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HSSB867: The best and final chance


The Northern Ocean Clone gazed at Shen Lingzi, “That treasure just now…no wonder, no wonder he was able to capture Gu Hong of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm alive.”

While it had just been for an instant, time had truly forcibly flowed in reverse, all events which had occurred being wiped away as everything was hence restarted.

If not for the fact that Broad Creed Mountain had still had a hand in reserve with Feng Yunsheng directly acting without the slightest hesitation, the results of this battle may have been rewritten.

Without the formation artifacts that were used to set up the formation, they would not have been able to establish the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, Yuan Zhengfeng and the others would have been hard pressed to resist the power of Shen Lingzi and his Light Yin Sword Seal.

With that, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di would only have been able to leave seclusion early, utilising all of Broad Creed Mountain’s power to engage in a bloodied battle with the enemy.

At that time, it would already be equivalent to a loss even if they managed to repel their opponent.

It would be equivalent to their opponents having acquired sufficient time for themselves whereas everything Broad Creed Mountain had painstakingly did previously would have been for naught.

When their opponents had made their full preparations and came attacking with a stronger force, the results then would be unimaginably disastrous.

Now, however, the white world of light formed of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation enveloped the Spirit Inheritance Region, forcibly obstructing Shen Lingzi as it prevented him from entering.

While Shen Lingzi’s expression was still calm, his gaze was rather more solemn that before.

Gazing at the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation before him that enveloped Broad Creed Mountain, he thought, “No wonder even Kang Ping and the rest were put in such a precarious position by them.

Their unexpected methods are really endless.”

He had only brought two of those Reversal Light Divine Stones which had the ability to reverse time.

He had originally thought that he would just need to deplete one of them to capture Gu Hong alive, while toppling Broad Creed Mountain and capturing Yan Zhaoge would not be difficult.

He had only prepared an additional Reversal Light Divine Stone just in case.

Who would have thought that having used the other Reversal Light Divine Stone, he would actually still run into a figurative wall before Broad Creed Mountain.

Shen Lingzi raised his head and gazed at the sky to the west, “This is too near to Shadow Mountain Lin and the rest.

Time is limited…”

King Xuancheng was still in the capital busying himself over the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation.

He would not be able to leave for the time being.

Seeing that he alone was unable to break through the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation within a short period of time, Shen Lingzi did not let the heat rush to his head, stubbornly refusing to give.

He directly kept the Light Yin Sword Seal and his sword-light.

“Broad Creed Mountain, North Peak of Daoism You are really still far from able to bear such a name.

Still, although your cultivation bases are really rather low, you really do have quite a few treasures.

This old man also came over rather too hastily without much preparations this time.”

Shen Lingzi glanced at Broad Creed Mountain before turning to leave, “Since that is so, that will be all for today.

I had originally wanted to finish everything in a single go, but from the looks of it now, I will only be able to leave you for last.”

His figure vanished amidst space, the sword-intent that resembled water obscuring the sky as it quietly flowed off towards the southeast.

Watching Shen Lingzi’s departing figure, those of Broad Creed Mountain all frowned in silence.

The glow of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation had still yet to fade as who could know that Shen Lingzi would not suddenly turn back and charge at them again.

Yan Zhaoge had never been stingy in imagining the worst of his enemies.

The Time Flowing Sword that the other party cultivated in was extraordinary fast as if he was of the mind to launch a sneak attack, he would arrive in an instant.

Still, looking at the direction that Shen Lingzi was leaving in, the Northern Ocean Clone muttered, “Heading for the south of the Royal Reed Sea where the Dim Darkness Sect’s new headquarters is located He is really going to go a whole round anti-clockwise around this Royal Reed Sea, I see.”

Yuan Zhengfeng said in a heavy tone, “The Dim Darkness Sect will not be able to stand against him.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “After receiving news of the fall of Copper Men Island, they should already have been aware of that.

It is just a pity that they did not come over to join forces with us.”

While Zhou Haosheng and the others did not know what exactly Yan Zhaoge had gained from his trip to the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, seeing that the Radiant Light Sect seemed to have suffered a major setback as well, they predicted that Yan Zhaoge was most likely the side who had profited off this.

The Dim Darkness Sect imagined that the Dim Radiant Lamp had ultimately fallen into Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

Having then been trampled on by the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide to the point that their headquarters had nearly been destroyed as they had suffered a great blow to their vitality, looking at Yan Zhaoge, the Dim Darkness Sect inevitably had extremely complex emotions regarding him.

Yes, the enemy of the enemy was a friend.

Due to the Grand Xuan Dynasty and the Radiant Light Sect, their two sides seemed like natural allies.

Still, the Dim Darkness Sect had been feeling rather awkward with and averse to Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain these past few years.

When news of Copper Men Island’s fate had arrived, apart from contacting the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Broad Creed Mountain had contacted the Dim Darkness Sect as well.

Sadly, however, Shen Lingzi’s speed had been too fast, his movements too prompt and decisive.

He had taken down the North Sea Sword Pavilion swiftly and fiercely as a storm of thunderbolts.

After judging that he would not be able to take down Broad Creed Mountain, he had been reluctant to waste any time as he had immediately left.

Even if the Dim Darkness Sect had cast aside all reservations and agreed to Broad Creed Mountain’s proposal, hurrying over to the Spirit Inheritance Region to join forces with them, they would just be directly intercepted by Shen Lingzi on their way here now.

If they had not gone along with Broad Creed Mountain’s proposal and shifted or hid themselves in the south of the Royal Reed Sea instead, they might instead be able to avoid this tribulation then.

The glow of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation faded, the Northern Ocean Clone landing back on Heaven Rising Peak.

He first looked at Feng Yunsheng, “How are you doing”

Feng Yunsheng had already kept the Extreme Yin Crown and the Cold Sun Divine Sabre now, her face pale as the colour of blood was not visible on it at all, “It is not anything serious presently.

I just need to rest for some time and I will be okay.”

The Northern Ocean Clone shook his head, “I would not want you to use this move unless it was utterly necessary.

That opponent just now truly had some methods.”

Pan-Pan had already returned to his normal panda size, the fierceness fading from his face as his gaze became gentle once more.

It was just that he looked tired as well as he carried the Heaven Swallowing Earth Devouring Box over to Feng Yunsheng’s side, flopping over and taking a nap.

Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun walked over, “The direction that Shen Lingzi left in…”

“We can only hope that fortune will favour the Dim Darkness Sect now,” The Northern Ocean Clone shook his head, “We can only guard this place.

If we pursue, while the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation can move as well, it is impossible for it to catch up to Shen Lingzi’s speed.”

It would be pointless to hope that the Dim Darkness Sect could hold on for a little longer and delay Shen Lingzi such that they would be able to persist until their arrival.

Now that he had personally clashed with Shen Lingzi, Yan Zhaoge was certain that the Dim Darkness Sect would face defeat in a matter of moments if they encountered him head on.

It would be no different even if Zhou Haosheng had a few high-grade Sacred Artifacts and was armed to the teeth.

Yuan Zhengfeng sighed, “We should pay close attention to the happenings over there.

We can only hope now that Yan Di and your real body will soon be able to successfully emerge from seclusion.’

The Northern Ocean Clone nodded silently.

Fang Zhun now said, “The other party’s intentions this time are to go all in for the kill, sweeping through us in a thunderbolt-like manner.

It is perhaps because of that Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation that King Xuancheng has still yet to make a move.”

“From the looks of it now, it is fortunate that in the underwater palace of the Clear Scenic Region, Zhaoge, you not only trapped Kang Ping’s trio there but also slew that Qi Wei who is proficient in formations.”

He said slowly, “Otherwise, in that wave of attacks just now, it would probably have been two experts of the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm simultaneously attacking.”

The Northern Ocean Clone’s gaze was heavy, “The Grand Xuan Dynasty should now already have collected more of the Earth Ocean Lung Crystals and other treasures that I snatched that year.

When returning from outside of the Royal Reed Sea, King Xuancheng and them may even have brought back sufficient treasures for establishing the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation with them.”

“The initial establishment of the formation is always the most difficult, requiring peak experts who are proficient in formations to watch over it at all times.

Still, when the formation has reached the correct trajectory and can circulate stably, King Xuancheng would be able to extricate himself then.”

The Northern Ocean Clone gazed into the distance, “It has already been a few years since King Xuancheng’s return.

That day is already probably not far away.”

A cold smile now surfaced at the corners of his mouth, “Still, when they have finished preparing, our preparations should be more or less done as well.

Shen Lingzi may not have realised that today was his best chance, and also his final chance.”


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