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HSSB86: Lacking most in time


For no matter what reason, Yan Zhaoge’s Grand Master, the Heaven Equalling Yuan Zhengfeng, was currently still only a Martial Grandmaster.

Under him, Broad Creed Mountain’s three most outstanding Martial Grandmasters were hailed as the Broad Creed Three Heroes.

First was Yan Zhaoge’s eldest apprentice-uncle, the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Disciplinary Hall, the ‘Iron Lion King’ Shi Tie.

Next was Yan Zhaoge’s second apprentice-uncle, the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Assignment Hall, ‘Hidden Dragon’ Fang Zhun.

Finally, there was Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yuan Zhengfeng’s Final Disciple, the current First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Inheritance Hall, Yan Di.

The four of them, coupled with the other experts of Broad Creed Mountain, meant that Broad Creed Mountain was actually superior to the Sacred Sun Clan in terms of the strength of their Martial Grandmasters.

Even excluding Yuan Zhengfeng, in the area of Martial Grandmasters, Broad Creed Mountain was in no way inferior to the Sacred Sun Clan.

But, sigh.

There was still the Martial Saint Huang Guanglie above them.

Causing Broad Creed Mountain’s martial practitioners to be even more worried was the fact that Yuan Zhengfeng was gradually getting older.

Under normal circumstances, Yuan Zhengfeng could actually only be considered to be at his prime, rather than being old.

However, with the injuries he suffered that year having injured his very fundamentals, what was affected was not just merely whether or not he could become a Martial Saint.

His unrecovered injuries had also been affecting his longevity.

As time passed and dragged on, hopes of Yuan Zhengfeng achieving his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm correspondingly decreased.

Of Broad Creed Mountain’s other experts, within the elder generation, he himself was already the one with the most hope of succeeding in that breakthrough.

As for the senior generation with Yan Di at their head, there were also some who had hope of becoming a Martial Saint.

But even more so than Yuan Zhengfeng, they required more time as well as opportunities.

However, what Broad Creed Mountain currently lacked the most was just that-time.

First, they were facing the pressure of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Next, there was also his own body to worry about.

Due to these, the old Clan Chief Yuan Zhengfeng had no choice but to resolve himself.

He would try to step into the Martial Saint realm within a short period of time, and he would either succeed, or perish in the attempt.

As Yan Di’s son, Yan Zhaoge was completely clear on the situation within the clan.

He naturally knew what Broad Creed Mountain currently needed the most.

Yan Zhaoge’s store of knowledge grew as he increased in strength and carried out some analysis and research, making use of what he learnt as he combined pure theory with actual practicality.

How to create a Martial Saint was something that Yan Zhaoge was currently still in the process of researching.

Transcending impurities and achieving Sainthood-the difficulty of that was immense.

Even if there was a way, in the current Eight Extremities World, the required resources as well as environmental conditions were also very hard to fulfil.

However, treating the problem by its root.

Ever since Yan Zhaoge had arrived in this world and came to understand the environment he had been placed in, the area of research he had given the most priority to was how to treat the old Clan Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng’s old injuries.

He had spent far more time and effort on this than on the Internal Crystal Furnace and such, just that the difficulty of this matter was also higher.

If he succeeded, it would not just be about Yuan Zhengfeng having his injuries healed.

He would also be able to attempt his breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm with a greater assurance of success.

The pressure brought about by Huang Guanglie having gone into secluded cultivation once more caused Yuan Zhengfeng and Broad Creed Mountain to reveal their keen edge as they advanced, no longer continuing to move like they normally did.

Ah Hu grinned from the side, “On this matter, the Radiant Prince Huang Jie is often nowhere to be seen.

Could it be that that old Clan Chief of the Sacred Sun Clan is teaching and grooming him personally”

Hearing his words, Xu Chuan smiled, “This possibility does exist.

However, even if it is true, he should only be giving some simple pointers.

Teaching him thoroughly-Huang Guanglie doesn’t have so much time for that.”

Yan Zhaoge’s eyes narrowed, “The Radiant Prince Huang Jie…interesting.”

Now, Xu Chuan received a message sent over by one of his subordinates, his expression instantly turning grave.

“Young Master Yan, there are unusual movements by the border.

The Sacred Sun Clan has dispatched even more of its experts into Eastern Tang territory.

Their cultivation and number are unknown.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “As to our positions, release some fake news to bewilder our enemies.”

“Keep in contact with the clan; we will need people to meet and guide us as well as help conceal our movements.”

Xu Chuan answered, “I understand.”

Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the defensive line of the Eastern Tang capital Jingyang City, his gaze distant.

Continually shifting their locations, they did encounter search parties of the Sacred Sun Clan in the process, but very quickly killed their way out and escaped.

Just having switched their hiding place once more, Yan Zhaoge and the other suddenly received news.

The Eastern Tang’s First Prince, Zhao Yuan, was currently being surrounded by martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan.

Yan Zhaoge looked like he was smiling but also somewhat not as he raised his brows slightly, “While Brother Zhao Yuan does not actually hold the title of the Supervising Crown Prince, at this time, we should grab hold of this chance to put on a good performance in front of him.”

“With Uncle Zhao on conquest abroad, what is he doing here, outside of Jingyang City”

“Giving the chance to the Third Prince Zhao Sheng just like that”

Xu Chuan answered, seemingly somewhat vexed, “When Prince Jin, Zhao Shilie retreated, he destroyed a number of the spirit patterns of the Jingyang Grand Formation along the way.”

“With the other Martial Grandmaster of the Eastern Tang sitting over Jingyang City, Zhao Yuan and Zhao Sheng were both ordered to repair the spirit patterns.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, saying in a low tone, “Our clan’s Elder Yan, meanwhile, brought some martial practitioners of our clan out of the city to clean up the remnants of the Sacred Sun Clan and Zhao Shilie’s gang.”

“Originally, they had still thought that it would very safe, but because of Xiao Shen’s death, the Sacred Sun Clan sent more troops in.

That’s why they encountered the enemy so easily.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “In that case, what about Yan Xu He doesn’t care”

Xu Chuan said drily, “The Third Prince Zhao Sheng was the first to meet danger, and Elder Yan went over to assist him.

Within a short period of time, he probably won’t be able to make it in time to assist the First Prince.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, not saying anything as he lowered his head to look at the map, “It is not far from our current location ah.”

Xu Chuan frowned, looking at him, “Young Master Yan, we…”

“Under the circumstances that we are able to do so, we naturally have to help him out a bit,” Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, promptly striding out.

Xu Chuan gave a wry smile, “Young Master, it’ll be whatever you say.

 Regardless, this Xu will be risking his life to accompany the lord today.”

Yan Zhaoge’s party climbed over hills and passed through ravines, very soon coming to feel a quaking of the earth ahead of them.

Before them, the very air itself felt somewhat like it was on fire, releasing waves of roiling heat which grew more and more intense as they neared.

“This is a characteristic of the Sacred Sun Clan’s martial arts,” Yan Zhaoge and the others all well knew this within their hearts as they continued moving along speedily.

Indeed, they soon saw that in the distance at the foot of a mountain, two groups of martial practitioners were currently locked in an intense battle.

One side was precisely formed of Eastern Tang martial practitioners with their First Prince, Zhao Yuan, at their head.

And the other side, naturally consisted of martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan.

The Sacred Sun Clan had the numerical advantage, its people also possessing a stronger individual power.

Zhao Yuan and the others looked already to be in a very precarious situation indeed.

Not saying anything, Yan Zhaoge immediately led Xu Chuan and the others in killing into the battlefield from the enemy’s flank.

With the situation as urgent as a fire that had to be extinguished, Yan Zhaoge held nothing back as the Jade Dragon Sword danced and coiled, instantly killing till the enemy troops fell apart like a mountain collapsing.

The group from Broad Creed Mountain killed their way to in front of Zhao Yuan, who smiled bitterly, “Having heard that the Sacred Sun Clan had sent in more troops, we had already been retreating as at fast as speed as was possible.

Who knew that we would still be surrounded and trapped.”

Yan Zhaoge thought, “My return path to Jingyang City was a key focus of the enemy’s interception strategy.

This was you guys going and colliding into it head on.”

“Brother, this time, I have implicated you.

It will be hard returning to Jingyang City; we should probably go somewhere else instead.”

As he said this, the Broad Creed Mountain and Eastern Tang Kingdom forces met, together ripping apart the encirclement of the Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners and breaking through to the outside.

After having lost their pursuers, both sides finally had the time for some idle talk.

Zhao Yuan shook his head as he walked, “Zhaoge, your killing Xiao Shen might have caused your name to resound throughout the entire world, but you should still be mindful of the Sacred Sun Clan’s revenge.”

Implicated by me- this was not merely referring to the Sacred Sun Clan…

As Yan Zhaoge was pondering about this, his heart suddenly jumped.

Ah Hu and Xu Chuan, the two Xiantian Martial Scholars, both gazed into the distance.

There, a massive golden sun slowly and gradually rose up from amongst the numerous mountains.

Within the massive golden sun, a figure gradually materialised.

It was a one-eyed Elder with a square face and big ears, wearing a golden robe on his body.

A Martial Grandmaster expert!


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