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HSSB862: Top defensive location


As time passed, Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea’s Spirit Inheritance Region continued operating smoothly.

Currently, the basic operations and facilities there were already basically perfect.

Still, the entire sect did not let down their guard.

The day when Kang Ping, Luo Zhiyuan and the rest extricated themselves from the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region was fast approaching.

According to Yan Zhaoge’s initial estimate, from the present moment, it would be one or two years at least and three years at most when Kang Ping and the others managed to escape.

The decisive battle would very likely happen then.

Up till now, King Xuancheng had guarded the capital of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, simply defending as he never left the area.

As a result, Broad Creed Mountain, the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and the Dim Darkness Sect all felt very troubled as to how to deal with the situation on hand.

Having been fortified by three generations of Xuan monarchs with over a century of their efforts, the sturdiness of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s capital was comparable to the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s sword domain in the Grinding Hut Region.

It was presided over by King Xuancheng of the mid Immortal Bridge Saint who possessed shocking power.

Also, while the King Xuan Spear which had been left in the Royal Reed Sea was lost to them, who knew if King Xuancheng had brought along another high-grade Sacred Artifact in returning to the Royal Reed Sea this time.

It was a fact that high-grade Sacred Artifacts were very hard to come by as not all Immortal Bridge Martial Saints possessed them.

However, the backgrounds of the likes of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, Shen Lingzi and Daoist Shi were clearly unordinary as the could not be evaluated by usual standards.

The anti-Xuan forces had to be cautious here.

Still, whatever the case, when Kang Ping, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng extricated themselves from the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region, the might of the Grand Xuan Dynasty was set to increase.

Dragging it out might not necessarily be for the best.

If they could take care of King Xuancheng before Kang Ping’s trio extricated themselves, that would inevitably have the effect of sealing the deal and deciding the situation for good.

Sufficient strength was needed for them to deal with King Xuancheng.

It was because of this that Yan Zhaoge had entered secluded cultivation this time.

Aside from him, the others of Broad Creed Mountain and the peak experts of the anti-Xuan coalition in the Royal Reed Sea were all in the midst of their various preparations in a race against time.

One day, in Broad Creed Mountain, in a secluded room.

A tall youth with a face like authoritative jade ended his cultivation, opening his eyes and standing up.

It was none other than Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone.

Even as Yan Zhaoge was in the Vast Ocean World, his Northern Ocean Clone still remained here.

With the main body in death seclusion, the connection with the clone had gotten weaker as the Northern Ocean Clone’s movements and reactions had become slightly delayed.

Still, there was no real problem as he cultivated normally, receiving some guests.

Exiting the room, the Northern Ocean Clone saw that Ying Longtu had come, seemingly with questions for him.

After answering Ying Longtu’s queries, the Northern Ocean Clone casually asked, “My father has still yet to leave seclusion”

Around half a year ago, Yan Di had entered Converting Lake Peak, entering secluded cultivation once more.

Ying Longtu answered, “Chief previously said that he should need around a year’s time in total.”

“Still half a year more…” The Northern Ocean Clone nodded, feeling rather anticipatory within.

Yan Di had previously already attained the peak of the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, the mid Seeing Divinity stage.

If he succeeded in his secluded cultivation this time, he was likely to advance further.

At a time like this, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others had to raise their vigilance to the utmost lest Yan Di get disturbed, all his previous efforts becoming for naught.

The same principle also applied for Yan Zhaoge himself.

As he was thinking about this, beside his ear suddenly resounded the voice of his Grand Master Yuan Zhengfeng, “Zhaoge, come to the main hall at the Heaven Rising Peak.”

Yuan Zhengfeng’s tone was rather solemn.

The Northern Ocean Clone’s heart jolted slightly as he wrapped things up with Ying Longtu before immediately heading to the Heaven Rising Peak.

After entering the main hall, he saw that Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun were both there.

Aside from Fu Enshu who was observing the situation in the vicinity of the Phoenix Bearing Region, Xu Fei and the other experts of Broad Creed Mountain in the World beyond Worlds whose cultivation bases were on the high side were all present.

Seeing the Northern Ocean Clone enter, Yuan Zhengfeng cut to the chase, “Bad news, Zhaoge.”


In the east of the Royal Reed Sea, the Dragon Avatar Region.

This was where a long-standing peak power of the Royal Reed Sea, Copper Men Island, was located.

In contrast to the Sun Moon Peak of the Radiant Light Sect and the main altar of the Dim Darkness Sect which had already been destroyed as well as the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s Grinding Hut Region which had been encircled and attacked by countless experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty, also nearly having suffered the terror of the Heavenly Fire Tribulation Thunder Formation, Copper Men Island of the Dragon Avatar Region had been totally safe and sound all these years.

Copper Men Island had three supreme heirloom treasures, three massive men of copper.

So long as they did not leave the isle, occupying the natural geography of Copper Men Island, those three copper men could unleash the mighty strength of three Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts.

It was well deserving of the name of the Royal Reed Sea’s top defensive location.

This also resulted in Copper Men Island being the place in the Royal Reed Sea that was the easiest to defend and the hardest to attack as even the Grand Xuan Dynasty was unwilling to directly try such a tough foe.

This place had always been viewed as the final fortress and path of retreat of the anti-Xuan coalition.

It was just that while the Copper Men Island was more than sound defensively, it lacked sufficient offensive capabilities.

Chief Gongsun Wu was not someone who was satisfied with the current situation as he had always been striving to improve his sect’s strength.

Firstly, he himself yearned to break through that bottleneck that had constantly been hindering him, treading onto the Immortal Bridge as he stepped into the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm.

Once, of the Royal Reed Sea’s peak experts of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, it had been he, Gongsun Wu, as well as the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhiyuan, the Chief of the Dim Darkness Sect’s Zhou Haosheng and King Xuanmu of the Grand Xuan Dynasty who were the strongest.

Comparatively speaking, Gongsun Wu had been slightly weaker amongst them.

Now, however, Zhou Haosheng had previously been wounded by the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, his injuries only just having eased these past years.

Luo Zhiyuan was trapped by a black hole, his power and his will dwindling.

King Xuanmu was even already dead.

Gongsun Wu had thereby become the one in the lead.

Still, he had no room to be complacent.

He could already feel the terrifying aspects of that newly arisen power from a lower world in the Spirit Inheritance Region.

Having been able to attain his current cultivation level, he would surely be remarkable somewhat.

Beneath both pressure and also motivation, Gongsun Wu had recently exhibited signs of breaking through that bottleneck as he was just a half step away from the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, the early Immortal Bridge stage.

He might be taking that step any time now.

Today, however, he could only feel despair.

He had a premonition that he would never ever be able to take that one step, conquering that trial.

Currently, the sky above Copper Men Island seemed to be rippling slightly like water as it was rather blurry and indistinct, yet appeared surreal.

One would have to look very carefully in order to vaguely notice some discrepancies.

Enveloped by that radiance, the entire Copper Men Island seemed to be drying up.

The scenes within lost their glow with lifeforms losing their vitality as time fell still.

The people on the island all seemed like puppets which had lost their lives yet appeared so realistic and lifelike.

Space seemed as though it was fixed throughout the entire Dragon Avatar Region.

The only entities that were still able to barely move about were the three massive copper men which seemed to tower to the heavens even as they were rooted to the earth as well as Chief Gongsun Wu.

The three copper men opened their mouths, seeming as though they had lives of their own as they emitted soundless roars.

Their six arms were raised high in supporting the sky, blocking that water-light which unceasingly descended, enveloping the entire island.

Gongsun Wu’s tone was dry, “This strength, such attainments in the Time Flowing Sword…Shen Lingzi!”

There was no response from the sky up above as there was only that sword-light which resembled water that froze time as it unceasingly whittled down the three massive copper men down below.

Beneath the onrushing of the sword-light, there were no major disturbances like the howling of ghosts and the wailing of gods or any heaven-shocking, earth-shaking changes.

Yet, the surface of the copper men rapidly broke down, becoming mottled as they deteriorated.

It was as if however powerful an existence was, it would still be hard pressed to stand against the flow of time.

On this day, the former number one defensive location of the Royal Reed Sea, Copper Men Island, fell.


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