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HSSB861: Yan Zhaoge enters seclusion


“Projecting and reproducing the Taiji Yin Yang Palm can only be done by you yourself.

We others cannot help in it,” Yan Di said, “After all, there is only you who follow the path of simultaneously cultivating in the Three Purities, and only you who has seen the actual Taiji Yin Yang Palm of the Grand Clear direct lineage.”

“The difficulty of this can only be imagined.

In your next trip to the Vast Ocean World, you will most likely have to enter death seclusion, fully separating yourself from the entirety of the world as you quietly comprehend things till you finally succeed.”

A rare look of worry could be seen within Yan Di’s gaze, “If you went down alone with no one to protect you, I wouldn’t be able to rest at ease.”

Those who entered death seclusion generally needed someone to guard over them lest external enemies make use of this chance to take advantage of them.

It would have been fine if he entered seclusion in their sect headquarters, heavily protected by all those layers of protection.

Yan Zhaoge would be going to the Vast Ocean World, where those of Broad Creed Mountain were actually merely guests of Changli Mountain and not gathered and residing there permanently.

Meanwhile, Broad Creed Mountain could not ignore the fact that there was another wound of the sky in the Vast Ocean World that led to the Royal Reed Sea.

This wound of the sky was in the Phoenix Bearing Region as it was a distance away from the Spirit Inheritance Region.

While the Phoenix Bearing Region was currently under the Dim Darkness Sect’s control, experts on the level of King Xuancheng would be able to head there whenever they wanted.

A long time ago, people from the Grand Xuan Dynasty had tried going to the Phoenix Bearing Region where Yan Zhaoge had first appeared, wanting to investigate Yan Zhaoge’s origins.

Those people were Madame Kang and her two sons.

In the end, they had coincidentally run into Yan Zhaoge as well as Luo Zhiyuan and the others of the Radiant Light Sect who had been returning from extradimensional space.

In the chaotic battle that ensued, Madame Kang had perished.

This had directly led to the major battle where the Radiant Light Sect had fallen to the assault of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

It was just that following this battle, Kang Ping’s group had been trapped in the Clear Scenic Region while King Xuanmu had died in battle, the Grand Xuan Dynasty suffering a great blow to its vitality.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty had had not the time nor the energy to continue investigating the wound of the sky in the Phoenix Bearing Region and the Vast Ocean World.

The Phoenix Bearing Region had enjoyed peace and calm up till now.

However, the situation was different now.

Following King Xuancheng’s return, the Grand Xuan Dynasty had gradually stabilised itself once more.

Even though they were currently keeping a low profile due to the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation and not making any reckless moves towards any external forces, no one knew how long this current situation could be sustained.

The Vast Ocean World was not a completely secure place.

Over the past year, Broad Creed Mountain had actually been paying close attention to the state of affairs in the Phoenix Bearing Region as well.

Broad Creed Mountain still had people in the Vast Ocean World, after all.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “You’re right.

I do indeed intend to head down alone.”

“Firstly, we actually haven’t anyone to spare over here.

Secondly, secrecy is really the most effective form of protection much of the time.”

Yan Zhaoge explained, “In heading down to the Vast Ocean World this time, I will not be notifying Elder Zhang and the others in the Vast Ocean World and those of Changli Mountain as well.”

“Secrecy will be the best form of protection for me here.

While I will be going down to cultivate this time and have the possibility of entering death seclusion too, it is not that I definitely will not return throughout.

When I am free, I will take some time and return to the World beyond Worlds, showing my face here and there.”

Yan Di understood what Yan Zhaoge meant.

Even if the enemy attacked and knew that Yan Zhaoge was in secluded cultivation due to him not making an appearance, that would still be fine.

They only needed to mislead them into thinking that Yan Zhaoge was in secluded cultivation in the World beyond Worlds such that they would not look for him in the Vast Ocean World.

Yan Di’s furrowed brows still remained creased.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, comforting him, “Relax, father.

I know what I am doing.”

Yan Di was silent as he looked quietly at Yan Zhaoge.

Whether in terms of strength or way of handling things, there had not been a need for him to worry about the current Yan Zhaoge since long ago.

Yan Di had never been someone who was unable to let go.

Still, he was a father at the end of the day.

As a father, whenever it was, knowing that a risk existed, how could he not feel worried about his own son

Still, Yan Di just considered this matter for a time as he said nothing more on this in the end.

Yan Zhaoge explained the situation to just a few select people like Feng Yunsheng, Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun, next bidding them farewell.

Apart from these mere few people, no one of Broad Creed Mountain knew where Yan Zhaoge would really be heading now.

Whether it was going adventuring outside or entering secluded cultivation in Converting Lake Peak of Broad Creed Mountain’s back mountains, all these reasons were merely to cover things up.

Yan Zhaoge travelled to the Eight Extremities World through the wound of the sky beneath Water Ridge Peak before heading to the Vast Ocean World through the Eight Extremities World.

At the Vast Ocean World, he again ended up in the Bewildering Maze Sea.

This was precisely the location that Yan Zhaoge had decided on.

He had never intended to leave the Bewildering Maze Sea or establish contact with anyone there.

This place was a great hiding spot.

Despite the numerous martial practitioners in the Vast Ocean World, it would be very difficult indeed to find someone in this place.

No one knew that the Traceless Cloud Dragon King Yan Zhaoge who had formerly overturned the heavens and earth of the Vast Ocean World with his own power back in the Martial Grandmaster realm had descended upon this world once more.

Yan Zhaoge retracted his true essence and aura, circulating the Peerless Heavenly Scripture as all things turned illusory and unreal.

“Indeed, while I have yet to attain the Seeing Divinity stage, I am already unable to stay in the lower worlds now.”

The current Yan Zhaoge had to restrict his own power like those experts above the third level of the Martial Saint realm in order to remain in a lower world like the Vast Ocean World as he would otherwise be rejected by the power of dimensions of the heavens and the earth there.

Fortunately, unlike Yan Di who could only ever advance and not retreat, Yan Zhaoge was able to suppress and restrict his power very freely and easily.

It would be a very easy thing for he who cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture to suppress himself completely such that he resembled an ordinary mortal who had never cultivated before.

Looking at the great sea before him, Yan Zhaoge inhaled deeply, “Well then, I shall now begin.”

He sat in the meditative position atop space, his figure descending into the great sea down below, no ripples forming as he had already directly sunk to the bottom of the sea, vanishing completely.

In order to pursue efficiency and focus his energies completely, Yan Zhaoge was going to employ the method of entering death seclusion just like Yan Di had predicted.

His first cultivation session lasted a whole three years.

After three years in secluded cultivation in the Vast Ocean World, Yan Zhaoge secretly returned to the World beyond Worlds and showed his face, moving about a little.

At this point in time, less than two years had gone by in the World beyond Worlds.

While Yan Zhaoge no longer seemed as active as before as he apparently spent much time away from the public eye, instead holing himself up, this did not lead to the suspicion of others.

Still, there had been a unique visitor for him when he was in seclusion.

This was expected whilst also unexpected.

A descendant of the Brocade Emperor, from Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak of the central Jun Heaven Territory.

The other party had not appeared arrogant or rude as he abided by all the formalities.

Still, Yan Di, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others could tell that this person had come to probe and see if the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace had ended up in Yan Zhaoge’s hands that year.

With Yan Zhaoge in seclusion, Yan Di and the others handled the matter very appropriately, giving a watertight response.

The other party was unable to find out anything as he soon left.

As for whether those doubts had been dispelled, this was something only he himself could know.

After showing his face for a bit, Yan Zhaoge returned to the Vast Ocean World and began his second session of painstaking secluded cultivation.

In the World beyond Worlds, everything still seemed calm on the surface, the potential happenings secretly moving towards actualisation alongside the passing of time.

Going by the timeflow of the World beyond Worlds, a year after Yan Zhaoge re-entered secluded cultivation, a change finally seemed to come to the situation.

A person who had once controlled the winds and summoned the rains in the Royal Reed Sea just like how Yan Zhaoge had once led to heaven-roiling, earth-overturning changes in the Vast Ocean World returned there.


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