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HSSB870: News of an Immortal Artifact


In the deep sea of the Royal Reed Sea’s Clear Scenic Region, the black hole collapsed, leading to distortions amidst space.

The people who had previously been trapped in the black hole were respectively flung towards different directions.

Aside from Kang Ping and the other Grand Xuan Dynasty experts, there were also Luo Zhiyuan and some others from the Radiant Light Sect who broke free.

Originally having been murderously pursued throughout by Kang Ping’s group, after confirming the situation on hand, Luo Zhiyuan immediately fled as fast as he could.

As Kang Ping’s group was flung into different directions upon the collapse of the black hole, they would be unable to immediately give chase.

After breaking free with great difficulty, those of the Radiant Light Sect first found some small to medium scale powers to learn about the current situation in the Royal Reed Sea.

Hearing how Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain had domineeringly slain King Xuanmu that year, having come to occupy the Spirit Inheritance Region where their Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters had once been, Luo Zhiyuan and the others could only feel all stifled within.

Then hearing about how King Xuancheng and Shen Lingzi had returned to the Royal Reed Sea and rampantly swept through the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and the Dim Darkness Sect, with Broad Creed Mountain instead standing staunch and unwavering, the Radiant Light Sect martial practitioners could only feel even more discomfited.

This sort of Broad Creed Mountain was already long since not something that their Radiant Light Sect could stand against!

Having once been a minor power that they of the Radiant Light Sect had totally disregarded in the past, in just a few short years, Broad Creed Mountain had already attained heights that even they had to raise their heads to look at.

Meanwhile, King Xuancheng and Shen Lingzi were not just alive but had also returned to the Royal Reed Sea.

With Kang Ping’s trio of Immortal Bridge Martial Saints also having broken free, the pressure that the Radiant Light Sect was feeling right now was truly suffocating indeed.

While he was very unwilling to admit it, Luo Zhiyuan’s rationality told him that even if both the massive entities in the Royal Reed Sea right now, Broad Creed Mountain and the Grand Xuan Dynasty, suffered losses from the conflict between them, it would still be very difficult for his Radiant Light Sect to take advantage of it and benefit in the process.

Looking at those of his sect, Luo Zhiyuan was silent for a long time before he said in a heavy tone, “We have got to leave the Royal Reed Sea for now.”

Whether it was the Grand Xuan Dynasty or Broad Creed Mountain who won, it would clearly be difficult for the Radiant Light Sect to continue surviving in the Royal Reed Sea.

They all pondered in silence before they sighed, nodding quietly.

“Still, we won’t let it end just like this,” Luo Zhiyuan’s gaze sunk as it was cold beyond compare, “Whether it is Broad Creed Mountain or the Grand Xuan Dynasty.”

Soon, news spread throughout the Royal Reed Sea within an extremely short period of time, even spreading to the entirety of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and even other places like the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

It was not that the weakened Radiant Light Sect still had such a powerful information network.

Instead, the news itself was greatly shocking as it naturally spread nevertheless.

In the past, the famed Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia of the World beyond Worlds had left behind a supreme treasure.

An Immortal Artifact!

The World beyond Worlds was incomparable to lower worlds like the Eight Extremities World, the Vast Ocean World and the Floating Gate World.

While low-grade and mid-grade Sacred Artifacts were the stuff of legends for ordinary people, for Martial Saint experts with sufficiently strong powers behind them, they were no longer that rare.

Instead, it was high-grade Sacred Artifacts which were comparatively rarer.

Due to the difficulty of forging them and the scarcity of the materials required for that, it was impossible for all Immortal Bridge Martial Saints to have one on average.

Meanwhile, even rarer than high-grade Sacred Artifacts were Immortal Artifacts.

Even for most martial practitioners of the World beyond Worlds, these were existences of legend.

Let alone having one, even those who had seen one before were already as rare as the feathers of phoenixes and the horns of unicorns.

Now, the location of an Immortal Artifact had suddenly been made known.

How would the entire world not pay attention to this, their emotions surging

The Radiant Light Sect announced that this Immortal Artifact had previously been concealed within the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Meanwhile, apart from those of the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect, there was also another person who had entered the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge.

Looking at the current predicaments of the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect, it was really self-evident who the Immortal Artifact had ultimately fallen to.

The Radiant Light Sect had initially withheld news of the Dim Radiant Wheel in hoping that they would be able to wrest it back from Yan Zhaoge, naturally not wanting outsiders to learn of it as even more experts came to snatch it.

Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation base was insufficient for him to control the Dim Radiant Wheel anyway.

Yet, things were just different now.

While he felt stifled to the point of his heart dripping blood, Luo Zhiyuan had to admit that he had no way of wresting the Dim Radiant Wheel back from Yan Zhaoge.

Even if Yan Zhaoge was defeated by the Grand Xuan Dynasty, the Dim Radiant Wheel would fall into the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s hands.

His Radiant Light Sect would still not have a chance.

Since that was so, he might as well flip the table over!

After the news had spread, Luo Zhiyuan and the others quickly left the Royal Reed Sea.

Since they had already decided to leave, they of the Radiant Light Sect did not hesitate.

Sadly for them, they were ultimately unable to flee in the end.

It was just that the one who caught them was not from Broad Creed Mountain or the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Luo Zhiyuan and the others sucked in a breath of cold air as they saw that massive hand which broke through the boundaries of the heavens and earth, extending out from amidst space.

That palm was massive as it seemed able to easily grasp and capture even the stars in the sky above.

The palm was transparent, countless intricate specks of light flickering and shifting unceasingly on it like the starry sky up above.

Upon seeing this hand, they of the Radiant Light Sect all understood who this person was.

One of the peak experts beneath the Southeastern Exalt in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, an expert of the late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint realm, the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide!

Facing such an expert, Luo Zhiyuan and the others could do nothing at all as they would not be able to succeed in killing themselves even if they so wanted to.

As the massive hand barred their advance, Luo Zhiyuan and the others did not resist as they halted submissively.

Seeing this, the other party retracted his palm.

The next moment, a thin middle-aged scholarly-looking man appeared before Luo Zhiyuan and the others, asking mildly, “The Immortal Artifact left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor is in the hands of that Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge”


King Xuancheng pondered, “Immortal Artifact Could that be fake news”

“I cannot say for sure that there is an Immortal Artifact.

After all, even if Yan Zhaoge has obtained one, he would still be unable to unleash its power with his cultivation base.”

The one who had spoken was none other than Kang Ping!

Beside him, He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang both had dark looks on their faces.

Kang Ping continued, “Still, it seems that he indeed went to look for the Dim Radiant Mausoleum along with the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect before.”

Shen Lingzi said, “After exterminating Broad Creed Mountain and capturing or killing that Yan Zhaoge, all will naturally be answered.”

“It seems like there has been an unusual disturbance over at the southern Phoenix Bearing Region, though.”

Hearing his words, King Xuancheng said slowly, “The most unique thing about that place is that it is where Yan Zhaoge appeared in the World beyond Worlds for the first time.

There is a wound of the sky there which leads to a lower world.

We have investigated there before, but clues were limited.”

A dark look flickered within his eyes, “From the looks of it now, that Yan Zhaoge was likely hiding in this lower world where the flow of time is faster than the World beyond Worlds.

Now, he is coming to the World beyond Worlds via the wound of the sky there!”

Shen Lingzi’s gaze scanned the area, finally landing on Daoist Shi.

Daoist Shi said mildly, “This old man is still more interested in the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.”

Shen Lingzi said, “This old man had originally wanted to take care of them personally, washing away that previous humiliation.

Since junior apprentice-brother Shi says so, this old man will make a trip to the southern seas then.”

Kang Ping said slowly now, “Grand Master, I will go.”

Shen Lingzi glanced at him before nodding slowly.

Then, he strode forth and transformed into a streak of light, directly vanishing from where he was.

Kang Ping’s creased brows eased as he too transformed into a streak of light, vanishing from the area.

The others continued gazing down below.

Gazing upon Broad Creed Mountain down below!

The Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners gazed at Broad Creed Mountain together like dark clouds pressuring upon a city.

Daoist Shi’s old figure seemed filled with vitality once more.

He calmly waved a hand, bringing it downwards, “And so it begins.”


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