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HSSB884: You asked to die, so who will die but you


Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words, Guan Lide felt fury surging to his head.

Knowing that a tribulation had come for him, he laughed tragically, “Looks like I will be unexpectedly overturned here today.”

Still, he glared at Yan Zhaoge, “Don’t be too happy, though.

I will be waiting for you down below!”

Yan Zhaoge laughed, “Waiting for me to what”

As Guan Lide’s gaze swept the area, he saw a line of white light between the heavens and earth where traces of the earlier battle remained.

It was as though a sword had left a deep scar in this world.

This was precisely the handiwork of Yan Zhaoge’s Immortal Ending Sword.

Extinguishing all things, leaving wounds behind in the heavens and earth that would not fade for a long time.

This sword had been extremely powerful such that even Guan Lide of the late Immortal Bridge stage had been wounded by it.

The sword-intent of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords that sent all creation into destruction had been displayed to the point of perfection.

This place was in the west of the Royal Reed Sea as it was not far away from where the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory intersected.

Even as Broad Creed Mountain clashed in an intense battle, experts of Golden Court Mountain and Wutong Slope were currently also locked in a bitter conflict there.

If one were to say that they had detected the earlier commotion but had temporarily not paid it any heed due to not wanting to divide their attention, it would have been difficult indeed for that sword of Yan Zhaoge’s afterwards not to be noticed.

Even if they could not dispatch any people over for now due to the volatile battle situation, there would definitely be people coming over in a while.

Meanwhile, this sword scar that resembled a wound of the sky was not something that would heal in a short while.

Following Guan Lide’s gaze, Yan Zhaoge chortled.

He looked smiling at Guan Lide, “I too would never have thought that the Star Plucking Practitioner whose fame shakes the southeast was actually a direct descendant of the Prime Clear lineage.

That really was unexpected indeed.”

Guan Lide’s eyes bulged as he stared, ‘You…”

“Still, the evidence is indisputable.

There is no way not to believe it,” Pointing at that sword scar, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Since we discovered it, I and the others of my sect naturally had to abide by the decree of the Earthly Sovereign and slay you, of course.

The truth is just as simple as that.”

Guan Lide roared, “What a fine Yan Zhaoge indeed, what a fine pointing at a deer and calling it a horse.

You actually want to shift it onto me Do you think Cao Jie will be so easily fooled by you”’

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “I have never thought of fooling the Southeastern Exalt.

I just need to be able to account for things to those outside of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Such is all that is needed.”

“Instead, you who have repeatedly gone against the Southeastern Exalt’s intentions and have even blatantly acted in opposition to his wishes-how much of your old friendship do you think remains”

Staring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge, Guan Lide suddenly felt a chill rise up his spine, shooting straight to his head.

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands apart, saying calmly, “If you had gotten the Immortal Artifact from me, the Southeastern Exalt might not pursue the matter.

You having been slain by me, the Southeastern Exalt will similarly not pursue the matter with me.”

Looking at Guan Lide, he again laughed, “If you had not wished to go all out to render me dead just now, instead having immediately fled, there would actually have been hope of you retreating fully intact.

However, it was you who threw that chance away.”

“You asked to die, so who will die but you”

As a chill erupted in Guan Lide’s heart, the chilly blade of a sabre had already arrived by his neck!

Yan Di’s sabre!

With his father making a move, Yan Zhaoge no longer paid Guan Lide any attention.

As he had said, Guan Lide had originally had the chance to escape.

At the end of the day, he was an actual ninth level Martial Saint who possessed a high-grade Sacred Artifact, not being countered by his Immortal Trapping Sword like Shen Lingzi and Kang Ping as well.

If such a peak expert did not want to enter a battle of life and death but instead sought only to flee, there were not many who would be able to leave him behind in the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Sadly for him, he had still made an error in judgment, having misjudged Yan Zhaoge’s strength.

With that, there was no turning back.

Feeling the weakness in his body, Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly.

Unlike the time when he had restricted himself somewhat in executing An Instant’s Thunder to clash with the disciple of the Eastern Exalt, Xiang Yiyang, Yan Zhaoge had unleashed An Instant’s Thunder to the maximum this time.

Even with his substantial foundation, it had still depleted him terribly.

Still, thanks to him cultivating in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, he was not completely depleted.

Raising his head and gazing into the distance, Yan Zhaoge grinned.

There was a figure there who was in the midst of swiftly fleeing.

The Chief of the Radiant Light Sect, Luo Zhiyuan.

He had originally been captured by Guan Lide, who had been unable to control his power as finely after having suffered heavy injuries.

Even as the rampant starlight had gravely wounded Luo Zhiyuan, it had also released the shackles imprisoning him.

Having obtained his freedom, Luo Zhiyuan did not pay his injuries any mind as he hurriedly fled.

Having personally witnessed the major battle of Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and those of Broad Creed Mountain against Guan Lide, Shen Lingzi, King Xuancheng and Daoist Shi, he only had a single thought in his mind now.

To get as far away from this Broad Creed Mountain as possible!

He had previously felt resentful and unresigned, despondent and stifled, but all of this was gradually turning into despair at this moment.

The current Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain were not something that the likes of him could currently stand against.

Remaining behind would just be like assaulting a rock with an egg, seeking his own death.

While Luo Zhiyuan did not lack courage and decisiveness, he definitely would not want to send himself into death without any hope of success whatsoever.

“If the mountains remain, there will still be firewood to burn.

I must keep myself intact today, and one day, I will definitely be able to take my revenge…” Luo Zhiyuan repeated this notion to himself time and time again.

However, with the terrifying speed of development of Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain in recent years, in a few years, were they really an existence his Radiant Light Sect would be able to take revenge on

The gap between them would probably only be wider then…

It was not that Luo Zhiyuan did not understand this principle.

It was just that he could not think that way.

Otherwise, he would be overwhelmed by endless despair, destroying his will and plunging him into the abyss.

Now, however, a figure flickered, rampantly blocking before Luo Zhiyuan.

Looking over, Luo Zhiyuan saw that it was precisely Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone!

Holding the King Xuan Spear behind him, the Northern Ocean Clone said calmly, “When this Yan had still yet to become a Martial Saint that year, I sought to travel to the World beyond Worlds from the Eight Extremities World because of the relationship between your sect and the Sacred Sun Clan.”

“Four years ago, I sent off Zhang Chao in the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region.

Now, the time has come to send you off, Chief Luo.”

“An end will thus come to the enmity between my Broad Creed Mountain and your sect today.”

With that, the Northern Ocean Clone brandished the King Xuan Spear, stabbing at Luo Zhiyuan!

Heavily wounded and having lost the Sun Moon Wheels, how could Luo Zhiyuan block this spear

As the shadow of death loomed over him now, he could not help but feel regret for the first time.

“If I had not listened to the bewitchments of the Sacred Sun Clan that year, not having been greedy for the Extreme Yin Crown and the Extreme Yang Seal, perhaps there would not be this tribulation today…”

“If I had tried to reconcile with this Yan Zhaoge after he arrived in the World beyond Worlds, perhaps we would not have fallen to this desolate state today…”

Sadly, that was just simply impossible.

As a powerful force of the World beyond Worlds whose strength was sufficient to domineeringly sweep through any lower world as they liked, clearly being aware that treasures like the Extreme Yang Seal and the Extreme Yin Crown were within a lower world, how would it have been possible not to desire them

If just a mere power from a lower world dared stand in their way, how would they have been unable to exterminate them casually and effortlessly

With the other side having slain several of his sect’s Martial Saint experts and it had been someone of the junior generation yet to even reach the Martial Saint realm who had actually dared run over to the World beyond Worlds, if they had not killed him to exact their vengeance, how would they have been able to convincingly retain support amongst the entirety of the sect

Luo Zhiyuan felt that none of his decisions had been wrong at all.

However, what were usually the right decisions from experience had all turned out to be mistakes in the end.

Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “The same goes for you as for Guan Lide.”

If not for him having spread the news about the Dim Radiant Wheel, Luo Zhiyuan would not have been targeted by Guan Lide and brought over to the foot of Broad Creed Mountain after getting captured.

He would have had a high chance of leaving the Royal Reed Sea after having extricated himself from the black hole in the deep sea of the Clear Scenic Region.

Still, there were no ifs in this world.

“You asked to die, so who will die but you”

The shadow of a spear flickered amidst space, piercing through the man.


A mist of blood erupted!

That day, the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect, Luo Zhiyuan, perished.

The Radiant Light Sect which had once stood supreme as a major power of the Royal Reed Sea for many years hence dissipated with the wind, consigned to history evermore.


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