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HSSB850: Secret legacy, the mysterious sixth Emperor


The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, also known as the Jade Clear True King, had the full title of the Supreme Lord of Divine Sky Jade Clear True King Longevity Emperor Prime Heaven Ruler Sage.

He had been one of the top figures of Daoism alongside others of the Four Imperials like the Purple Tenuity Emperor and the Earth Queen.

He was not the one commonly known as the Old Longevity Star of the Southern Extremity Old Man by mortals.

Instead, he had reigned over the elements as he had been able to summon the winds and beckon the rains, commanding spirits of electricity as the lord of Immortal Thunder who possessed control over the fortune and calamity of the myriad creatures.

He also possessed the title of Lord of All Thunder Sect Master Thunderbolt Gamma Reinforcement.

The Longevity Martial Scripture of the eastern Vast Heaven Territory’s Remote Cloud Mountain’s Clear Light Locale’s lineage as well as the Divine Sky Proper Arts of the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory’s Green Sky Mountain’s Grave Thunder Palace’s lineage were both of the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor’s direct lineage.

Thus, it was said in the World beyond Worlds that the legacies of the Northeastern Exalt and the Eastern Exalt ultimately stemmed from the same source.

It was just that the two sides had different stances on many issues as their relationship was usually not very harmonious.

Yan Zhaoge had noted how it was rumoured that the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor was also proficient in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture of the Ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures.

With how the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu was so familiar with his mother and how it seemed to be the same with the Eastern Exalt as well, Yan Zhaoge could not help but guess some things.

Liu Zhenggu straightforwardly affirmed Yan Zhaoge’s guesses.

As he mentioned Xue Chuqing’s martial lineage, Liu Zhenggu’s expression turned rather solemn, “Your mother’s Great-Grand Master was one of the Kunlun Nine Luminaries, the Exalted Wood Luminary.”

Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “I see…”

The whereabouts of the Exalted Wood Luminary had always been unknown.

While some said that that person was dead, there was ultimately no proof of this.

There was little information about this major figure in the World beyond Worlds.

This was the first time Yan Zhaoge was hearing that person’s name being brought up.

It was just that he had not thought that his mother might actually be a descendant of that person.

Liu Zhenggu continued, “Many years ago, there were actually six Emperors rather than five in this World beyond Worlds.

One of them was rarely known, this being the disciple of the Exalted Wood Luminary and your mother’s Grand Master.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge inwardly smiled to himself, “This seems like some sort of dark history…”

An exalted Emperor being rarely known, this actually entailed one thing.

The other peak figures, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, did not recognise their existence, this at least being true for most of their number.

Relating this to Xue Chuqing’s current situation, it was likely that their lineage had fallen to such dire straits for the same reason.

Thinking back on this now, it was really not baseless that Liu Zhenggu treated the reason behind Xue Chuqing being pursued like so great a taboo.

Now, Yan Zhaoge tried to verify a guess of his, “Senior, was my mother’s Grand Master a good friend of the Dim Radiant Emperor’s”

Liu Zhenggu glanced rather surprisedly at Yan Zhaoge before slowly nodding, “That’s right.”

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was somewhat deep and distant.

He suddenly wondered if the Dim Radiant Emperor’s mysterious death along with the Dim Radiant Sect’s rapid deterioration that year had anything to do with his mother’s lineage.

Yin Tianxia’s and the Dim Radiant Sect’s involvement might have been too deep, surpassing some unsaid boundary…

Yan Zhaoge had previously believed that the Dim Radiant Sect’s expedition to extradimensional space had been to someplace like the Nine Underworlds.

Still, now that he had learnt of the existence of the ‘wall’ and Buddhism, Yan Zhaoge just had to consider if he might have oversimplified matters in his head back then.

Still, if this was about Buddhism, what was the Northeastern Exalt, Liu Zhenggu, so wary of

While the World beyond Worlds was not like the Roving Jade Heavens where knowledge of Buddhism’s existence was widespread, Liu Zhenggu would definitely know about it.

Yan Zhaoge probed, “May I ask the Northeastern Exalt if this is related to Buddhism”

Liu Zhenggu glanced deeply at Yan Zhaoge, chuckling, “Looks like you do know about quite a few things.

Still, this shouldn’t be something that was told to you by that young lassie”

Yan Zhaoge replied frankly, “In leaving the World beyond Worlds and traversing extradimensional space this time, I inadvertently flipped over that wall and arrived in a Buddhist world known as the Obscured Way World.”

Liu Zhenggu nodded, then shook his head, “You guess wrongly.

It is unrelated to those baldies.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he said, “Do not try to trick any words out of this old man.

This is for your own good.”

The purple-crowned old man’s expression showed that he was not joking in the slightest.

Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes slightly, saying solemnly, “I will remember that.”

Liu Zhenggu nodded appreciatively, “This old man knows that you have many doubts.

Still, like I said earlier, if you find your mother one day, ask her about it yourself.

If she thinks that she can tell you, you will naturally know about it.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Then, senior, my mother’s Grand Master and Master or other seniors of their lineage-how are they faring now”

Liu Zhenggu shook his head, “Their lineage is passed down through a single descendant.

Your mother’s Master is already dead.”

“As for her Grand Master, it has been many years since he last appeared in this world.

This old man has not been able to contact him.

He may already be dead, or he could be in another world besides the World beyond Worlds.”

“Anyway, he definitely isn’t in the World beyond Worlds.

Otherwise, Xue Chuqing would not have to hide everywhere like this.”

He glanced at Yan Zhaoge before continuing, “Those whose cultivation bases have surpassed the Martial Saint realm are able to freely traverse and remain in the lower worlds, disregarding the rejection of the power of dimensions.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly, “So that’s how it is.”

Liu Zhenggu asked, “From the looks of it, apart from killing the Clear Light Locale disciples, you also captured a few of them How do you intend to deal with them”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Even if I did not act against them initially, not killing a single one, because of my mother, we are destined to be enemies and not friends.”

“Now that I have already killed some of them, I have no need to leave the rest alive.

Slaughtering them or throwing them a feast and sending them off with gifts would really make no difference.

Since that is so, I will naturally give them a quick end.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, “In having captured them, I originally wanted to ask them some things.

Still, you have already told me what I want to know.

As for what you didn’t tell me, it would be impossible for them to know about it.

Therefore, there is no need to keep them alive anymore.”

Liu Zhenggu chuckled strangely, “Good fella, no wonder you could create such a huge disturbance.”

He asked, “Where are you intending to go now Back to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory”

Yan Zhaoge replied, “Those are precisely my intentions.”

Liu Zhenggu pondered for a moment before saying, “Well, this old man will send you over lest you have to traverse the entire eastern Vast Heaven Territory.”

“The situation here is something that no one knows of now.

Still, as soon as it is revealed, Clear Light Locale will naturally not remain in inaction.

The eastern Vast Heaven Territory is their domain at the end of the day.

Your relationship with that lassie, Xue Chuqing, had best be kept a secret for as long as is possible.”

With that, Liu Zhenggu waved a hand, bringing Yan Zhaoge’s group along in soaring into the skies.

While the cultivated martial art was different, as they all ultimately stemmed from the lineage of the former Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, many similarities coexisted between them.

This lineage’s martial arts contained both vitality and killing intent, both the qi of lifeforms and violent thunderbolts.

Containing and accumulating all of these was the proper, orthodox path.

Liu Zhenggu and the martial practitioners of Grave Thunder Palace all leaned towards a tough, fierce route which actually somewhat went against the normal principles of their lineage of martial arts.

They would more commonly face bottlenecks in increasing their cultivation bases, finding it more difficult to advance.

Still, it was also precisely because of this that Liu Zhenggu possessed exceptionally great combat prowess.

With him bringing them along, even if they encountered the Eastern Exalt in the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, Yan Zhaoge had no cause for worry unless Liu Zhenggu went to trample on the headquarters of Remote Cloud Mountain.


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