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HSSB858: Looking forward to a perfect result


“My environment in the World beyond Worlds is more dangerous than in the Eight Extremities World and Vast Ocean World” Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Sikong Qing quietly asked.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Unlike in the Eight Extremities World where only a disciple of Old Man Mo’s discovered something, there are more people here who have realised that there is something with those like you, Yue Baoqi, and Li Cheng that is out of the ordinary.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Apart from that, I have gradually come to find some clues regarding the secret concerning you, Yue Baoqi, Li Cheng and the rest.”

“It is just that I am currently unable to confirm this.

We can speak on that later.

Junior apprentice-sister Sikong, you can still travel out of the Mountain, but you will have to be exceptionally vigilant.”

Hearing his words, Sikong Qing’s expression did not change, remaining cold and aloof as always as she just nodded, “You can rest assured, senior apprentice-brother Yan.

I understand.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Right, you will do what you say and know how to act appropriately as well.

I can naturally trust that you will do this.”

He thought for a moment before suddenly smiling, “I hear that you are on pretty good terms with the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Yue Baoqi”

Sikong Qing said, “Yes, just like Senior Sister Li, Li Jingwan of Jade Sea City in the Eight Extremities World, I hit it off very well with her.

It’s just that…”

Here, Sikong Qing knit her brows, revealing a rare expression of frustration.

Just thinking about it a little, Yan Zhaoge could already understand what she must be feeling.

They hit it off very well, yet were just born with the exact same features.

Yet, the two of them were not related by blood at all.

If the two of them really were not related at all, that would instead feel like fate as their relationship would only become closer.

While countless mysterious phenomena existed amidst the boundlessness of the heavens and earth, how many people could there be who were completely similar like two peas from the same pod

Being able to meet such a person in the years that both existed in the vast universe, it was a rare thing indeed.

The problem was that the first time they had met, Sikong Qing who was already a Martial Grandmaster had been able to see that rune concealed deep within the other party’s soul.

This meant that they were not completely unrelated.

As a result, Sikong Qing would inevitably take notice of this and mind it unconsciously.

Having long since predicted this, Yan Zhaoge had secretly helped Sikong Qing such that Yue Baoqi would be unable to detect the rune hidden in the depths of her soul.

Yue Baoqi and the North Sea Sword Pavilion who still did not know about all this yet would naturally not be any suspicious of this.

On the contrary, having already been close with Broad Creed Mountain originally, they had a higher opinion of Sikong Qing now as they thought especially highly of her.

As for Yue Baoqi, she saw Sikong Qing as she would a younger sister.

Sikong Qing was only more indifferent by nature, not being a cold-blooded person or someone who was proficient at pretending to be someone she was not.

She felt like she hit it off very well with Yue Baoqi, yet was still mentally facing great pressure inside.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Give it some more time.

When I have confirmed what the situation is with you, Yue Baoqi, Li Cheng and the rest, everything else will be fine.

You can consider if you want to talk openly and honestly with her then.”

“Still, it is necessary for me to say one thing first, and that is that knowing the truth might not be a good thing for her and for the North Sea Sword Pavilion.”

Sikong Qing nodded in silence.

Being someone who possessed a firm, resilient will, she quickly adjusted her state of mind and no longer continued thinking pointlessly about this topic, allowing it to negatively influence her mood.

Sikong Qing switched to asking, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, from what Master says, you met quite a few experts of the younger generation in your travels this time”

Yan Zhaoge said, “That’s right.

Gao Qing of the Prime Clear lineage’s Roving Jade Heavens’ Green Duckweed Mountain and our World beyond Worlds’ central Yang Heaven Territory’s Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak’s Fu Ting are both considerably outstanding figures.”

A look of yearning appeared on Sikong Qing’s face somewhat, “The World beyond Worlds is indeed a place that is completely different from the Eight Extremities World.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Whether it was Fu Ting or Gao Qing, while both of them might still be very young mentally, just like inexperienced girls yet to experience much of life, they had already cultivated for much longer than Sikong Qing had.

Really looking at those of the same age category, Sikong Qing who had already started cultivating in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture and the Heart’s Will Thunder Incantation was already sufficiently outstanding in the World beyond Worlds.

Fu Ting and Gao Qing were able to preside above Sikong Qing because they had started out higher, having progressed upon a comparatively smoother, paved path for many years.

Meanwhile, Feng Yunsheng, Sikong Qing, Ying Longtu, Xu Fei and Shi Jun had only just began walking such a path.

Yan Zhaoge could rest assured with Sikong Qing as he had no need to waste excessive words on her.

Just explaining the gist of the situation to her was fine.

After bidding Sikong Qing farewell, Yan Zhaoge returned to his own lodgings.

Inside a secluded room, Yan Zhaoge sat in the meditative position, his eyes closed as he meditated.

A short while later, Yan Zhaoge extended a palm, pushing it horizontally forward.

The black and white qis of yin and yang began intermingling and congregating before his palm.

A moment later, Yan Zhaoge extended his other palm as well, forming a circular shape with his hands before his chest.

His two hands carried yin and yang, containing the heavens and earth between which the qis of black and white intermingled, transforming into fishes of yin and yang whose tails connected as they moved around Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

Just rotating like this, the spiritual qi amidst space was completely destroyed, collapsing towards the point where the twin fishes of yin and yang met.

However, this process did not affect the surroundings as it was solidly contained within Yan Zhaoge’s grasp.

A Taiji diagram gradually took form which rotated unceasingly.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and his gaze focused.

With King Xuancheng’s return to the Royal Reed Sea, major disturbances had sprung up in the Royal Reed Sea where the heavens and earth had originally already been switched, changing completely.

King Xuancheng who was at the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm guarded over the capital of the Grand Xuan Dynasty which had stood for a century, carrying the battlefield advantage.

If he had brought another high-grade Sacred Artifact with him this time, even Lin Hanhua might be unable to take him down in the capital of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

It would definitely be no easy thing for a coalition of Broad Creed Mountain, the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and the other powers to collectively topple the Grand Xuan capital at the current moment.

Meanwhile, King Xuancheng had to pay attention to the Southeastern Exalt’s attitude on one hand while working on the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation on the other.

That was, after all, what the three generations of their forces had been working on all these years.

Yet, when Kang Ping, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang left the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region with the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, the Grand Xuan Dynasty would definitely launch a major counterattack with the help of these three Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

At the time, these surging hidden undercurrents would culminate in tempestuous winds and rains.

Yan Zhaoge was especially concerned at what King Xuancheng’s return entailed.

With that, might Shen Lingzi and Daoist Shi who had left the Royal Reed Sea and vanished without a trace that year suddenly return as well

If that was the case, the tempestuous winds and rains and shocking tides would inevitably become a tsunami that surged to the heavens.

Therefore, whether it was taking the initiative and launching a pre-emptive attack or defending then counterattacking, first resisting the enemy’s attack, working hard to strengthen oneself was crucial.

His father and his fellow disciples were all cultivating diligently.

Yan Zhaoge was similarly no exception.

He already had an idea on his upcoming path.

With the Immortal Trapping Sword Manual in hand, his preparations were more substantial as he could look forward to much more.

He could look forward to attaining a perfect result.

Now, he had to attempt to break through the final difficult obstacle.


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