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HSSB874: Staging a robbery amidst a fire


Hearing Guan Lide’s words, everyone of Broad Creed Mountain frowned.

The other party was clearly staging a robbery amidst a fire, forcing them into an alliance beneath the city walls.

Guan Lide said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “There is no need to deny it.”

A figure appeared beside him, precisely the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhiyuan.

Luo Zhiyuan glanced at Guan Lide with a complicated expression on his face.

Then, his gaze fell on those of Broad Creed Mountain and the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

A short while later, Luo Zhiyuan said in a heavy tone, “The Immortal Artifact left behind by the Emperor that year resembles a wheel on the outside and has twelve slots.

The Dim Radiant Lamp that was the trademark treasure of the Dim Radiant Sect in the past was integrated into that wheel-shaped Immortal Artifact as well.

It is precisely in the hands of Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge.”

With that, radiance flickered within his pupils, projecting the scenes of that time.

Even the gazes of Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng were drawn over.

When they had first received this news, they had still been hesitant over its veracity.

From the looks of it now, however, the possibility of it being true was very high indeed.

The Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia had actually left behind an Immortal Artifact after his death.

It was even in Yan Zhaoge’s possession now.

Guan Lide gazed down upon Broad Creed Mountain, “While it is still just in its embryonic form as an Immortal Artifact, still having yet to be completed, it is not something that you can possess.

Even if I did not come for it, there would still be others who would.”

“Today, I just happen to find you engaged in battle.

Southeastern Cao admires you father and son greatly.

I might as well do him a favour.

Give me the Immortal Artifact, and I will help you to take care of your foes.”

Hearing his words, Yan Di raised his brows slightly, “We can deal with these enemies on our own.

There is no need to trouble you.”

Glancing at Yan Di, Guan Lide said in an indifferent tone, “You seem to misunderstand.

There is no room for discussion here.”

“The Immortal Artifact left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor will definitely be mine.

Even without those of the Grand Xuan Dynasty present, if you do not hand it over, I would directly take down your sect on my own.”

“Things are no different at all now.

If you do not hand over the Immortal Artifact, I will join forces with the Grand Xuan Dynasty to take you down.”

“To me, there is not much of a difference between these two choices.

I have been friends for many years with Southeastern Cao.

Even if he learns about this afterwards, he still wouldn’t say anything about it.”

Guan Lide turned to look at Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng, “The same goes for you too.

If you do not stand in my way of getting the Immortal Artifact, I will not bother you.

If you want to compete with me over it, however, there will inevitably be a battle between us.”

King Xuancheng knit his brows as Daoist Shi’s old voice now resounded, “Since the Star Plucking Practitioner is familiar with the Southeastern Exalt, you should know that we are not without background.

This here is far from all our people currently active within the Royal Reed Sea.”

“Still, there is only one motive in us having come here, and that is to destroy Broad Creed Mountain and capture or slay Yan Zhaoge and his father.

So long as Broad Creed Mountain falls, you can take whatever you want.

This old man will definitely have no objection to it.”

King Xuancheng was silent for a while before he said in a heavy tone, “This King too has no designs on that incomplete Immortal Artifact.”

Guan Lide nodded, “I basically know who it is that stands behind you.

Still, since I have come for the Immortal Artifact, it would not just be a few major figures who are my competitors.

This is a necessary risk which I have long since known.

An additional one would not matter.”

“It is just that I happened to arrive here right after the news spread, having a bit of an initiative in this.

I naturally have to make good use of it in order to fulfil the hope of being first to the Artifact.”

Guan Lide gazed down upon Broad Creed Mountain, “I originally intended to join forces with your opponents to swiftly take down your Broad Creed Mountain.

That would save the most time.

They would not be able to get it if I wanted to, anyway.”

“Giving Southeastern Cao face, I gave you a chance to save yourselves.

Since you will not accept the toast, I can only invite you to eat the forfeit.”

With that, that massive hand condensed of starlight descended towards Broad Creed Mountain from overhead!

That massive hand which could grasp even the stars seemed like it would rip out the entire Spirit Inheritance Region from the heavens and earth of the World beyond Worlds with its momentum.

Yan Di raised his brows, wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sabre as he cleaved outwards within the air.

The internal organs of his body shuddered slightly as though five divinities were awakening from a deep slumber within.

A five-coloured glow gushed out of Yan Di’s body, transforming into a dawn mist which enveloped him completely.

The next moment, the five-coloured glow rose, agglomerating atop the Heavenly Dragon Sabre.

As light circulated, it resembled a barrier as it blocked Guan Lide’s descending palm.

The huge hand that concealed the heavens instantly seemed to have lost its mysterious power as it could no longer envelop the entire Spirit Inheritance Region.

Instead, it gradually turned as small as the size of a normal person’s hand.

Guan Lide’s clear white palm visibly extended from his sleeve, pressing down on Yan Di’s weapon.

He exerted more strength with his arm.

Myriad stars circulated, becoming even swifter as they seemed to descend like a meteor shower.

That huge hand of starlight appeared once more as it seemed about to again envelop space, suppressing Yan Di and Broad Creed Mountain beneath it.

While Yan Di’s expression was heavy, he remained unperturbed.

He inhaled deeply, the acupoints of his entire body pulsing as streams of qi surged from within, manifesting as twin intermingling qis of white and black with yin and yang coexisting, flowing on neverendingly in an endless stream.

That huge hand of starlight was again dissipated, the true appearance of Guan Lide’s palm revealed.

Guan Lide’s expression turned a bit more serious, “Why does it resemble the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture and the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture of the Jade Clear direct lineage”

Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng had similarly solemn expressions on their faces.

Having already seen some signs of this earlier, they were even surer about it now.

Still, a loosed bow could not retract its arrow.

With Guan Lide being so dead set on the Dim Radiant Wheel, since he had already made a move, he would be going all out here.

Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng did not stand by and do nothing as well as they immediately led the other Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners in attacking Yan Di and Broad Creed Mountain!

With Guan Lide, a ninth level Martial Saint, also attacking, the pressure that Broad Creed Mountain was facing immediately changed from before.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone said from down below, “Father, while it is not compatible with you, how about making do for now”

He separated the Heaven Swallowing Sword Devouring Box from Pan-Pan before clapping down on the sword box.

The lid of the box opened, black light shooting into the skies.

Coincidentally, while Broad Creed Mountain currently had a few high-grade Sacred Artifacts, it just so happened that there was none which was suited to Yan Di.

The Extreme Yin Crown aside, Yan Di was incompatible with the Evil Sword Taotie and the King Xuan Spear while the Cold Sun Divine Sabre had still yet to achieve major completion to become an actual high-grade Sacred Artifact.

While it had been useful for Yan Di at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm, now that he had attained the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, it was inferior to when he used the Heavenly Dragon Sabre which was more in line with his martial dao.

As for the Extreme Yang Seal which he would be able to use, firstly, he would first have to spend time cultivating in the Extreme Yang Scripture, and secondly, it had been taken down to the Vast Ocean World by Yan Zhaoge to aid him in his secluded cultivation as it was currently not in Broad Creed Mountain.

In having asked Yan Di to make do, it would really be making do.

Even so, however, the Evil Sword Taotie would be able to exert more of its power in Yan Di’s hands than when in the hands of Pan-Pan and the Northern Ocean Clone.

While Yan Di was famed beneath the heavens for his sabre, he was proficient in sword arts as well.

He was one of those few people in Broad Creed Mountain who was versed in all the Eight Extreme Arts.

These included the Great Heaven Earth Sword and the Big Dipper Sword.

His sabre-intent was manifested in the movements of his entire body, resembling the unstoppable momentum of the heavens and the earth.

He was able to perform to the utmost when using the sabre.

It would also be fine if he used a sword.

It was just that the concept of the Evil Sword Taotie really diverged from Yan Di’s sabre-intent somewhat.

However, combined with the innate power possessed by a high-grade Sacred Artifact, remarkable power would definitely be demonstrated.

Yan Di shook his head, “No need.”

His figure descended.

Seeing this, the Northern Ocean Clone kept the King Xuan Spear, himself wielding the more powerful Evil Sword Taotie in replacing Pan-Pan’s original position.

Yan Di descended.

He stood across from Yuan Zhengfeng, the Northern Ocean Clone and Feng Yunsheng, the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation being established once more!


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