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HSSB87: Was this within your predictions


Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw that one-eyed Elder tread on the air, walking over from amongst the numerous mountains.

Looking downwards, his gaze swept the area before finally landing on Yan Zhaoge, “You’ve indeed come.

I would like to see-where can you run to this time”

“Yan Zhaoge, what a great dog courage you have.”

“First, you sheltered a traitor of my Sacred Sun Clan in escaping.

Now, you’ve actually even dared to kill a disciple of my Sacred Sun Clan.”

“You must pay with your life for what you did to Xiao Shen!”

With the enemy’s gaze fixed upon him, Yan Zhaoge’s entire body heated up as he felt as though his insides were about to be incinerated, like his entire body was about to ignite and catch fire on its own.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change, “You mean then that I should have obediently stretched out my neck and let Xiao Shen kill me, huh”

“Xiao Shen wanted to kill me.

Therefore, I killed him.

It’s as simple as that.”

The one-eyed Elder’s eyebrows stood on end, a fierce light within his eyes.

From that expression of his, it was as though the person before him was not Yan Zhaoge born of Broad Creed Mountain, but any martial practitioner born of a random clan or sect.

Dying at the hands of his Sacred Sun Clan’s people would, conversely, even be an honour.

He stared coldly at Yan Zhaoge, “Oh”

“Well, this old man also wants to kill you now.

I’d like to see what you can do about it; maybe kill this old man instead”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, but did not speak.

A voice now resounded from behind him, “You can’t kill him.”

As the winds and the clouds surged, a strong aura appeared.

A figure arrived soaring through the air.

When he had just opened his mouth to speak, he had still been a considerable distance away, but before his voice had landed, he had already neared.

It was an old, emaciated Elder, his hands behind his back, his feet moving neither quickly nor slowly.

Smiling, Yan Zhaoge said, “Elder, thank you for your trouble.”

The emaciated Elder waved his hands dismissively, “It’s fine.”

He came in front of that one-eyed Elder, saying mildly, “This old man also wants to see how you can kill my Broad Creed Mountain disciple in front of this old man.”

Seeing this emaciated Elder appear, Xu Chuan immediately let out a sigh of relief, “Our clan’s reinforcements have also arrived.”

“As expected, Young Master Yan wouldn’t place himself at such risk so easily.

Whatever he does, he also has well thought out.”

The Sacred Sun Clan had sent in some experts as reinforcements, entering the Eastern Tang Kingdom.

Naturally, after having received the news of Yan Zhaoge’s killing of Xiao Shen, Broad Creed Mountain also didn’t sit back and do nothing.

It was just that both sides had needed some time to react.

In comparison, while the Eastern Tang was rather remote, at the end of the day, it was still located within the Heaven Domain.

It would definitely be easier for Broad Creed Mountain experts to reinforce.

However, the battlefields of the two sides were diffused haphazardly over a wide area, not easy to discern.

How accurately they could predict the movements as well as the positions of the other side would have to look at the power and influence that they possessed here in the Eastern Tang itself.

Looking at it this way, Zhao Yuan having met danger and Yan Zhaoge having been ambushed meant that Yan Xu had at least committed the professional error of failing in his duties and not confirming their enemy’s situation clearly.

Xu Chuan’s felt a slight chill within his heart, “Is Yan Xu really doing this on purpose”

“He’s gone mad; even if he argues that it was just a mistake on his part, he will still be held somewhat responsible for it!”

However, what made Xu Chuan let out a sign of relief was the fact that Yan Zhaoge had indeed long been prepared as expected.

In having taken the risk of coming with him, he had gambled right.

That Sacred Sun Clan Elder looked at the Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmaster before him, saying coldly, “Our cultivation levels are similar-you think you can protect him”

Between his words, he lifted up his palm, the golden sunlight that illuminated the surrounding area agglomerating into a single mass, converging within it.

Next, as though lifting the sun itself, he smashed downwards with his palm!

The Heaven Striking Palm that was displayed by him, compared to that other Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan in the Spirit Wind Canyon, was even stronger!

Zhao Yuan and the others who were present all fell into nervousness.

As the one-eyed Elder had said, when two sides possessed close to the same level of strength, if one of them wanted to kill someone, while the other wanted to protect him, the defending party would be placed at an absolute disadvantage, with the initiative mostly having fallen to the enemy.

It was even to the point where perhaps being too concerned with the target of his protection, the defending party might instead reveal some flaws in his own defence which could easily be taken advantage of by the enemy, causing himself too to be sacrificed.

At that point, the guardian and the guarded could only become fresh meat on the chopping board at the hands of their enemy, unable to do anything but wallow in hatred.

Still, that emaciated Elder was still completely at ease, neither hurried nor impatient, “Having appeared here today, this old man naturally has the confidence to protect the disciples of my clan with my own power.”

“If there’s more of you, I still wouldn’t dare to say it; but if there’s only you, then, of course.”

As he said this, he crossed his palms, both of their surfaces turning a faint gold.

Countless palm shadows began spreading outwards to envelop all directions, golden streams of light intertwining high in mid-air as they resembled numerous golden ropes, trapping the heavens and imprisoning the earth.

As the Heaven Striking Palm of that Sacred Sun Clan Elder descended, it was surrounded and trapped by those numerous golden ropes.

The power of the extremely fierce and unyielding palm strike was constantly whittled down by that extremely soft and gentle yet also extremely tough power, temporarily unable to break free.

“Golden Curtain Palm” the one-eyed Elder’s eyebrows instantly stood on end.

The martial art his opponent was currently displaying was precisely Broad Creed Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, the Golden Curtain Palm of the Eight Extreme Arts.

Looking on from the side, Yan Zhaoge also nodded his head, thinking, “It’s almost reached the point of perfection.”

While in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, Yan Zhaoge had also seen Elder Kong unleash this martial art, and in an even more profound and unpredictable manner at that.

However, that should mostly be attributed to him being at a higher level of cultivation.

In terms of attainment in the Golden Curtain Palm, this emaciated Elder should already at the peak amongst those at the same cultivation level.

Just after the emaciated Elder unleashed the Golden Curtain Palm, his figure abruptly shook, turning ethereal as he began moving quickly and agilely like the wind.

This was actually yet another of the Eight Extreme Arts, the Wind Fire Calamities.

Exerting power with the calamity of fire, moving about like the calamity of wind.

At this moment, the emaciated Elder had even completely sealed off all the routes through which his opponent could launch a sneak attack with a Leap of the Rising Sun.

That Sacred Sun Clan Elder was angered to the point of steam rising up from his forehead.

Although the other party’s strength was similar to his, his way of fighting was soft and flexible to the extreme, causing him to have strength but be unable to exert it.

It would be difficult for the emaciated Elder to defeat him, but similarly, he too had no way to break through his defences.

Let alone securing a victory, even if he wanted to go deal with Yan Zhaoge and the others, he could only stare at them helplessly for now.

“Zhaoge, all of you leave this place first,” the emaciated Elder said mildly whilst also in the midst of breaking up his opponent’s attacks.

Yan Zhaoge and the others immediately retreated.

When two Martial Grandmasters did not hold back and fought with all their might, just the resultant shockwaves alone would be able to sweep over and destroy the entire surrounding area.

But they had not gone far when a hot-tempered voice suddenly resounded, shocking the ears to the point of them wanting to go deaf, “You’re going nowhere!”

Hearing this voice, Yan Zhaoge instinctively raised his brows.

“The Ghost Hatchet Elder, Han Sheng!”

“Even with this kind of situation, he still actually dares to show himself”

As the black fog swirled, an old man, his hair and beard bristling, suddenly appeared.

His entire body emanated a terrifying atmosphere, not inferior to the two Martial Grandmasters currently clashing right here in the least.

It was precisely the Ghost Hatchet Elder, Han Sheng, who had made a brief, fleeting appearance previously at the Sealing Dragon Abyss and also had some ties with Ye Jing.

As the Ghost Hatchet Elder appeared, his gaze came to fall on Yan Zhaoge.

Looking over, Yan Zhaoge saw that within the other party’s gaze, other than violence, there also existed some greed as well as a desire to probe out something.

“He wants a certain something of mine,” Yan Zhaoge’s mind flashed quickly, as he instantly came up with this guess.

But before he could consider carefully what that thing was, with a furious roar, Han Sheng had already extended his palms, a black qi having converged within as a gigantic hand that obscured the heavens and concealed the sun grabbed down towards Yan Zhaoge’s head.

Frowning, the emaciated Elder immediately executed the Wind Fire Calamities, his figure turning as he came to block before Han Sheng.

The power of his Golden Curtain Palm spread out, instantly drawing Han Sheng within.

But with this, the pressure on the Sacred Sun Clan Elder over on the other side had instantly decreased greatly.

He executed the Leap of the Rising Sun, forcefully breaking past the obstruction of the emaciated Elder’s Golden Curtain Palm, lunging towards Yan Zhaoge!

Xu Chuan’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest as he looked towards Yan Zhaoge, his face having turned terribly pale.

“Young Master Yan, please don’t tell me that this was within your predictions too ah!”


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