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HSSB883: Challenging the Star Plucking Practitioner!


Between Yan Zhaoge’s palms, light and darkness intersected, chaos vaguely appearing.

At the same time, streams of white light shot into the skies.

The power of Broad Creed Mountain’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was completely concentrated on Yan Zhaoge.

Bolstered by the formation, Yan Zhaoge used the Dim Radiant Twelve Arts with the Peerless Heavenly Scripture concealed within, joining his palms to block the explosion of the vortex.

At this moment, chaos was retracted.

Everything collapsed inwards towards a single point before returning to nothingness.

Guan Lide’s figure was temporarily locked in place for an instant.

His palm force was entangled with Yan Zhaoge’s true essence, unable to advance or retreat.

While this was just for an instant, Guan Lide immediately sensed that something was wrong.

However, before he could change his stance, purple light suddenly appeared within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes!

Yan Zhaoge gazed coldly at Guan Lide, the purple light of thunder first appearing within his right eye.

Followed by his left eye.

Then his entire body.

Light seemed to have abruptly dimmed between the heavens and the earth at this moment.

There were only thunderbolts that shocked the heavens which mightily erupted at this instant!

It was as though infinite, unquantifiable thunderbolts were confined to that one instant, all blazing, all erupting, all released at once!

It was precisely An Instant’s Thunder!

At this moment, it was not just the power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment concealed in Yan Zhaoge’s right eye that was released completely.

Alongside that, the vigorous true essence of Yan Zhaoge himself also blazed entirely at this instant!

With Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base, erupting the power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment which he possessed already did not take much out of him.

After the eruption of power of the Sacred Artifact fragment, it would again descend into slumber.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s own strength would not be affected.

Now, however, it was not just that Sacred Artifact fragment but also Yan Zhaoge himself who was utilising An Instant’s Thunder for a full-powered strike!

Even qi returning techniques like those of the Yin Yang Heavenly Scripture, the Taiji Yin Yang Palm and Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder were unable to replenish such a merciless eruption within a short period of time.

Following this attack, Yan Zhaoge’s essence, qi and spirit would be deteriorating greatly.

With this as the cost, he had unleashed his ultimate, most powerful attack!

Terrifying thunderbolts formed a majestic light pillar that was dazzling to the extreme as at that one instant, it existed as the sole entity of brightness between the heavens and the earth!

The power of the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation was completely concentrated on Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge abruptly switched his palm to the Immortal Ending Sword.

With the help of the formation and the eruption of An Instant’s Thunder, Yan Zhaoge was able to switch stances just that half step faster than Guan Lide.

However, just this half step was already the distance between the far-reaching ends of the earth!

The terrifying sword intent which extinguished all things with the end of all creation manifested.

The blazing power of an Instant’s Thunder was completely transformed into the sword qi of the Immortal Ending Sword at this moment.

The dense white sword-qi suffused the heavens and earth.

Executed without reservation, this was the strongest sword that Yan Zhaoge had unleashed ever since having mastered the Immortal Ending Sword Manual!

The infinite sword-qi was retracted, condensing into a single beam.

A beam whose power was incomparably focused!

A beam which was even faster than ordinary sword-qi of the Immortal Ending Sword!

While Guan Lide was already able to vaguely sense this, he was still half a step too slow in the end.

The brutal sword-qi directly penetrated through the vortex formed of a sea of stars that was in the midst of exploding above Yan Zhaoge’s head, shooting on upwards and directly stabbing Guan Lide!

Guan Lide raised a hand to block it.

Yet, that sword-qi continued on with the momentum of breaking bamboo, penetrating straight through that palm which seemed able to pluck the stars and grasp the moon!

Guan Lide’s tragic moan resounded between the heavens and the earth.

However, no blood spurted out at all.

The flesh and blood where his wound was had been cleanly vaporised by the sword qi with nothing at all left behind!

The white sword-qi’s momentum persisted as after piercing through Guan Lide’s palm, it pierced right through his chest!

Guan Lide grit his teeth, stimulating his true essence with specks of starlight appearing and congregating around his wounds as he sought to temporarily suppress his injuries for now.

Yet, as the starlight came into contact with the wounds created by the white sword-qi, it instantly dissipated as the area where the wounds were resembled broken porcelain, expanding slowly but surely into the surrounding areas!

Guan Lide was shocked and enraged as he wielded his Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown, releasing a streak of bright golden starlight which targeted Yan Zhaoge directly.

While Yan Zhaoge was extremely weakened now, he still wielded the Extreme Yang Seal in helping him to block the attack of the Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown.

Seeing this, Guan Lide was caught between fury and despondence.

Never would he have thought that he, a lofty late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, might actually eat such a stifling loss at the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

However, he dared not linger now.

His current injuries were grave indeed.

And meanwhile, after slaying King Xuancheng, Yan Di had just inflicted a heavy injury on Daoist Shi!

While Daoist Shi was still able to establish other formations besides the Heaven Earth Divination Formation, they were still hard pressed to quell Yan Di’s domineering, unparalleled power.

Without the Cyclone Turtle to protect him, it was even harder for Daoist Shi to exert his means.

Yan Di was similarly paying attention to the situation over on Yan Zhaoge’s side.

After inflicting a heavy injury on Daoist Shi with a sabre, he took a deep breath before shooting into the skies, coming to assist Yan Zhaoge in bringing down Guan Lide.

The sabres descended in an endless stream like infinite tides as the heavily injured Guan Lide was unable to extricate himself, being forced to rely on his Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown to defend.

This high-grade Sacred Artifact of his was good at offence and weak at defence in the first place.

With Yan Di having seized the initiative now, he was instantly suppressed by him to the point of being unable to raise his head.

Yan Zhaoge laughed out loud, throwing out the dark green bamboo cane.

The Northern Ocean Clone received the dark green bamboo cane, mercilessly slamming it down on Guan Lide’s head!

Guan Lide was infuriated to the point that steam seemed to be rising from his seven orifices.

While the Northern Ocean Clone was weaker than Yan Zhaoge himself, the dark green bamboo cane in his hand came forcefully down to meet Guan Lide’s Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown.

Heavily injured and facing Yan Di’s sabres, Guan Lide was only able to manoeuvre himself about with great difficulty.

Currently, he was unable to rely on his martial arts to move about agilely and prevent the Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown from being struck by Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo crown like he had earlier.

He could only watch on helplessly as his Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown was struck by that strange dark green bamboo cane, its starlight dimming as a result.

His high-grade Sacred Artifact aside, as his mid-grade Sacred Artifacts were struck by the bamboo cane, they were instantly destroyed!

Even when Shen Lingzi had died earlier, Guan Lide had only felt shocked and astonished as he had remained confident in his own strength.

Even though the strength of Yan Zhaoge and his father far surpassed his predictions, in the eyes of Guan Lide, the worst case scenario was only that he would not be able to get that Immortal Artifact.

Apart from that, he really could not think of anything else that might happen.

Now, however, this peak expert of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm was truly able to feel the threat of death looming over him!

Originating from a sect which did not even have an Immortal Bridge Martial Saint!

In Guan Lide’s memories, such a power should be something he could destroy with a flip of his palm!

Such as the Dim Darkness Sect.

Of the lineage of the Dim Radiant Sect with a long, established legacy, it had nearly been destroyed by him and would have been if not for Lin Hanhua’s intervention.

Today, however, he had met strong, unexpected resistance at Broad Creed Mountain which left him feeling utterly helpless.

The Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown was finally beaten off his head by Yan Zhaoge’s dark green bamboo cane.

As Yan Di’s sabre that shocked the heavens arose once more, the heavily injured Guan Lide was hard pressed to withstand it as one of his arms was hacked off just like that, whizzing through the air!

Guan Lide gazed hatefully over as he saw that Yan Zhaoge had already long since descended, retreating completely within the Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation.

Currently, protected by everyone, Yan Zhaoge was leisurely seated in the meditative position, recovering his essence and qi.

Seeing Guan Lide looking in his direction, Yan Zhaoge waved happily to him as he chuckled, “This senior, it looks like with your capabilities, even if I handed the Immortal Artifact over to you, you would still be unable to keep it for long.

That being the case, I guess it should really stay with me.”


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