

Yan Zhaoge meanwhile laughed as he kept that Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment which had fallen into slumber, “It is larger than my original fragment, probably having devoured quite a few larger ones beforehand.

You must have spent quite some effort in gathering this treasure.

I must really thank you for having saved so much effort for me.”

He kept the orb of thunder, turning to target that middle-aged man of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

The other party had already long since wanted to flee, just that he was unable to keep up with the Northern Ocean Clone in terms of speed.

A bright moon arose within the foreign dimension, immeasurable clear radiance scattering amidst the heavens and the earth.

Feng Yunsheng did not brandish the Clear Sun Divine Sabre this time as she instead wielded the Extreme Yin Crown in battle, helping Yan Zhaoge to tie down that Clear Light Locale martial practitioner of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm.

The roar of a dragon resounded as a light dragon of black and white descended from the solitary moon in the sky, instantly obstructing that Clear Light Locale martial practitioner.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhaoge joined forces with his Northern Ocean Clone as the middle-aged man of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm fell to an even greater disadvantage.

With the rain of light having vanished, allowing everyone to use their treasures, things would only be more beneficial to Yan Zhaoge.

If not for the fact that he wished to capture this opponent who had the highest cultivation base and possibly grasped the most information alive, Yan Zhaoge would end this conflict even more quickly.

In terms of combat style and special characteristics, martial practitioners who cultivated in the Longevity Martial Scripture were steady and not rash.

It would be harder for Yan Zhaoge to speedily bring an end to such battles.

Still, obtaining victory would still not be hard.

If it were an opponent at the level of Lin Hanhua or Fu Ting at the Seeing Divinity stage, the battle would be very fierce as both sides would definitely have to go all out to subjugate the other.

Because Xiang Yiyang possessed both the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment and the Withered Wood Meeting Spring Body, his situation was comparatively unique.

He possessed a greater foundation with which to engage in this battle than his fellow disciples did.

It was only Yan Zhaoge who had been able to safely dispel his intricate methods, unleashing a final, fatal blow.

If it were Fu Ting and she had not been able to get her Phoenix Woven Plume to protect her in time, there would have been a real possibility of her falling to his methods.

Meanwhile, while Fu Ting would be able to defeat fourth level Martial Saints who cultivated in the Longevity Martial Scripture, she had not reached the extent of Yan Zhaoge wherein she would be able to force even Xiang Yiyang with that Withered Wood Meeting Spring Body into a perilous, virtually fatal predicament.

However, if it were Fu Ting at the early Seeing Divinity stage, she would still pose a greater threat to Yan Zhaoge than Xiang Yiyang did.

After Yan Zhaoge had successfully suppressed his opponent with the help of the Evil Sword Taotie and the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box, he went to help Feng Yunsheng in taking care of that final Clear Light Locale martial practitioner of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm.

As the battle neared its end, Yan Zhaoge did not let down his guard.

After having dealt with of Li Cheng’s group who had been guarding the entrance to the dimensional passageway, he had casually established a small mechanism between the heavens and earth before entering the foreign dimension.

Now, Yan Zhaoge acutely sensed the mechanism he had established vanishing.

The mechanism had originally been meant for cautionary purposes.

However, it had suddenly disappeared without any prior warnings whatsoever as if it had never existed in the first place.

It had not been able to tell Yan Zhaoge anything or delay the other party whatsoever as it had mysteriously vaporised just like that.

Still, just this occurrence alone was already enough to tell Yan Zhaoge many important things.

Someone was approaching, someone who possessed an extremely powerful cultivation base!

The newcomer had not tried to intentionally wreck the mechanism Yan Zhaoge had left behind.

It was really that his cultivation base had itself led to changes in the surrounding heavens and earth about the dimensional passageway, causing that mechanism to be unable to be maintained as it automatically fell apart on its own.

Someone with such strength should be an expert on the level of the Shadow Mountain Sword King Lin Hanhua at the very least.

Even if he was at a lower cultivation level, he possessed at least might that was equivalent to his.

Considering how Lin Hanhua rarely met a match amongst those of the same cultivation level, that person might even be of a higher cultivation level.

This was already the lowest estimate.

Estimating higher, there was no extent it could not attain.

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Even though I do not want to drift amidst chaotic space again, if nothing else can be done about it, I can only resort to that once more.”

Thinking about this, Yan Zhaoge began setting up a formation within this foreign dimension, possessing some subtle similarities to Qi Wei’s previous Earth Essence Reversal Formation.

If it was utterly necessary, relying on the reversal of this formation and causing space to collapse, forcibly ripping apart a spatial crevice amidst this dimensional space, Yan Zhaoge would be able to leave this place without passing through that dimensional entrance through which he had entered.

Still, as Yan Zhaoge was setting up the formation, he felt intense fluctuations reverberating from the entrance of the dimensional passageway.

It was not that someone had entered.

Instead, there were currently experts locked in a major battle in the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds right outside the dimensional passageway entrance.

The intensity of that battle was such that even the people within the foreign dimension were affected, feeling as if they were being tossed in a small boat by frenzied, turbulent waves.


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