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HSSB882: Gonna slay them all!


Shen Lingzi who had rampaged through the Royal Reed Sea not long ago as he had swept through the North Sea Sword Pavilion, Copper Men Island and the Dim Darkness Sect upon his return, resembling a heavenly tribulation, was slain by Yan Zhaoge before Broad Creed Mountain!

As Yan Zhaoge roared, his movements did not halt in the slightest as he raised a hand and let loose a Cyclic Heavenly Seal, striking over towards Daoist Shi.

Radiance lit up about Daoist Shi’s body as one formation after another directly flew out.

The spirit patterns rapidly expanded in mid-air, obscuring the sky as numerous layers of formations now shielded him beneath them.

As Yan Zhaoge brandished his bamboo cane, he was able to switch between the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Immortal Ending Sword with utter ease.

The Immortal Trapping Sword that hacked and broke through space instantly transformed into the Immortal Ending Sword that extinguished all things.

The red glow vanished, white light appearing.

Where the cold, white sword-qi of the Immortal Ending Sword passed, it possessed the momentum of breaking bamboo as those layers of formation instantly began to collapse all at once.

Yan Zhaoge flipped the heavens with a palm, instantly dissipating all those shattered spirit patterns into the wind.

While the Cyclone Turtle beneath Daoist Shi felt fear, it still rose into the air and helped Daoist Shi to resist the incoming attacks with its heavy shell.

Reddish-black light flickered, transforming into mists of light which came together to form a massive turtle shell barrier that possessed shocking defensive power.

Yet, as Yan Zhaoge’s palm descended, the turtle shell barrier was instantly densely riddled with cracks.

“Open!” Yan Zhaoge roared, again exerting force with his palm as a majestic force which reversed causality and effect and overturned the heavens and the earth pressured that turtle shell barrier to the point of shattering bit by bit.

An incomparably terrifying Cyclic Heavenly Seal slammed mightily down upon the back of the Cyclone Turtle.

The sturdy turtle shell trembled, not immediately breaking apart.

However, that Cyclone Turtle emitted an agonised wail as blood spurted out of its seven orifices!

Yan Zhaoge laughed loudly, flying up into the air as he no longer paid that old turtle any heed.

King Xuancheng now calmed himself and sped over.

While the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour was greatly damaged as it was unfit for further battle, he had to ignore this as he hurried over to save Daoist Shi.

Without the assistance of formations, Daoist Shi’s strength was extremely limited as he might be weaker than even the likes of He Dongcheng and Gu Zhang.

Yan Zhaoge laughed strangely, not accepting King Xuancheng’s challenge as he expanded the Immortal Trapping Sword, red sword-light flickering as he was elsewhere in an instant.

Meanwhile, Yan Di’s terrifying sabre attack which cleaved the heavens and split the earth apart was already frenziedly crushing down upon King Xuancheng and Daoist Shi with the weight of Mount Tai.

Yan Zhaoge’s figure flickered as he helped Yan Di to block the Star Plucking Practitioner, Guan Lide.

“There is no Immortal Artifact.

Still, there are other things that we have to welcome you with,” Looking at the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide before him, Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

Guan Lide gazed at Yan Zhaoge, “So you are Yan Zhaoge Extraordinary indeed.

Still, you are still far from sufficient to grasp the Immortal Artifact left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor.”

He opened up his palm, waving his fingers about as they resembled countless stars streaking across the sky.

Each of these stars seemed to possess their own unique rhythm and trajectory as it was intricate to the extreme.

While Guan Lide was pressuring him with his aura based on his superior cultivation base right after they started clashing, his martial arts did not seem to be so reckless and domineering.

His supreme martial art, the Star Plucking Palm, possessed a majestic aura alongside intricate acuity.

Currently, as those stars circulated, the space that Guan Lide was in seemed as if it had transformed into the illusory space of the universe.

“That person just now who cultivated in the Aeon Light Heavenly Scripture indeed possessed strength beyond the norm.

It would not have been easy for me to defeat him as well.”

Guan Lide said coldly, “Still, if you think that you being able to kill him means that you can defeat me too, you would really be thinking too highly of yourself.”

“I will not be suppressed by your Immortal Trapping Sword.”

Yan Zhaoge sought to strike the Dawn Star Prime Essence Crown on Guan Lide’s head with his dark green bamboo branch.

Yet, the latter’s figure became very difficult to grasp.

The red glow of the Immortal Trapping Sword flickered all around.

However, that all-encompassing starlight combined into a single entity that repelled Yan Zhaoge.

Shooting stars plummeted from amongst the sea of stars, enveloping the heavens and covering the earth as they descended towards Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s sword art switched from the Immortal Trapping Sword to the Immortal Ending Sword as where the white sword-qi passed, all those meteors were chopped down.

Hanging high in the sky, the Extreme Yang Seal seemed like the centre of the universe even amidst this sea of stars.

Still, amidst the shifting of the starry sky, golden starlight that was bright to the extreme surged, obstructing the path of the Extreme Yang Seal.

It was precisely the radiance of Guan Lide’s high-grade Sacred Artifact, the Dawn Star Prime Essence Crown.

Guan Lide’s voice seemed to resound everywhere at once, “If that bamboo cane of yours is unable to strike at my Dawn Star Prime Essence Crown, and even with a supreme treasure like the Extreme Yang Seal, you are still unable to fully unleash its power, what can you possibly do to me”

Amidst his words, the all-encompassing sea of stars was gradually dyed golden.

Where the golden meteor shower passed, space itself was entirely riddled with wounds.

This was the immense, domineering might of a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint unleashing the power of a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

While it was a wide area attack, any single one of those golden meteors would be sufficient to slay an expert of the seventh level of the Martial Saint realm.

Facing such a large scale meteor shower, if mid Immortal Bridge Martial Saints did not possess high-grade Sacred Artifacts, even they would be unable to resist its might!

“Seeing how you and your father are both geniuses favoured by the heavens and have it hard cultivating, I will point out a clear path for you,” Guan Lide said mildly, “Cultivating in the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords, there is no place in the World beyond Worlds that will accept you.

Hurry and hand the Immortal Artifact over, and then you can hurry up and flee.”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, bringing the Extreme Yang Seal back above his head and extending a screen of sunlight to block the mighty golden meteor shower.

The two forces which were both tough and blazing to the extreme collided unceasingly.

Yan Zhaoge expanded the Immortal Ending Sword, coordinating with the Extreme Yang Seal in fending of Guan Lide’s attacks.

“Those who dare invade my Broad Creed Mountain today-none of you should think about leaving,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “As for whether I cultivate in the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords, is that still important”

He executed the Yin Yang Finger with his left hand, diverting the descending golden meteors to strike at the nearby King Xuancheng and Daoist Shi.

There, having lost the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour and the Cyclone Turtle, the two ancestors of the Grand Xuan Dynasty were already finding it hard to hold on against Yan Di’s heaven-shocking, earth-shaking attacks!

The Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation swept back the heavens and the earth, seeking to cut off even their paths of retreat!

Guan Lide rebuked, “You junior who knows not the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth!”

Enveloped by his palm, the stars circulated as they resisted Yan Zhaoge’s Yin Yang Finger.

This was a variation of his Star Plucking Palm that shifted and moved the stars.

It possessed similar miraculous principles to the Yin Yang Palm to some extent.

While it was inferior to the profundities of the Yin Yang Finger, Guan Lide’s cultivation base far surpassed Yan Zhaoge’s as he was able to control the myriad stars to resist the Yin Yang Finger.

At the same time, as the river of stars circulated, it actually seemed about to shake the Extreme Yang Seal, causing its position to deviate away from the top of Yan Zhaoge’s head.

A dense sea of stars spun amidst the air, transforming into a massive vortex in which starlight glowed brightly.

Where the vortex passed, it devoured and destroyed everything, sweeping through the heavens and the earth!

Time and space seemed to have lost all meaning at this moment.

Guan Lide of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm went all out with a full-powered strike now as he sought to take down Yan Zhaoge as quickly as he could.

Otherwise, when Yan Di had taken care of King Xuancheng and Daoist Shi, he would be able to come over and combine forces with Yan Zhaoge to deal with him.

Guan Lide was already able to see how after forcibly resisting a spear of King Xuancheng’s with his Five Element Deific Immortal Body, wielding the Heavenly Dragon Sabre, Yan Di viciously chopped down on King Xuancheng’s body!

“But…” Guan Lide simultaneously pushed his hands forward, pressuring down together as that terrifying vortex formed of a sea of stars mightily descended towards Yan Zhaoge’s head, “I am faster!”

Arriving above Yan Zhaoge’s head, the vortex mightily exploded!

It was as though the myriad stars had congregated, becoming distorted to the extreme as an existence that devoured everything amidst space before they were destroyed all at once!

That shocking power actually also seemed vaguely to somewhat contain the terrifying momentum of the extinguishing power of chaos as a great explosion occurred within the universe!

A cold light flickered in Yan Zhaoge’s eyes.

He chuckled, “There is no escape for you now.”

Yan Zhaoge directly kept the dark green bamboo cane, simultaneously extending his palms above his head.


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