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HSSB872: Sabres that split and extinguish the heavens


Daoist Shi no longer looked as leisurely and composed as before.

Unlike King Xuanmu who had already been injured in the Eight Extremities World, also having been a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint just like the newly ascended Yan Di, the current King Xuancheng was an actual eighth level Martial Saint, an expert of the mid Immortal Bridge stage who had experienced countless battles.

However, not relying on formations, not relying on geographical advantage, not relying on high-grade Sacred Artifacts as he wielded the reforged Heavenly Dragon Sabre which was a mid-grade Sacred Artifact, Yan Di had relied solely on his own power and sent King Xuancheng toppling back into retreat with a single sabre!

Yan Di capitalised unforgivingly on his momentum, his sabres descending in an endless chain as they resembled the great tide of eras, unstoppable as they swept across the heavens and the earth which lay ahead without opposition.

He strode forth, instantly arriving before King Xuancheng whereupon he chopped out with another sabre!

Currently, King Xuancheng had a solemn expression on his face.

He already dared not underestimate his opponent any further as all such thoughts had already dissipated with the wind.

His hatred and fury from the death of his son had also already been eradicated completely.

All negative emotions which could affect his judgment and mentality was presently hacked completely away by King Xuancheng from his own mind now.

There only remained the calm mind and will of a powerful martial practitioner as he faced a powerful opponent.

As Yan Di arrived before him with his attack, focused and vigilant, King Xuancheng actually did not evade or dodge it as he instead forcibly received Yan Di’s sabre with his body!

A treasured light suddenly lit up on his body as a battle armour helped him to block Yan Di’s sabre.

On the armour was engraved the profiles of seven fowl as five fires roiled and surged.

It was a high-grade Sacred Artifact!

While King Xuanmu had lost the King Xuan Spear, in returning to the Royal Reed Sea this time, King Xuancheng had brought back a Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour!

In contrast to the offensive King Xuan Spear, it mainly relied on its defensive capabilities.

King Xuancheng had long been waiting for this day not just to slay Yan Di and those of Broad Creed Mountain to take revenge for his son but also to wrest back the King Xuan Spear.

Immortal Bridge Martial Saints were able to sufficiently exert the capabilities of high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Worn by King Xuancheng, the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour displayed shocking defensive power.

Even as he forcibly took a sabre of Yan Di’s, King Xuancheng immediately stabbed out with a spear straight at Yan Di’s chest!

At such close proximity, he was remarkably fast, his fist resembling the tip of a spear as it instantly arrived before Yan Di’s chest.

Yan Di’s left hand grabbed over at lightning speed, grabbing King Xuancheng’s arm and preventing his spear attack from advancing any further.

However, that terrifying spear formed of flames looked set to forcibly penetrate through his body.

Yan Di was dauntless as he exhaled, roaring.

Amidst his roar, five radiances of white, green, black, red and yellow lit up about his body.

They respectively originated from the five major internal organs of his body.

Within Yan Di’s body, it was as though there resided five guardian spirits at his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, five heavenly emperors presiding within.

The forces of the Five Elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, surged with vitality, a powerful defensive power and recuperative power taking effect simultaneously which forcibly blocked King Xuancheng’s attack!

Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, Five Elements Deific Immortal Body!

King Xuancheng was shocked as Yan Di coldly met his gaze, rotating the sabre in his right hand and bringing it directly down upon the arm of his enemy that he was grabbing!

“Go!” King Xuancheng howled, the defensive power of the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour being fully concentrated on the armguard as it forcibly withstood another of Yan Di’s sabres.

His other hand executed a spear technique as well, resembling a venomous snake leaving its nest as it struck out towards Yan Di.

Yan Di launched a flying kick which connected with King Xuancheng’s elbow.

It was not just his sabre arts.

Every single one of Yan Di’s moves seemed to have the momentum of the heavens and earth condensed within, destroying everything that stood in his path.

After blocking King Xuancheng’s strike, Yan Di relaxed his grip on King Xuancheng’s other hand before his figure abruptly spun.

With the Heavenly Dragon Sabre raised high, Yan Di wielded it with both his hands this time, chopping down straight at King Xuancheng’s head!

The sky above the Spirit Inheritance Region seemed to shatter at this moment, winds and clouds surging as the entire heavens and earth seemed to break apart into several different fragments.

The scenes there were still the same as they had been before.

Still, they had already shattered.

It was as though the heavens and earth had previously been an image atop a porcelain object.

Now, the porcelain object had shattered.

The fragments of the heavens and the earth flew to the sides of Yan Di’s incoming sabre before being swept back along, following the sabre’s trajectory in cleaving straight for King Xuancheng!

King Xuancheng emitted a muffled groan as he stimulated the defensive power of the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour to the maximum.

A mid-grade Sacred Artifact spear appeared which he mightily swept horizontally across and up above his head, bolstered by the spiritual force of the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour as he sought to block this sabre of Yan Di’s.

A mighty boom resounded as endless flowing fire and sabre-qi splattered into the surroundings.

Where the seas had already been roiling and surging in the Spirit Inheritance Region, it was really as though the heavens and earth were being overturned now.

At the centre of where the forces intersected, the spear in King Xuancheng’s hands directly snapped into two right at the centre!

While he was protected by the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour, his qi and blood were still left roiling as he was forcibly jolted backwards into retreat.

Just a short distance away, Gu Zhang and He Dongcheng did not interfere in the battle between Yan Di and King Xuancheng as they instead shot over towards Broad Creed Mountain once more.

Atop Broad Creed Mountain, the radiance of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation lit up once more, shooting straight into the clouds.

Seeing this, Daoist Shi could not be concerned with the battle between Yan Di and King Xuancheng any further as he just carefully observed the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

He had once analysed a fragmented version of the formation diagram before and also commonly associated with Shen Lingzi who cultivated in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

Seeing the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation now, he was instantly able to see through quite some things about it.

Daoist Shi’s hands separated to the sides as he instantly drew countless profound spirit patterns amidst space.

The spirit patterns intersected, forming a massive spirit formation.

In the surroundings of the Royal Reed Sea’s Spirit Inheritance Region, streams of spiritual light surfaced atop the regions of sea of the Desert Mountain Region and elsewhere at this moment.

This spiritual light surrounded the Spirit Inheritance Region, resonating with the spirit patterns drawn by Daoist Shi.

The next moment, an enormous formation which was much vaster than even the entire Spirit Inheritance Formation completely took form, enveloping everyone beneath it.

An earthquake rumbled at the bottom of the sea as a strange beast appeared there, next navigating the waters and surfacing on the sea’s surface.

It as an old turtle that possessed a reddish-black lustre along with the head of a bird and the tail of a poisonous snake.

It was a Cyclone Turtle, presently a very rare breed of demonic species.

This turtle was Daoist Shi’s treasured steed which he had tamed.

It emerged, on its shell engraved traces of the passing ages.

The turtle shell too lit up with spirit patterns now, combining with the grand formation that currently enveloped Broad Creed Mountain.

Streams of reddish-black light suffused the world all round, unceasingly encroaching upon the white light manifested of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Affected by this formation, the power of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation began to deteriorate as it was gradually suppressed and dispelled!

Without the suppression of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, the shackles on the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners as led by Gu Zhang and He Doncheng were instantly released as they began forcibly attacking the Mountain.

Still, Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone wielded the King Xuan Spear, directly blocking Gu Zhang’s path.

The other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners were not panicked as well as they combined forces in obstructing He Dongcheng and those other Grand Xuan Dynasty experts, engaging them in battle.

Meanwhile, gazing down below, Yan Di suddenly struck out with a fierce, vicious sabre, temporarily sending King Xuancheng into retreat.

Then, he spun around at lightning speed, striding forth and instantly arriving murderously before He Dongcheng, next chopping out with a sabre!

He Dongcheng was greatly shocked, his accurate judgment preventing him from daring to have the least bit of hesitation as he immediately forsook his other opponents, transforming into a streak of light and evading to the side.

However, as Yan Di’s sabre cleaved past, He Dongcheng still groaned tragically.

The sword-light that resembled a long, flowing river was instantly stained with the colour of blood!


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