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HSSB873: Star Plucking Practitioner


Beneath Yan Di’s sabre amidst space, the early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint He Dongcheng was instantly wounded.

Daoist Shi’s expression was solemn as he pointed with a finger.

Reddish-black streams of light intermingled amidst space, instantly forming an irregular hexagon that resembled a shield which came to protect He Dongcheng.

As Yan Di’s sabre hacked on that shield of light, it immediately shattered.

However, He Dongcheng had already made use of this to survive this tribulation, speeding away in the form of a streak of light as he increased the distance between them.

Meanwhile, King Xuancheng remained decisive and resolute as he displayed no fear of Yan Di at all despite how their earlier exchanges had gone.

As Yan Di spun around, King Xuancheng immediately assumed the offensive in mercilessly pursuing him!

Yan Di was now obstructed by the power of Daoist Shi’s Heaven Earth Divination Formation as King Xuancheng’s attack arrived behind him.

At the same time, several reddish-black shields of light appeared, surrounding Yan Di completely.

Where the light shields were, space was locked down completely as they simultaneously worked together to imprison Yan Di where he was.

A cold light now flickered in Yan Di’s eyes as his sabre-light surged, vaguely achieving the effect of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation as he suddenly accelerated whereas his opponents vaguely seemed to slow somewhat.

He tensed his shoulders, forcibly resisting a spear of King Xuancheng’s.

With his attainment in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, the initially accomplished Five Elements Deific Immortal Body again demonstrated domineering defensive power as it resisted that attack by King Xuancheng.

At the same time, a majestic-sabre light lit up as Yan Di forcibly broke through the imprisoning force of the Divination Heaven Earth Formation, killing his way out of the encirclement.

King Xuancheng and Daoist Shi both had solemn expressions on their faces.

Daoist Shi brought his palms together before pushing them simultaneously outwards.

Reddish-black light intersected between the heavens and the earth, manifesting as numerous irregular shields of light that resembled the shells of turtles.

A total of forty-nine turtle shells appeared with the mysteries of divination concealed within them as they manifested amidst space.

The Heaven Earth Divination Formation was already circulated to the maximum by Daoist Shi now.

The Spirit Inheritance Region and the space which surrounded it seemed to be split into forty-nine portions at this moment which were no longer connected to one another.

As the formation circulated, the size and extent of each portion of space was changing unceasingly just as Daoist Shi willed it to.

Beneath the effects of the Heaven Earth Divination Formation, every time Yan Di attacked one of his opponents, he would find that the distance between them had seemingly become incomparably great as his calculations regarding the distance and timing of his attacks had lost all meaning.

When King Xuancheng and the others attacked him, the distance between them would virtually vanish completely as he would be hard pressed to defend as a result.

Everyone else of Broad Creed Mountain was facing the same problem as well.

Caught unawares by this phenomenon, they nearly immediately suffered a major loss!

A cold light flickered in Yan Di’s eyes as his sabre-intent surged.

Illuminated by his sabre-light, cracks instantly began appearing on those reddish-black turtle shells.

However, King Xuancheng promptly blocked his path now, relying on the defensive power of the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour, to face Yan Di’s sabre head-on.

Assisted by the Heaven Earth Divination Formation, things were much easier for him.

Also, with him blocking Yan Di’s sabre at the forefront, he had managed to buy time for Daoist Shi.

While Yan Di’s sabre unceasingly shook the Heaven Earth Divination Formation, beneath King Xuancheng’s interference, Daoist Shi was granted the opportunity to re-adjust and repair the formation non-stop as the grand formation continued circulating throughout.

Ever since the start of the battle, the focus of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had continually been on Daoist Shi.

The other party indeed lived up to his reputation of the number one formations grandmaster amongst the World beyond Worlds’ Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Even as he had dispelled the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation, he had still been able to turn the tables and establish such a formation as he seemed about to turn the home advantage within the Spirit Inheritance Region into the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s.

If it was not his real body, he lacked the ability to sufficiently analyse the intricacies of the variations in formations.

However, after observing the Heaven Earth Divination Formation for a moment, the Northern Ocean Clone suddenly acted.

The Northern Ocean Clone raised the King Xuan Spear, directly forsaking Gu Zhang before his figure shifted virtually instantly, stabbing towards a point in space where no enemies existed whatsoever.

However, along with this spear, the circulation of the Heaven Earth Divination Formation instantly slowed slightly!

Daoist Shi’s expression suddenly changed.

Of the fifty positions of divination, it used forty-nine of them as only the Grand Unity position was not used.

The Heaven Earth Divination Formation had the ability to shift the heavens and the earth.

However, the eye of the formation, the Grand Unity position, was not fixed.

Rather, it was constantly changing.

By restricting the position of Grand Unity, the entire formation would be affected.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone’s spear precisely targeted the Grand Unity position!

As the circulation of the entire formation slowed, the first person to sense the change was Yan Di.

He chopped out with a sabre, with King Xuancheng unable to block it in time as several of the turtle shells instantly shattered mightily!

The figure of Daoist Shi swiftly descended onto the back of the Cyclone Turtle down below, his palm clapping the actual turtle shell.

Streaks of light were emitted from the back of the Cyclone Turtle which quickly mended the Heaven Earth Divination Formation.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone traversed space, frequently capturing the Grand Unity position that constantly shifted.

Gu Zhang chased after him.

The sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword was extraordinarily fast.

While the Northern Ocean Clone’s strong point was his speed, his cultivation level was still insufficient at the end of the day as Gu Zhang quickly managed to catch up with him.

The next moment, however, Gu Zhang suddenly felt a chill permeate his heart as he dodged backwards virtually instinctively.

Indeed, Yan Di’s figure spun as he immediately arrived before him, striking out with a sabre!

Luckily, King Xuancheng provided Gu Zhang with timely assistance, saving him from peril.

The conflict in the Spirit Inheritance Region raged on without end.

Now, however, the sky suddenly shook.

Space mightily broke apart as a massive star plucking hand extended over from the darkness of the shattered space!

That palm glowed with starlight with myriad stars seemingly circulating within as it was vast to the point of obscuring the heavens and concealing the sun.

With such an obvious characteristic, the two sides of combatants instantly realised who this third party who had suddenly descended was.

Of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage, the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide!

That huge hand of starlight remained condensed amidst the horizon, not descending at once.

The figure of a middle-aged scholarly-looking man appeared, gazing down upon Broad Creed Mountain, “Is Yan Zhaoge here”

Regarding the sudden descent of Guan Lide, both sides felt rather wary as they guardedly appraised this unwelcome visitor.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone had just been about to speak on behalf of his real body when Yan Di had already beat him to it, “Is there anything you would like in looking for my son, Zhaoge”

After repelling King Xuancheng with a sabre, he exhaled slowly, gazing at Guan Lide.

While this was what he asked, Yan Di was already basically able to guess at the other party’s intent.

This person had previously made a move when Yan Zhaoge had been searching for the Dim Radiant Mausoleum.

Having been swindled by the Chief of the Dim Darkness Sect Zhou Haosheng, he had taken revenge afterwards.

If not for Lin Hanhua having stepped in, Guan Lide would virtually have exterminated the entire Dim Darkness Sect.

The Radiant Light Sect had spread news of Yan Zhaoge obtaining the Dim Radiant Wheel throughout the entire Royal Reed Sea.

Broad Creed Mountain was naturally no exception to this.

It was just that due to being busy dealing with the Grand Xuan Dynasty, they did not have the time to pursue it for the time being.

With Guan Lide having suddenly appeared here, it was naturally obvious what he had come for.

“You are Yan Zhaoge’s father Can you speak on his behalf” Looking at Yan Di, Guan Lide’s gaze flickered slightly as well, “Able to suppress the eighth level of the Martial Saint realm at the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Hard to come by, hard to come by indeed.”

Yan Di said, “You overpraise me.”

Guan Lide’s gaze swept across the Spirit Inheritance Region as he said slowly, “I will say it directly.

Give me the Immortal Artifact that the Dim Radiant Emperor left behind, and I will aid your Broad Creed Mountain, taking care of your problem at hand.”


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