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HSSB852: Undivinable by Oracle Divination


After having met the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu took his leave, returning to the Northeastern Sky Heaven Territory.

Now, Yan Zhaoge’s party once again came to meet that Mortal Exalt who controlled the southeast.

The first thing Cao Jie did was say frankly, “While you have been to a world governed by Buddhism, you must remember that you cannot spread word of this.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I understand.”

Gazing at Yan Zhaoge, Cao Jie suddenly said after a long time, “I heard about your mother’s matter.”

Yan Zhaoge looked up at the Southeastern Exalt across from him as the latter continued, “I do not know what exactly the Dim Radiant Emperor left behind.

Still, if he really did leave something, it might not definitely be fortune.

You must be clear on this.”

Hearing the other party guess that he had obtained something from the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, Yan Zhaoge was not taken aback.

The Dim Darkness Sect had nearly been exterminated by the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide while the Radiant Light Sect had been crushed by the Grand Xuan Dynasty, their Sun Moon Peak having fallen directly apart.

Even if these two sects had obtained some treasures from the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, their gains had clearly been limited.

Knowing that Yan Zhaoge too had entered the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, guessing that he had seen great gains from it was also a very normal thing.

“Did the Dim Darkness Sect report it” Yan Zhaoge wondered.

The Dim Darkness Sect only knew of the Dim Radiant Lamp, not having seen the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Therefore, they could not determine if Yan Zhaoge had benefited greatly from the Dim Radiant Mausoleum or if he had gained nothing at all just like them and the Radiant Light Sect.

Of course, having similarly paid attention to that battle at the Spirit Inheritance Region in which the Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters had fallen, the Dim Darkness Sect would also be curious as to why they had not seen the Dim Radiant Lamp make an appearance.

Looking calmly at Cao Jie, Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Senior’s words make sense.”

Having already mentioned it, Cao Jie no longer lingered on the topic as he instead said directly, “Besides the central Jun Heaven Territory where Kunlun Mountain is, the eastern Vast Heaven Territory, the northwestern Dim Heaven Territory and the western Yuan Heaven Territory have continually been deploying resources into searching for your mother’s whereabouts.”

“Quite a few people have viewed your mother’s appearance there.”

Cao Jie said mildly, “One would not easily link the two of you together.

Still, if it is made known that you are looking for her or are related to her, detecting the relationship between you would be easy.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Elsewhere, there are fewer people who recognise your mother.

Most of them do the same as me and Northeast Liu.”

“Still, this does not mean that they have an eye out for your mother.

It is simply that most of them allow her to move about as she pleases.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhaoge understood what Cao Jie had left unsaid.

Cao Jie had actually adopted the same attitude.

While he would not try to capture Xue Chuqing, he would also not keep an eye out for and assist her when necessary.

If others were pursuing Xue Chuqing, so long as their cultivation bases were not especially high, Cao Jie would ignore it unless the other side stirred up trouble in his southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “This is actually already a form of assistance.

I thank senior.”

In having turned a blind eye to Xue Chuqing’s actions, Cao Jie and co were actually doing Xue Chuqing a big favour.

At the very least, they definitely would not allow experts of the same level to freely enter their domains.

This gave Xue Chuqing a lot of breathing space, helping her to hide and move around.

Only a few select people like Liu Zhenggu would go as far as to lend a helping hand in secret.

Cao Jie did not acknowledge Yan Zhaoge’s words of gratitude in any way as he just said mildly, “You should take note of this when moving about outside in the future.”

Yan Zhaoge thought for a moment before asking, “I would like to ask Senior if there is any way for me to learn about the situation other than finding my mother and personally hearing everything from her.

Right, understanding the reason for all this in a safe manner.”

Cao Jie did not express any dissatisfaction towards Yan Zhaoge’s substantiation at the end which seemed to hint at the dangers of insatiable greed.

On the contrary, a rare hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, “There is.”

Yan Zhaoge’s spirits rose.

Then, Cao Jie continued, “When your cultivation base has reached the same level as mine at the very least, it would be okay if you came to be aware of some things.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge momentarily narrowed his eyes.

The Ten Exalts all possessed great strength as they reigned over a Territory.

This was an indisputable fact.

Still, it would still not be accurate to say that they were invincible beneath the heavens, able to act wantonly as they liked.

Since that was so, why was it that Cao Jie had said that he would be able to know some things after having reached his level

The restrictions would not come from those at a lower cultivation level than Cao Jie.

Since that was the case, what did Cao Jie, Liu Zhenggu and the rest have to be wary of

If the other party was stronger than Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu, having reached their level, why would it become safe for him to know about the restricted information

From this, it could be seen that what Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu were wary of was not a certain person or a major power.

Also, it was either some sort of rule or an existence that was hard to speak of.

The current predicament of his mother, Xue Chuqing, perhaps stemmed from this.

Still, after understanding this, Yan Zhaoge instead felt even more interested as more of his wariness was dispelled.

If it was some sort of rule rather than some expert or power that was the problem, it probably restricted Yan Zhaoge much less than Liu Zhenggu and Cao Jie thought.

The peerless infinity of primordial chaos was one of a kind.

Its profundities were not something that could be described in a mere one or two simple sentences.

In truth, despite knowing that Xue Chuqing was proficient in Oracle Divination, Yan Zhaoge was not much concerned about it.

This was because there were some things that the Oracle Divination was unable to divine, and these included the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and the Prime Heavenly Scripture.

In other words, if it had been Yan Zhaoge and not those of Clear Light Locale who had obtained news of Xue Chuqing where the eastern Vast Heaven Territory and northeastern Sky Heaven Territory intersected, Yan Zhaoge would likely have been successful in finding his mother this time.

What was currently restricting Yan Zhaoge was that it was difficult for him to obtain the latest, effective clues on Xue Chuqing’s whereabouts.

After all, he did not have a complete information network in the World beyond Worlds like in the Eight Extremities World.

Everything was still in the process of being built up.

Still, after having interacted with Cao Jie and Liu Zhenggu, Yan Zhaoge realised that he and his father would have to be cautious in their search for Xue Chuqing.

Otherwise, they might very well end up leading the way for those who wanted to capture her.

And as soon as their enemies knew about their relationship with Xue Chuqing, it was possible that they might come over, hide and wait to be led to her, or even come looking for trouble with them directly.

Whichever kind it was, it could clearly make things difficult for Xue Chuqing.

Her painstaking intentions in forcibly tolerating being separated from her child and husband could not be thrown down the drain.

After taking their leave of the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, Yan Zhaoge’s group immediately left for the Royal Reed Sea.

With King Xuancheng’s return, the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s situation had instantly stabilised in the Royal Reed Sea.

He did not counterattack, only calmly stabilising their defences.

With that, the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island, the Dim Darkness Sect and the other powers were only able to let those hanging banners of war down and cease their drumbeats.

After all, King Xuancheng’s cultivation base was laid out there for all to see as it stably suppressed the local powers of the Royal Reed Sea.

It was just that Gu Hong and the others could not help but feel worried.

After all, the day that Kang Ping and the rest would extricate themselves from the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region was fast approaching.

Now, everyone’s gazes involuntarily congregated on the Spirit Inheritance Region.

There, there was a newly risen power that was currently systematically developing.


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