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HSSB865: The long prepared Yan Zhaoge


This current predicament caused Yan Zhaoge to recall how his Broad Creed Mountain had formerly tried to force the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Guanglie out of seclusion in the Eight Extremities World that year.

The Sacred Sun Clan had tolerated quite a bit and suffered quite a few losses in order to ensure that Huang Guanglie would be able to successfully emerge from seclusion before domineeringly sweeping through all his enemies, taking the Eight Extremities World by storm.

Sadly, however, while Huang Guanglie had successfully left seclusion and progressed in strength, he had still met with a severe obstacle before Broad Creed Mountain that had left him all bloodied up.

Now, Huang Guanglie and the Sacred Sun Clan had already long since been consigned to history.

However, history seemed like it was being reproduced now as it was simply that Broad Creed Mountain had become the defenders.

The face in the sky looked indifferently upon Broad Creed Mountain down below and Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, “Yan Zhaoge, if you really are the descendant of the Exalted Solar Luminary, there is only this major figure who would be able to save you today.”

“If you aren’t, today, you and your Broad Creed Mountain are destined to become the shortest-lived sect in the Royal Reed Sea.”

At this moment, the Northern Ocean Clone did not carry the image of the Kunpeng and the qi of true dragons in the least.

He was enveloped completely by the silhouette of a Taotie as he seemed to have transformed into a huge, living Taotie.

While his cultivation base was still insufficient such that he was unable to exert the full power of the Evil Sword Taotie, its attacks were still fearsome beyond compare.

As a high-grade Sacred Artifact as well, the Evil Sword Taotie was superior to the King Xuan Spear.

However, the opponent before them was even more terrifying.

While he was a mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, Yan Zhaoge felt as though he would be a match even for a peak expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm.

With that superb talent and a supreme martial art like the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture to back it up, Shen Lingzi’s strength was truly remarkable indeed.

The higher up one went, the fewer the experts of the same cultivation level and the smaller the gap between them.

For experts who managed to attain this level, who amongst them had not been invincible amongst those of the same cultivation level in their youth, a Heaven’s favoured child who had been able to surpass levels to defeat most opponents

Having reached the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint realm, especially the eighth and ninth levels of the Martial Saint realm, it was already very rare to see people surpassing levels in fights as the possibility of this was virtually miniscule.

Every single cultivation level represented a huge gulf in power.

Experts of this level were all peak existences in terms of talent, fortuitous encounters as well as the martial arts they cultivated in.

However, even at this level, Shen Lingzi was still an elite.

Lin Hanhua and Kang Ping were also like this.

Yan Zhaoge believed that if Lin Hanhua did not use his full power due to having to hide the truth of his background, even he might not be able to defeat this Shen Lingzi then.

Yan Zhaoge was also concerned that he might have other methods in reserve as well.

Otherwise, Gu Hong would not have been captured alive just like that.

This old man was currently executing supreme techniques of the Flowing Time Sword that Kang Ping and the rest had yet to comprehend.

Beneath that sword, space and time grew chaotic, split apart into countless different spaces where the flow of time was different as space distorted and was ripped apart as a result.

Let alone opponents beneath the Immortal Bridge stage, even most early Immortal Bridge Martial Saints would only be defeated or perish when faced with this sword!

Even with the Northern Ocean Clone wielding the Evil Sword Taotie as Yuan Zhengfeng controlled the Grand Clear Grand Formation, they still found it difficult to face this mighty blow.

It was no wonder that he had been able to conquer Copper Men Island as it had been guarded by three experts comparable to the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm.

It was no wonder that he had been able to break through the North Sea Sword Pavilion’s sword domain in the Grinding Hut Region that had been accumulated over hundreds and thousands of years.

The Northern Ocean Clone inhaled deeply, “Grand Master, hand me control over the grand formation.”

With his real body in death seclusion, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone’s thoughts were not sufficiently acute as it would be better for him not to deal with things like controlling formations which required intricate, precise control.

Still, there was no choice but for him to make a move now.

Yuan Zhengfeng wasted no time as runes now flickered in his pupils, the radiance dissipating.

Light flickered in the pupils of the Northern Ocean Clone.

The two runes circulated simultaneously with streams of clear qi from the Grand Clear Grand Formation bolstering the Northern Ocean Clone.

Beneath the Northern Ocean Clone’s control, the entire grand formation instantly shuddered mightily.

The sky above formed of clear qi began descending more swiftly as the great earth that was condensed of countless yellow and black specks of light ascended at a greater rate as well.

Within the grand formation, some spirit patterns began collapsing as radiance broke apart on the peak of some of Broad Creed Mountain’s eight mountain peaks.

Manipulated violently by Yan Zhaoge, the treasures which had been set up there shockingly started collapsing.

However, the grand formation circulated even more fiercely with the momentum of going berserk.

The heavens and earth seemed about to come together as beneath this pressure, the chaotic space between the heavens and the earth vaguely showed signs of being locked in place once more.

Bolstered by the Grand Clear Grand Formation, the Evil Sword Taotie was even more powerful as it was wielded by the Northern Ocean Clone.

The black hole reappeared, devouring a great amount of the sword-light from Shen Lingzi’s Time Flowing Sword.

The face in the sky vanished as the sword-light that resembled water calmed.

Now, the water-light split apart to the sides.

A figure emerged whose features were completely similar to that of the face in the sky.

He had a young face with an ancient aura.

It was precisely Shen Lingzi who had once swept domineeringly across the Royal Reed Sea, his strength now having risen as he returned.


What a divine sword,” He looked down at Broad Creed Mountain and the Northern Ocean Clone, slowly saying, “Sadly, you don’t even have an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

What use is there having such a powerful weapon It really is a complete waste for it to be left with the likes of you.”

Shen Lingzi slowly raised a hand, “This is power that only a high-grade Sacred Artifact should have.”

Accompanied by the raising of his hand, a strange seal appeared.

That seal was long and resembled a sword yet did not possess a blade.

The ancient seal in the form of a sword emitted an ancient, desolate aura which seemed to penetrate through the ages, extending into the present.

Shen Lingzi grasped this sword seal and waved a hand as the sword-light that resembled water instantly engulfed the Spirit Inheritance Region.

The entire Broad Creed Mountain resembled bugs trapped in amber as they were unable to move.

As the Grand Clear Grand Formation circulated, the heavens and earth which had seemed about to re-join each other immediately halted.

The black hole that was formed of the Evil Sword Taotie began to dissipate as well.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered, “He indeed has an accompanying high-grade Sacred Artifact!”

The Northern Ocean Clone suddenly roared towards the heavens, radiance appearing above his head which shot into the horizon, manifesting as countless spirit patterns that collectively formed a massive spirit formation.

Atop Heaven Rising Peak, Yuan Zhengfeng had already emerged from the great hall, spiritual light also shooting into the skies from above his head that manifested as spirit patterns.

A spirit formation also formed in the air above Yuan Zhengfeng.

While it was different from the one above the head of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, the two were still closely interlinked.

The Northern Ocean Clone actually gave up on the Evil Sword Taotie in his hands now, throwing this powerful high-grade Sacred Artifact towards Broad Creed Mountain down below.

At the same time, a spear appeared in his hands.

It was another high-grade Sacred Artifact, precisely the King Xuan Spear.

Blazing fire rose into the air, surrounding the Northern Ocean Clone.

The silhouette of the Taotie dispersed as the shadow of a Kunpeng appeared with the momentum of overturning the sea and shooting into the heavens.

The Evil Sword Taotie landed on the Fire Leaving Peak of Broad Creed Mountain’s eight peaks where radiance condensed to form spirit patterns as a spirit formation was established.

On Shocking Thunder Peak, the fourth spirit formation was established.

The Northern Ocean Clone raised a hand, several weapons that flickered with spiritual light flying out from which emanated unusual auras.

These weapons hovered within the air, forming a formation.

Formation artifacts intricately forged of Grand Spirit Stone Essence!

The four spirit formations in the air above Broad Creed Mountain rose in unison, expanding and combining to form an even more massive spirit formation!

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation!


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