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HSSB876: The Yan Zhaoge who has truly ascended into the World beyond Worlds


Yan Zhaoge instantly arrived behind Lord Protector Zheng at a speed that far exceeded his expectations.

The Great Roc Spear of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s supreme martial art, the Seven Fowl Treasured Spear, was also renowned for its speed.

Originally, amongst the powers active in the Royal Reed Sea, there had only been those of the Radiant Light Sect who cultivated in the Thousand Illusory Streaking Light Art who were able to compete with it in terms of speed.

As an expert of the sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, while Lord Protector Zheng was inferior to the late King Xuanmu, his martial prowess was still a cut above the rest.

As he thought to turn and flee, he quickly did so using the movement techniques of the Great Roc Spear.

However, Yan Zhaoge was actually even faster than him!

“You are the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Lord Protector Zheng” Having once seen images of all the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s peak experts before, Yan Zhaoge immediately recognised the other party.

He could not help but smile, shaking his head, “Back in that Dim Darkness Sect branch altar, we did also have an encounter.

Still, it was fortunate that you did not see me then.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I might have had it real bad then, no longer able to converse with you like I am today.”

Lord Protector Zheng’s face was livid as he thought that Yan Zhaoge was just trying to make a fool out of him.

He did not know that not long after Yan Zhaoge had come to the World beyond Worlds for the first time with the help of the paper fan of divine wood that year, Yan Zhaoge had temporarily resided in a branch altar of the Dim Darkness Sect which had ended up being attacked by the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

At that time, it had been none other than him, Lord Protector Zheng, who had been leading the attacking troops.

Yan Zhaoge had still yet to Transcend Mortality and achieve Sainthood back then as his cultivation base had been far from comparable to Lord Protector Zheng’s.

Currently, Lord Protector Zheng was still a sixth level Martial Saint whereas Yan Zhaoge had already attained the fifth level of the Martial Saint realm, his strength far surpassing his opponent.

Speaking of this, quite a few years had already passed since then.

Recalling this now, Yan Zhaoge inevitably felt somewhat emotional.

Lord Protector Zheng snorted, “Kid of the Yan Family, don’t you be arrogant!”

“Though your cultivation base may have improved by leaps and bounds now, you are still too inexperienced! Many ancestors of my Grand Xuan Dynasty have simultaneously returned to the Royal Reed Sea this time.

Their momentum of sweeping through all beneath the heavens already cannot be stopped!”

He said hatefully, “Even if you immediately turn tail and run, trying to flee from the Royal Reed Sea, you still might not be able to succeed!”

Yan Zhaoge could not help but laugh upon hearing this, “Are you hinting to me that killing you would be useless, that I would do better letting you go and hastily fleeing now, in which case I might still be able to live for a moment longer”

Having been seen through by Yan Zhaoge, Lord Protector Zheng’s expression changed slightly.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, retracting his smile as he said earnestly, “From a certain perspective, it is only today that this Yan can be considered as truly having ascended into the World beyond Worlds.”

“Let eliminating this enmity between the Grand Xuan Dynasty and myself be this Yan’s first battle in the World beyond Worlds.”

Looking at Lord Protector Zheng, Yan Zhaoge said calmly, “I shall begin with you.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge raised his palm, directly flipping it whereupon he brought it down upon Lord Protector Zheng’s head!

Lord Protector Zheng roared in rage, immediately retaliating as he would surely not be a sitting duck.

However, as Yan Zhaoge brought down his palm, Lord Protector Zheng could only feel as though the sky was directly collapsing, the heavens and earth being overturned.

This terrifying force that reversed the heavens and earth pinned him tightly to the spot, completely unable to shift his body.

The blazing fire formed of his true essence surged into the skies, yet was immediately extinguished the next instant.

Even the very heavens and earth had been overturned, much less these few flames between them!

Lord Protector Zheng’s eyes seemed on the brink of imploding as he watched Yan Zhaoge’s palm descend yet was unable to exert any power, being unable to even evade.

If one were to say that many opponents who had previously faced Yan Zhaoge’s Cyclic Heavenly Seal had been mentally intimidated by his fist-intent, the current Lord Protector Zheng felt as though he was truly faced with a terrifying disaster as the heavens and the earth were overturned with all of creation being reversed.

However he tried to withstand it, however he tried to evade it, he would still be unable to avoid this palm of Yan Zhaoge’s!

A ‘boom’ resounded as Yan Zhaoge’s palm mightily descended.

The mid-grade and low-grade Sacred Artifacts that Lord Protector Zheng had with him had not even had the time to activate when the top of his head had already been shattered by Yan Zhaoge’s palm!

After slaying his opponent with a single palm, Yan Zhaoge did not look at him again as he simply collected his treasures with a casual sweep of the hand before throwing them all into those two connected furnaces.

Following that, Yan Zhaoge directed headed northwest in the direction of the Spirit Inheritance Region and Broad Creed Mountain.

His speed was swift indeed as he sped over the endless ocean.

After travelling for some time, Yan Zhaoge’s heart jolted slightly as he gazed into the distance.

In the distance, a sword-light was cleaving over straight towards him!

The sword-light resembled a long river of time as it was vast and mighty, seemingly without end.

The radiance was not bright as it was even mild like water.

However, the heavens and earth were pale and blurry where the sword-light passed.

The newcomer’s voice contained boundless hatred as the words resounded one by one between the heavens and earth.


Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, “Good timing, Kang Ping!”

This person was none other than the head of the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s Shenling Ten Swords and the former number one expert of the Royal Reed Sea, the early Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Kang Ping!

There was that death enmity due to Madame Kang, and he had even been beaten down within that black hole formed of the carcass of the Taotie in the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region afterwards.

Several years having passed, he had finally managed to extricate himself from within.

All his fury and hatred had now transformed into a sharp, decisive killing intent!

While Kang Ping was expressionless with no rage visible whatsoever in his features, he spoke in a tone that caused shivers to run down one’s spine, “Yan Zhaoge, there is no Lin Hanhua to protect you this time.”

“Even without the Shadow Mountain Sword King making a move that year, you were still unable to leave me behind,” Meeting Kang Ping’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Today, I am instead wondering if there will be anyone who can protect you.”

“When my father ascended to the World beyond Worlds that year, he once said that obtaining an expert as a sacrifice to his sabre upon just having arrived in a land is truly a joyous matter indeed.”

“In this, I share the same view as my father.”

Standing atop the air at the ready, his hands behind his back, he tilted his head slightly, looking at Kang Ping, “Oh, there is still a difference, though.

My father obtained a sacrifice for his sabre.

I am going to sacrifice you instead to my sword.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Kang Ping did not waste time on words as he directly stabbed outwards, “I will not be sacrificing you to my sword.

I will be taking your head and sacrificing it to my dead wife!”

Those years trapped by that black hole in the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region had not blunted Kang Ping’s sword.

His Time Flowing Sword was still just like when he had wanted to kill Yan Zhaoge for the first time back then as that sword-intent was sharp and domineering, possessing a shocking momentum.

It was not any inferior at all to how it had been in the past, even being to the contrary!

Yan Zhaoge did not conceal his cultivation base in the slightest.

Kang Ping was already vaguely able to tell at first glance that Yan Zhaoge was actually not just at the fourth level of the Martial Saint realm as he was instead shockingly already a fifth level Martial Saint.

The cultivation level of the youngster who had only been able to try and flee beneath his sword that year was already not far away from his now.

Also, how terrifying would the strength of this youth who had always presided domineeringly over most others be now

Kang Ping too was unable to see through it.

However, the enmity of his deceased wife could be obstructed by no one!

The enmity between he and Yan Zhaoge was such that they could not conceivably exist beneath the same heavens!

Therefore, his decision was to immediately go all out!

Not only did he go all out, he even immediately equipped his high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword!

Bolstered by the power of his Sacred Artifact, the strength of this full-powered blow of Kang Ping’s whose power had already been outstanding originally closely approached that of his Grand Master, Shen Lingzi.

Beneath that one sword, the heavens and earth before him were directly reduced to chaotic flows of space!

Looking at this enemy whom he had once had to exert all means to deal with even when the other party had been bare-handed, even having lacked full confidence of success then, Yan Zhaoge was calm indeed.

“A sword of time…” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “The flowing of time is indeed one of the most powerful existences in this world, one that can change many things.”

The two connected furnaces reappeared.

Yan Zhaoge lightly clapped downwards, the Internal Crystal Furnace separating from the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

From within the Internal Crystal Furnace, streams of purple light shot into the skies as a dark green bamboo cane slowly rose into the air.

It had seven segments and was seven feet long.


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