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HSSB880: Yan Zhaoge’s self-created martial art


The sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword that Shen Lingzi cultivated in was extremely swift.

Yet, hounded by Yan Zhaoge’s Immortal Trapping Sword, he was totally unable to raise his speed.

It would be fine if it was just Yan Zhaoge’s own attacks alone.

The problem was that even as Yan Zhaoge executed the Immortal Trapping Sword, he was also controlling the Extreme Yang Seal.

Shen Lingzi who was unable to use the Light Yin Sword Seal was helpless against this combination.

He could only feel that this was ludicrous to the extreme.

As an exalted Immortal Bridge Martial Saint who was able to sufficiently bring out the power of high-grade Sacred Artifacts, he was currently only able to face his enemy bare-handed.

Meanwhile, his opponent who was just a Seeing Divinity Martial Saint was relentlessly pursuing him with a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Even more rage-inducing was the fact that as opposed to some Immortal Bridge Martial Saints with insubstantial backgrounds who did not possess high-grade Sacred Artifacts, he possessed not just a high-grade Sacred Artifact but several mid-grade Sacred Artifacts as well.

The Light Yin Sword Seal that he had was unordinary even amongst high-grade Sacred Artifacts.

Yet, he simply could not use it to face the enemy lest the same fate befall it as had the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword.

That was originally his own sword which he had given to Kang Ping and his other descendants.

In the end, it had been beaten away by Yan Zhaoge and kept neither hurriedly nor slowly within the Myriad Dragon Palace afterwards.

This was no longer something that the word despondent could describe.

He felt trashy and useless!

Having battled all the way from the southern to the western seas, Shen Lingzi’s body was already riddled with wounds.

These wounds were all not very serious individually.

Yet, he had not had the time to suppress and treat them.

With this gradual accumulation, Shen Lingzi already felt unable to bear it somewhat.

This further affected his strength and speed as he fell to an even greater disadvantage as time passed.

Shen Lingzi had already calmed down now as his thoughts were clear despite his overwhelming repressed feelings of fury and hatred.

He did not return to the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

That way, he would be safe as he utilised the geographical advantage with the grand formation of the capital.

Yet, things would be terrible for Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng in the Spirit Inheritance Region then as Yan Zhaoge would return vengefully to the Spirit Inheritance Region and attack them from both in front and behind at once along with the others of Broad Creed Mountain.

Shen Lingzi had hurried to the Spirit Inheritance Region in the western seas in order to join up with Daoist Shi and King Xuancheng.

They would join forces before deciding on a further course of action.

With a formations grandmaster like Daoist Shi to back them up, the possibility of flipping the tables would still exist.

While he had paid a great price in having been pursued by Yan Zhaoge, with the Spirit Inheritance Region now in sight and his goal finally attained, Shen Lingzi still heaved a sigh of relief somewhat.

Nearing the area, he saw Daoist Shi’s Heaven Earth Divination Formation currently enveloping the Spirit Inheritance Region as they were locked in a major battle with Broad Creed Mountain’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Aside from King Xuancheng, Daoist Shi and the other Grand Xuan Dynasty experts, there was clearly an additional person present within the formation.

That was a middle-aged scholarly-looking man with a crown of stars on his head, his movements seemingly able to pluck the stars and grasp the moon!

The Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage!

His target was also Broad Creed Mountain!

On seeing this, Shen Lingzi felt totally reassured.

With this person opposing Broad Creed Mountain as well and serving as reinforcements for his Grand Xuan Dynasty, Shen Lingzi was sufficiently confident of turning the tables!

While Yan Zhaoge’s strength surpassed that of his cultivation stage, the strength of his high-grade Sacred Artifact aside, he had only been able to beat Shen Lingzi into fleeing thanks to his Immortal Trapping Sword which countered the Time Flowing Sword.

At their peak conditions, Guan Lide was actually not all that much stronger than Shen Lingzi.

However, the martial arts that Guan Lide cultivated in would not be restricted by the Immortal Trapping Sword like the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture!

Shen Lingzi just needed to switch opponents with Guan Lide and the tide of the battle would be reversed at once!

As he thought thus, Shen Lingzi’s heart felt very comfortable indeed as his overwhelming hatred, fury and despondence seemed about to be alleviated all at once.

In the battlefield of the Spirit Inheritance Region, everyone detected the approach of Yan Zhaoge and Shen Lingzi.

While they were rather puzzled as to why Kang Ping was nowhere to be seen and rather shocked by how Shen Lingzi seemed not a match for Yan Zhaoge, in the midst of a heated battle, no one thought very much about this.

Daoist Shi circulated the Heaven Earth Divination Formation, preparing to receive Shen Lingzi and obstruct the path of Yan Zhaoge behind him.

Now, Yan Zhaoge who was chasing after Shen Lingzi abruptly accelerated!

The five major internal organs of his body, the heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidneys, vaguely lit up with the light of five colours.

The light circulated, congregating at his liver in its entirety.

There, it went from formless to tangible, ultimately transforming completely into flames.

A divinity of flame that sat on Yan Zhaoge’s liver opened its eyes at this moment.

A fiery light of thunder arose, the blazing flames and thunder from after the Five Elements Creation Thunder had been split into five which Yan Zhaoge grasped agglomerated there as well before the qi manifestation of endless flames was erupted by him.

A ferocious explosive power now surged into existence, causing Yan Zhaoge’s strength and speed to surge madly within a short period of time!

He stabbed out with an Immortal Trapping Sword, traversing space as he arrived right behind Shen Lingzi!

If the other party dared not halt, he would be run directly through by Yan Zhaoge’s sword!

Shen Lingzi inhaled deeply, turning and utilising a sword to block Yan Zhaoge’s attack.

The Extreme Yang Seal simultaneously slammed downwards from up above as it was with all his abilities and by the narrowest of margins that Shen Lingzi managed to evade it.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered as he suddenly punched out towards Shen Lingzi with his left fist!

As the fist whistled through the air, the heavens and earth before Shen Lingzi’s eyes seemed to have suddenly turned dim as radiance was extinguished.

Amidst that boundless primordial darkness, a bright speck of light suddenly appeared as it was pure and incandescent to the extreme.

That was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s fist.

As he punched outwards, Yan Zhaoge’s left fist seemed to be split into two by a formless boundary.

Half of it was brightly illuminated, glowing with radiance, while the other half was dim and dark, its movements difficult to catch a glimpse of.

However, looking over, Shen Lingzi saw that the surface of that fist seemed to be covered by a layer of dim radiance as it was not bright, not dazzling, not blurry.

It actually somewhat manifested the phenomenon of chaos.

Shen Lingzi immediately recognised its origins, “The Dim Radiant Emperor’s martial arts, Dim Radiant Twelve Arts”

Having continuously suffered to the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Extreme Yang Seal, he was already at the end of his tether now as he could only muster up his remaining courage, using his sword-light to protect his body and forcibly resist this blow of Yan Zhaoge’s.

Just having come into contact with that fist of chaos, the sword-light immediately flowed away and dissipated into nothingness.

It was not like how it had been dispelled by the Immortal Trapping Sword as it instead faded directly into formlessness.

Knowing about the principles of chaos within the Dim Radiant Emperor’s Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, Shen Lingzi had long since been mentally prepared for this.

However, it would be impossible to rely on the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts to completely dispel his sword-light.

As he was thinking this, Shen Lingzi suddenly discovered that the power of chaos contained within this fist of Yan Zhaoge’s far surpassed his predictions!

The chaos expanded, extinguishing all things.

This world seemed to have returned to the time before the heavens and earth had been split apart, its myriad phenomena no longer existing.

There was no yin, no yang, no before, no after, no beginning, no end, no passivity, no activity.

That existence which seemed able to contain all things and extinguish all things unceasingly destroyed the sword-light of the Time Flowing Sword.

The next moment, the chaos mightily exploded!

It was as though the universe had come into existence once more!

The violent power immediately penetrated through Shen Lingzi’s protective sword-light, mightily slamming onto his body!

Even with Shen Lingzi’s mighty cultivation base and shocking power, forcibly taking such a blow to the chest at his vitals, he too was unable to bear it!

An impeded mouthful of blood spurted out from the mouth of this exalted eighth level Martial Saint, splattering through the air!

“Shen Lingzi, eat my Grand Shattering Brightness Fist!” Yan Zhaoge did not cease in his attacks as the chaos was retracted, the power of light and darkness manifested.

The boundless darkness faded, transforming into immeasurable brightness.

Within the brightness, twelve heavenly wheels spun amidst space, resembling twelve divinities of radiance while illuminated the endless space.

The next moment, these twelve incarnations of brightness shattered simultaneously!

The infinite brightness was shattered!

A force that was already at the maximum conceivable level was shattered to the point of no return.

It was not that darkness had been birthed at the end of radiance.

Instead, the extremities of light and darkness had simultaneously been destroyed, the great, boundless disaster that was wrought consequently being infinitely terrifying!

Yan Zhaoge’s self-created martial art from his cultivation of the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts with the essence of the Peerless Heavenly Scripture integrated within, the Grand Shattering Brightness Palm.

Beneath that single palm, both extremities no longer existed with creation itself being extinguished!

The violent power directly pierced a huge, bloodied hole right through the centre of Shen Lingzi’s body!

Let alone Daoist Shi, King Xuancheng and the others, even Guan Lide was rendered dazed and speechless as he saw this!


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