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HSSB88: If you want to blame someone, blame Yan Xu


The one-eyed Elder executed the Leap of the Rising Sun, moving with the momentum of the sun rising from the east, unable to be blocked.

That Broad Creed Mountain Elder having to face two opponents alone, he inevitably had the feeling of inadequacy.

The Wind Calamity techniques were insufficient in helping him to obstruct the enemy.

Sucking in a deep breath, on the Elder’s emaciated face abruptly surfaced an abnormal redness.

Like raging flames blazing up towards the heavens!

The Elder’s figure stood firm in mid-air, his thin body suddenly seeming incomparably tall, as though he was towering into the heavens whilst also standing firm on the ground.

His palms pushed out, clashing head-on against the one-eyed Elder’s Heaven Striking Palm!

The Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng let out a fierce howl, wielding his palms as he would blades as he chopped forward, as though he was brandishing two great axes and chopping down with them.

Streaks of black light formed flying axes that did not have a handle, breaking through the horizon like numerous cyclones!

It was Han Sheng’s famed martial technique, the Ghost Hatchet Palm!

With the momentum of his palm, a rotating power was born, strange and domineering, resembling the spinning of a flying axe, specialised in breaking through an opponent’s defences.

Even while it was domineering and sharp, it was also unpredictable in its variations, causing one to be hard-pressed to receive it.

It looked tough and domineering, yet also contained a secret, sinister power within, as though there were ghosts or gods wielding the axes’ blades in secret, taking others unawares and causing them to be injured.

Even those who were close in cultivation to him, if they did not know of this, would inevitably suffer a disadvantage.

Of the flying axe cyclones of black light, some moved in a strange arc as they avoided the power of the Broad Creed Mountain Elder’s Golden Curtain Palm, others spinning as they forcefully cut through those golden ropes one after another.

Taking advantage of the time when the Broad Creed Mountain Elder was engaged by the Sacred Sun Clan’s one-eyed Elder, Han Sheng’s attack blotted out the sky and obscured the earth as it headed straight for Yan Zhaoge and the others!

Yan Zhaoge could only feel that all before him was the flickering of black light, the scenery of the entire world having shattered at that very moment.

The shrieks of ghosts resounded by his ears, sharp and piercing, as though he had descended into the infinite hells.

Ah Hu, Xu Chuan and the others all experienced the same thing as well.

With a Martial Grandmaster expert having made a move, let alone counterattack, even evading or defending against it was something that they had no idea how to do at all.

“Um, Young Master Yan, was this within your predictions”

Hearing Xu Chuan’s pained voice, Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower jaw, “In truth, no.”

Seeing the Xu Chuan before him begin to laugh bitterly, Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “The Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng, can be considered an unexpected bonus.”

“By common logic, with three great Sacred Grounds fighting it out over here, if he and the Crimson Spirit Flag Master were smart, they wouldn’t come to join in this mess.”

“Therefore, I am more willing to term his appearance as: a pleasant surprise.”

Xu Chuan was stunned.

Yan Zhaoge continued saying leisurely, “Han Sheng came to take revenge for his sworn brother Ye Jing Go bluff the ghosts.”

“He just wants a certain something from me, the reason for this being unclear.

But what this means is that that something on me is very important.”

At this moment, the giant black axes, spinning, were already right before their eyes.

Each giant axe looked to possess a blade that was even more massive than usual houses.

As they spun, they seemed to cut through the very heavens and the earth!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression, however, did not change as he snapped his fingers, “That thing is even more important that I had known beforehand, more importantly possessing a secret that I am currently unaware of.”

“Tell me-isn’t that a pleasant surprise”

Before his words had landed, there was a sudden change in the surroundings.

In the sky above their heads, all the clouds suddenly converged, turning golden.

The middle of the golden cloud layer seemed to have formed a giant vortex, within which the qi of the clouds were agglomerated, now transforming into a massive foot, descending from the skies!

That foot was so massive that it obscured the sky and concealed the sun, as if though belonged to a giant deity.

As the massive foot landed, the air within the surrounding fifty kilometres seemed as though it had been frozen, the wind unable to blow, the clouds unable to drift, even the sunlight seemingly having turned into a bright, crystalline form.

In contrast, outside of those fifty kilometres, shocking waves of qi surged, constantly expanding outwards in all directions as even the mountains looked as though they might collapse.

With the massive golden foot not even having finished stomping downwards yet, just as its shadow fell over them, the heaven-rending giant axes that had been formed of Han Sheng’s Ghost Hatchet Palm immediately ceased their spinning, strangely and comically frozen in midair.

Everyone gazed towards the sky, shocked.

Only Yan Zhaoge and that Broad Creed Mountain Martial Grandmaster had their expressions unchanged.

Seeing that massive golden foot, Yan Zhaoge smiled as he bowed, “Eldest-apprentice uncle, you’re here.”

Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s form of address, everyone was shocked once more.

Han Sheng looked on helplessly as pressured by that massive golden foot, the giant black axes that had been formed from the power of his palm began shattering one by one, “The Iron Lion King, Shi Tie!”

That one-eyed Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan was similarly surprised, “Iron Lion, how have you arrived in the East Heaven Region’s Eastern Tang Kingdom so quickly”

That Broad Creed Mountain Elder also felt that this was a little unexpected, “Xiao Shen having being killed by Yan Zhaoge, while the clan was quickly notified to send over some experts as reinforcements, hasn’t Elder Shi arrived a little too quickly”

Xu Chuan, Zhao Yuan and the others, meanwhile, were overjoyed, “Elder Shi!”

Although this person had not yet shown himself, everyone here already knew who he was.

One of the Broad Creed Three Heroes, the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Disciplinary Hall.

A Martial Grandmaster expert renowned throughout the entire Eight Extremities World, the Iron Lion King, Shi Tie!

His cultivation was even above that of those like Broad Creed Mountain’s First Seat Elder in the East Heaven Region, Elder Qin, as well as the Sacred Sun Clan’s East Rising Lord.

While Shi Tie had yet to show himself, just this move of his had already put it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

From the layer of clouds resounded a sonorous voice, “We’ll talk after I’ve taken care of things here.”

Saying thus, that massive golden foot continued to descend!

Below the massive foot, the very space itself was shaking non-stop.

Gazing from afar, it was as though it was distorting, about to collapse due to that at any moment.

The massive foot that the clouds had transformed into seemed as solidified as Vajra at this moment; as it landed, trampling on everything beneath it, everything it touched was completely stomped to a fine powder.

The Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng, had long since turned tail and ran.

The person before him was not the Yan Xu who had constantly entangled with him due to the personal enmity between them yet always been unable to do anything to him, but an existence who was actually much stronger than that Yan Xu!

However, the more Han Sheng ran, the more he felt his figure slowing, as it became heavier and heavier.

As he looked, he realised that he was literally as good as walking on the spot, unable to move in the slightest.

What was the distance of a foot, felt as faraway as the other end of the world!

As Yan Zhaoge and the others stood by the side, they saw that massive golden foot descend from the sky, stomping on the Ghost Hatchet Elder Han Sheng, that Martial Grandmaster, underfoot!

The massive golden foot formed of the clouds directly transformed into a cage, capturing Han Sheng within.

The clouds within the sky dissipated, gradually revealing a human figure.

He was tall, even half a head taller than Ah Hu who himself could already be considered big.

His skin was dark, the colour of bronze.

As his large body stood there, he resembled an extremely tough, indestructible tower of black iron.

With a squarish face and chiseled features which looked as though they had been carved out by a knife, he was in no way handsome, but was masculine and authoritative-looking to the extreme.

This person’s appearance was known throughout the entire Eight Extremities World.

He was precisely the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Punishment Hall, Shi Tie!

That Sacred Sun Clan Elder’s face turned ugly to the extreme, “If Shi Tie was at Broad Creed Mountain before this, only having rushed over upon receiving the news of Xiao Shen’s death, he shouldn’t have arrived so quickly.”

“Was it that he had just happened to be in the East Heaven Region, or…he had made his move and come here long before this!”

Yan Zhaoge stood where he was, looking at him with a bored expression on his face.

That one-eyed Elder turned to glare at him, looking as though he wanted to gobble him up.

“Don’t look at me; if you want to blame someone, blame Yan Xu,” Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “This was originally prepared for him, with you lot the side dish… though, with the changes to the situation now, it seems like he has become the side dish instead.”



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