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HSSB886: The spoils of war are always the best


After the battle of the Spirit Inheritance Region, Gu Hong and Zhou Haosheng aside, other powers of the Royal Reed Sea successively came over to pay their respects to Broad Creed Mountain as well.

Although they had just been through a major battle, Broad Creed Mountain still greeted their visitors with the proper and civil treatment that was expected of them, displaying an assuredness that made the visitors fear and respect them even more.

Still, as they were receiving these guests, Yan Zhaoge and those of Broad Creed Mountain actually had more of their attention on the west.

There, a battle on an even larger scale was currently unfolding where the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory intersected.

Yan Zhaoge and the others of Broad Creed Mountain were all very concerned with how this battle would end.

The Royal Reed Sea and Broad Creed Mountain’s headquarters were located at the western tip of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, directly bordering the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

If it was ultimately the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory that was defeated, instability would inevitably descend upon the Royal Reed Sea once more.

If experts of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory encroached upon their territory in large numbers, the heavens of the Royal Reed Sea would change again.

Meanwhile, great tensions existed between Yan Zhaoge and Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope where the Southern Exalt’s lineage resided, a blood enmity even existing between them.

He had slain a personal disciple of the Southern Exalt and wrecked the Southern Exalt’s bid to obtain the phoenix bone, obtaining the true intent of the dawn mist of moral virtue.

This enmity was great indeed.

If Golden Court Mountain was forced to retreat and the Royal Reed Sea was occupied by the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain would have to consider retreating from the Royal Reed Sea and heading far away to avoid danger.

“This old man will head forth to assist them in battle.

Yan Di, you stay and guard the sect,” Yuan Zhengfeng looked at Yan Di.

Providing assistance in one’s time of need was always more valued than giving presents when all was peaceful.

Still, however the early stages of the battle between the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory and the southern Blazing Heaven Territory had gone, it would ultimately still fall to the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen themselves to decide things.

It was the victor in the battle of the two Exalts or if experts of an even higher level moved to intervene that would decide how the battle would ultimately end.

Under these circumstances, it was actually not so important whether it was Yan Di or anyone else who went.

More importantly, Broad Creed Mountain would thus have expressed their stance of advancing and retreating together with Golden Court Mountain.

In the current Broad Creed Mountain, possessing sufficient status and importance were Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di and Yuan Zhengfeng.

Yan Zhaoge was recuperating from his exertions while Yan Di was to guard their headquarters in case other enemies came attacking.

The peak experts of the Grand Xuan Dynasty had all been slain as they would not have powerful enemies appearing again in the short term.

Therefore, Yan Di was mainly staying behind to guard against those who came targeting the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Yan Di said, “Be careful, Master.”

Yuan Zhengfeng nodded, “The same goes for the rest of you here.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Grand Master, you should bring along that Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown with you.

While you may be unable to use it in the short term, you can just refine it slowly during your daily cultivation.

At the same time, it would be equivalent to taking the initiative to notify the Shadow Mountain Sword King and the others.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled, “This old man precisely had these intentions.”

If Golden Court Mountain was set on pursuing this matter, such a thing would be equivalent to a provocation as it would be like adding fuel to the fire.

However, Yan Zhaoge was ninety percent sure that the Southeastern Exalt and Lin Hanhua would feign ignorance, accepting Yan Zhaoge’s explanation that Guan Lide was of the Prime Clear lineage.

Golden Court Mountain was currently engaged in a major battle with Wutong Slope in the frontlines.

Not only had Guan Lide not gone to help them, he had even stirred up trouble in the back.

It was impossible that Golden Court Mountain did not feel resentful and unhappy with him at that.

Through this matter, they would also be able to see the stance of the Southeastern Exalt, Cao Jie, towards the rumoured Dim Radiant Wheel.

From his usual attitude, Cao Jie vaguely seemed somewhat respectful towards the late Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia.

This could be seen from how he had accepted the Radiant Light Sect and the Dim Darkness Sect which hailed from the legacy of the Dim Radiant Sect, allowing them to reside in his southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

Also, Cao Jie had not minded the Dim Radiant Mausoleum and the treasures that might exist within.

At the same time, he had clearly shown dissatisfaction towards those not of the Dim Radiant Sect’s lineage who had designs on that treasure trove.

This was why he had allowed Lin Hanhua to act, saving the Dim Darkness Sect from Guan Lide’s tyranny.

Cao Jie had not been dissatisfied with Yan Zhaoge who had obtained most of the treasures in the Dim Radiant Mausoleum primarily because of the relationship between Xue Chuqing and the Dim Radiant Sect that ran rather deep.

Meanwhile, Cao Jie seemed vaguely aware of this to some extent.

It could be said that a relationship actually existed between Yan Zhaoge and the Dim Radiant Sect.

Thus, this Southeastern Exalt had tacitly allowed Yan Zhaoge to enter the Dim Radiant Mausoleum, emerging with abundant gains.

It was just that the embryonic Immortal Artifact, the Dim Radiant Wheel, was really much too valuable.

While Golden Court Mountain’s lineage had always been known for their strength of character, Yan Zhaoge did not dare to be completely certain that it was safe.

Now, with the news having already been leaked because of Luo Zhiyuan, Broad Creed Mountain could only advance by retreating, using Guan Lide’s matter to check on the Southeastern Exalt’s attitude towards this matter.

After Yuan Zhengfeng had left, Yan Di handled the affairs of Broad Creed Mountain while Yan Zhaoge adjusted his condition whilst also sorting out his spoils of war from this time.

“The cannons of wars boom, here comes the gold!” Yan Zhaoge sighed emotionally, “The spoils of war are always the best.

Of course, one has to win it first.”

With the battle before Broad Creed Mountain in the Spirit Inheritance Region and Yan Zhaoge’s rampage from the Phoenix Bearing Region, Broad Creed Mountain had profited greatly this time.

Besides the Dawn Star Prime Sun Crown of the Star Plucking Practitioner Guan Lide, they had obtained several other valuable treasures as well.

From having slain Shen Lingzi, they had gained the Light Yin Sword Seal, a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

From having slain King Xuancheng, they had gained the Five Fires Seven Fowl Armour, a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

From having slain Kang Ping, they had obtained the Cloud Circulating Heavenly Light Sword, a high-grade Sacred Artifact.

Apart from that, after killing Guan Lide, they had obtained from him the treasure that he had taken after capturing the Chief of the Radiant Light Sect Luo Zhiyuan, the Sun Wheel of the Sun Moon Wheels which had once been the treasure guarding the Radiant Light Sect’s headquarters.

While the Moon Wheel had been lost back then, the Sun Wheel that remained was still an invaluable treasure.

While Daoist Shi had no high-grade Sacred Artifacts, he still possessed other treasures.

Yan Zhaoge had designs on the flesh and blood of that Cyclone Turtle of his that he had slain.

Pan-Pan aside, it would also be of use for the Northern Ocean Clone in his current cultivation path.

What Yan Zhaoge felt more interested in were the many formation diagrams that he had obtained from Daoist Shi.

Amongst them were many formations like the Heaven Earth Divination Formation that even Yan Zhaoge felt to be extremely powerful.

It was just that due to the geographical limitations of their environmental factors, they could not have been employed in the battle of the Spirit Inheritance Region.

Still, their value was immeasurable.

It was not just formation diagrams alone.

As Qi Wei’s Grand Master and a top-ranking formations grandmaster even amongst the Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of the entire World beyond Worlds, Daoist Shi’s accumulation was much more abundant than Qi Wei’s had been back then.

Carefully going through his belongings, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes lit up as he felt extremely wealthy indeed.

Still, what caught Yan Zhaoge’s attention the most amongst all these things was a leaf.

An already shrivelled leaf.

Seeing this leaf, Yan Zhaoge blinked slightly.

Blowing on it, seeing that shrivelled leaf swaying on his fingertip, Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “I already suspected it on seeing that Heaven Earth Divination Formation.

Now, it looks like the person standing behind the Grand Xuan Dynasty is indeed the Primordial Heaven Emperor.”

Primordial Heaven Emperor, also known as the Heaven Emperor.

He was one of the Five Emperors of the World beyond Worlds alongside the Brocade Emperor, one of the current peak experts in this world of Daoism.


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