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HSSB877: Made to beat high-grade Sacred Artifacts!


Kang Ping cultivated in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture.

As his sword descended, it was as though the flowing of time was overlooked as it was swift to the extreme.

Any opponents who were weaker than him would generally still have yet to react when they would already have been stabbed dead.

However, as the current Yan Zhaoge saw it, while Kang Ping’s movements were indeed fast, he was able to clearly see all of these movements.

Yan Zhaoge’s movements were similarly very fast.

However, they appeared very leisurely and casual as he was not panicked or flustered in the slightest.

The dark green bamboo cane that flickered with purple light fell into Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

The next moment, red light flickered amidst the purple radiance.

Yan Zhaoge raised the bamboo cane and swung it a half-circle in mid-air before solidly striking down on Kang Ping’s Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword!

A ‘smack’ resounded as the sword-light of the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword instantly dimmed somewhat.

Kang Ping abruptly retracted his pupils.

His sword-intent which had originally been totally integrated with his sword, both bolstering each other with neither being distinguishable from the other, directly broke apart!

The blade of the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword was directly jolted away to the side by the dark green bamboo cane in Yan Zhaoge’s hand.

The high-grade Sacred Artifact sword rung endlessly, resembling someone’s pained, agonised cries.

Kang Ping was even able to see a faint crack appearing on the blade that was clear as flowing water!

The blurry yet mild sword-light suddenly turned bright and dazzling at this moment.

It was as though the flow of the endless river of time had suddenly been broken at some point.

Time fell apart, chaos descending in the human realm.

Yan Zhaoge strode forward, trampling on that river of time that seemed to preside over everything.

Kang Ping’s expression was solemn as it had never been before.

He knew about this dark green bamboo cane.

His son Kang Jingyuan had once eaten a great loss due to Yan Zhaoge’s bamboo cane.

Having heard about it afterwards, Kang Ping too had been totally unable to get his head around this.

Now, having seen this bamboo cane for himself and witnessed its miraculous abilities, he still could not understand it.

It possessed no majestic power.

It possessed no unique concept.

It possessed no overflowing spiritual qi.

It possessed nothing at all.

Yet, his high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, had been beaten into submission by it, trembling at the impact!

Kang Ping also noted how this bamboo cane should originally possess five segments and a length of five feet according to what Kang Jinyuan had said.

It was able to beat low-grade Sacred Artifacts, yet had been unable to do anything to the mid-grade Sacred Artifact, the Turbid Heavenly Mirror Armour.

Yet, this bamboo cane was currently clearly seven feet long, also having beaten the high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword into, powerless submission!

“This thing is getting more and more powerful!” Kang Ping thought of many treasures of legend but were unable to put a name to it.

Yan Zhaoge grasped the dark green bamboo cane in his right hand, lightly exercising his wrist as the bamboo cane spun within the air.

When the bamboo cane had possessed five segments, it had been able to shatter all artifacts below the Sacred Artifact level into smithereens with a single strike as low-grade Sacred Artifacts had been unable to stand against it as well.

At six segments, low-grade Sacred Artifacts had fallen with a single blow, mid-grade Sacred Artifacts having been extremely vulnerable too.

However, for Yan Zhaoge who possessed quite a few high-grade Sacred Artifacts, mid-grade Sacred Artifacts already posed no threat to him.

What he needed was a trump card that countered the high-grade Sacred Artifacts of his enemies.

Immortal Bridge Martial Saints were able to fully exert the power of high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

The combined power unleashed by an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a high-grade Sacred Artifact far surpassed that of a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint with a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Even if he was able to compete with Immortal Bridge Martial Saints as a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint, he would still lose out in terms of weaponry.

The answer to this difficult problem was none other than this dark green bamboo cane that he had specifically forged for himself.

Six segments were insufficient, but seven segments weren’t!

When Yan Zhaoge attained the Seeing Divinity stage, this bamboo cane would be able to go from six to seven segments.

Yan Zhaoge had long since been preparing for this.

Unbeknownst to outsiders, apart from Yan Di’s Heavenly Dragon Sabre and an Immortal Talisman Embroidered Robe for Yuan Zhengfeng, the mid-grade Sacred Artifacts that Broad Creed Mountain had accumulated all these years had actually all been brought to the Vast Ocean World by him.

The Precipitous Golden Armour, the Cloud Commanding Spear, the gains from slaying the Buddhist martial practitioners and those of the Eastern Exalt’s lineage, the gains from slaying the Grand Xuan Dynasty martial practitioners…

Most mid-grade Sacred Artifacts were unable to descend to the lower worlds.

Yan Zhaoge had directly stuffed them all to be suppressed in the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

All these years, all these mid-grade Sacred Artifacts, all taken by Yan Zhaoge all for this day.

After his ascension into the World beyond Worlds, Yan Zhaoge had immediately opened the furnace and further refined the dark green bamboo cane.

A bamboo cane of seven feet had been born, specifically made to beat high-grade Sacred Artifacts!

Yan Zhaoge rotated his arm and brought the cane down, the sword-light of the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword instantly dimming yet further.

His thoughts hastily flowing, Kang Ping’s gaze now hardened.

The sword-light that resembled water was abruptly retracted as it fell upon Kang Ping himself.

His movements instantly became extraordinarily swift as his speed rose to a whole new level!

He became as fast as a streak of light as his figure was almost indiscernible in mid-air, hard to catch a glimpse of.

Since he could not block it, he would not block it then.

He would raise his speed to the maximum and make use of his advantage in this area to make the bamboo cane unable to touch his Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword!


Kang Ping stared, his eyes all wide.

Yan Zhaoge looked smilingly at him.

A red speck of light appeared at the tip of the bamboo cane, marking its trajectory within the air with a red line being formed as the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword was accurately struck once more!

Not waiting for Kang Ping to change his stance, Yan Zhaoge’s bamboo cane battered down like a tempestuous storm, overwhelming him completely as he powerlessly took a beating!

Streaks of red light flickered, breaking apart that long river of time formed of the Time Flowing Sword into several different segments.

At this moment, time seemed to have shattered entirely!

Kang Ping’s gaze froze as he abruptly realised, “Immortal Trapping Sword! You are versed in the Immortal Trapping Sword of the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords”

Exterminating Immortal sharp, Slaughtering Immortal death, Trapping Immortal doth red light arise.

Ending Immortal variations are infinitely subtle, stained in the blood of highest Divinities all round.

The Immortal Trapping Sword was the sword of the end which hacked and slew time and space!

Cultivated to the peak, one sword could exterminate space and time, breaking apart the long river of time and shattering billions of worlds.

It could be said that the concept of the Immortal Trapping Sword was somewhat connected to those of the Spatial Heavenly Scripture and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture, simultaneously birthing and countering one another as they ultimately stemmed from the same source.

Meanwhile, in actual battles, when the difference in strength between both sides was not huge, the Immortal Trapping Sword was said to be the counter of the Spatial Heavenly Scripture and the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture!

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “When hosting your son back then, this Yan was still not versed in this sword, thus inevitably failing somewhat in taking care of him.

Today, I will pay it back all at once with you.”

Kang Ping inhaled deeply, “No wonder, no wonder! I already found your sword dao to be sharp and domineering to the extreme back then, being rather strange.

Now that I think about it properly, that was also one of the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords, the Immortal Ending Sword!”

“You are actually versed in both the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Immortal Ending Sword.

Who would believe it if you say you are not of the Prime Clear direct lineage”

He said coldly, “Your days are numbered in the World beyond Worlds.

Even if we don’t kill you, there are still many others who would!”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Yan Zhaoge smiled nonchalantly, though that smile was icy cold indeed, “What was it that gave you the mistaken impression that you can live past today”

Amidst his laughter, each sword of Yan Zhaoge’s was faster than the previous, faster even than Kang Ping!

Where the red-light passed, chaotic space distorted and collapsed.

Where the red-light passed, the pale, frozen world regained its normalcy.

Where the red light passed, the flow of the vast river of time was directly broken!

Even though Kang Ping was a rare, heaven-defying genius who possessed shocking might, he was currently still being totally dominated by Yan Zhaoge!

The sword-light that resembled water which suffused the air was riddled with red cracks before it finally mightily shattered.

The high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, wailed mournfully as it was directly beaten out of Kang Ping’s hand by Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane!


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