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HSSB869: Yan Zhaoge ascends


In the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s capital, aside from Shen Lingzi, there also stood a middle-aged man in dragon robe and crown who possessed an authoritative manner.

It was precisely King Xuancheng who had formerly passed the throne to his son King Xuanmu and left the Royal Reed Sea, having returned here a few years ago as he was now the monarch again.

A bit after Shen Lingzi, he too raised his head and gazed into the sky, bowing, “Senior apprentice-uncle Shi.”

A hunchbacked, white-haired old man descended from the skies.

Looking at King Xuancheng, the white-haired old man nodded slightly.

Then, his gaze fell on Shen Lingzi, “It truly was the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation”

Shen Lingzi said, “There is no question about it.

This old man also saw the fragmented formation diagram that is in the Emperor’s possession that year.”

The white-haired old man nodded, “I had originally thought that with everything having basically been settled here, we would be able to run other errands for the Emperor.

Who knew that those juniors would be so useless, still requiring us to come back to clean up a messy situation for them.”

“We old fellows are only afraid of delaying those errands that the Emperor has entrusted us with.”

King Xuancheng said in a heavy tone, “There is still a chance of remedying the situation.

With you, senior apprentice-uncle Shi, dealing with the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation, this King can join forces with senior apprentice-uncle Shen Lingzi and take care of those damned bastards who have been wrecking our plans.”

This white-haired old man was none other than Daoist Shi who had entered the Royal Reed Sea alongside King Xuanwen and Shen Lingzi that year, resulting in the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s creation.

While he was currently still an early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, more than a century ago, he had already been a formations grandmaster whose fame shook the entire Royal Reed Sea.

The white-haired old man said, “This old man wishes to personally see that Broad Creed Mountain’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

If I can restore the formation diagram of this peak battle formation for the Emperor, it can be considered as remedying the juniors’ faults.”

Shen Lingzi said, “With our efforts these past few years, the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation has already basically stabilised, attaining the correct trajectory.”

“Junior apprentice-brother Shi, after you have made some more arrangements, I believe that there will be no real need for Immortal Bridge Martial Saints to watch over this place.

The three of us can head to that Broad Creed Mountain together.”

An ancient voice came out from Shen Lingzi’s young features, “That being the case, even if Shadow Mountain Lin intervenes again, we will still be fully confident of felling that Broad Creed Mountain.”

Daoist Shi nodded, “Yes, this old man will take a look at the Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation and the grand formation of this capital now.”

King Xuancheng said, “The black hole in the Clear Scenic Region is already extremely unstable.

My two junior apprentice-brothers Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng as well as junior apprentice-nephew Kang Ping may be able to extricate themselves from within at any moment.”

Shen Lingzi raised a hand, quietly looking at the Reversing Light Divine Stone that flickered with a smooth, pearly lustre in his palm.

“We have to quickly exterminate the harmful elements, allowing everything to resume its rightful course.”

Time passed.

Soon, that major battle between the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory finally officially erupted!

In the west of the Royal Reed Sea, close to the battlefield’s location, Broad Creed Mountain was paying attention to the disturbances in the west even as they observed the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

“The stance of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory has been getting tougher and tougher these past few years,” Fang Zhun frowned, “It is likely that they have powerful external assistance.”

Yuan Zhengfeng said slowly, “It is most likely that major figure behind the Grand Xuan Dynasty.”

Across from Yuan Zhengfeng sat a handsome man who appeared to be in his thirties or forties, brows stained slightly white.

It was precisely Yan Di who had already emerged from seclusion.

Yan Di said, “The Southeastern Exalt has powerful assistance as well.

The peak experts of both sides are still repeatedly engaging with one another in battle.

The great battle that has erupted between those weaker disciples is likely a form of probing, probing the entirety of the other side’s strength and background.”

“Now, the key is still we ourselves.”

He turned to look at Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone, “Zhaoge, how are things going for you”

The Northern Ocean Clone smiled, his right thumb pointing above, “I’m already about to come up.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge say ‘come up’, everyone immediately understood what he meant, their spirits rising!

At this moment, in the Phoenix Bearing Region at the south of the Royal Reed Sea.

The heavens and earth were shaking unceasingly, a bright crevice slowly opening amidst space.

The wound of the sky was ripped apart with the power of dimensions unceasingly pressuring and folding into itself, emanating a shocking force.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners who were stationed in the vicinity were all shocked.

Someone had just surpassed the third level of the Martial Saint realm in the Vast Ocean World where the wound of the sky led, now being in the process of ascending into the World beyond Worlds!

In the Bewildering Maze Sea of the Vast Ocean World, a brilliant pillar of light shot into the skies!

With the Bewildering Maze Sea as their centre, numerous ripples that were condensed into tangible form expanded endlessly into the entire Vast Ocean World.

The ripples swept through the surrounding area wherever they went.

The seawater surged in reverse into the heavens as the bottom of the sea was visible.

The winds and clouds of the sky broke apart, the sun and moon changing colour.

An earthquake overwhelmed the great earth, mountain peaks collapsing.

The Vast Ocean World’s martial practitioners all looked on in shock and panic in the direction of the Bewildering Maze Sea.

They found it difficult to understand what had caused such terrifying occurrences which resembled the end of the world.

In the impressions of the Vast Ocean World martial practitioners, this was virtually like the repeated great tribulations of the heavens and earth mentioned within the ancient texts were occurring again.

Now, everyone knew that those had been caused by the dragon mausoleum.

Yet, the dragon mausoleum had already long since ceased to exist.

What might have caused such an occurrence then

Suddenly, a figure surfaced within the pillar of light over the Bewildering Maze Sea which connected to the heavens, gradually rising into the skies.

At this moment, in the entire Vast Ocean World, everyone from everywhere all round could see that pillar of light and that figure.

“Traceless Cloud Dragon King!”

“Traceless Cloud Yan!”

“It’s him! He was in the Vast Ocean World”

The people of the Vast Ocean World came to a sudden realisation.

They who already knew of the existence of the World beyond Worlds due to the descent of the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners felt rather discomfited somewhat.

The first person to ascend to the World beyond Worlds from the Vast Ocean World was an outsider.

Still, after a short silence, more and more people solemnly bowed towards the figure in the sky.

“Congratulations on the Traceless Cloud Dragon King’s ascension!”

“Congratulations to the Traceless Cloud Dragon King!”


More and more such cheers resounded throughout the various lands of the Vast Ocean World, gradually agglomerating into the voice of the heavens and earth.

The figure in the light pillar gradually vanished, the light pillar from the Bewildering Maze Sea instantly becoming thicker as it enveloped the entire Vast Ocean World, causing the world to become pure dazzling white before the eyes of everyone as they were unable to see anything.

In the World beyond Worlds, the wound of the sky in the Royal Reed Sea’s Phoenix Bearing Region was ripped apart once more as the fissure expanded unceasingly.

The majestic pillar of light shot out from within, shooting into the horizon even in the World beyond Worlds as it illuminated the entire surrounding area!

Everyone in the vicinity was wide-eyed and tongue-tied as they all started suspecting their earlier judgment, “Why would there be such a major disturbance when an expert of the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm ascends to the World beyond Worlds Could something else have happened”

To the distant west of the Phoenix Bearing Region, the Endless Magnetic Storms rampaging in the Clear Scenic Region suddenly calmed.

The surface of the sea suddenly collapsed down below.

In the centre of the great sea, there appeared a massive whirlpool which the seawater unceasingly surged into.

At the bottom of the sea, a black hole which seemed to have fallen still distorted intensely, finally dissipating into nothingness.

Amidst the distortions in space, several figures were uncontrollably hurled out into the surrounding area…


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