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HSSB891: The Grand Xuan Dynasty becomes history


This purple sword-light of Cao Jie’s possessed extraordinary might as even Zhuang Shen who was bolstered by four Virtues was somewhat unable to stand against its sharpness!

The rippling water of holy virtue which should remain unstained by all arts was currently stained a faint purple as it was no longer pure and unsullied.

The thick earth of meritorious virtue which flowed on endlessly, immune to all evils, was gradually being shaken now as it fell apart.

The blessed purple light of fortuitous virtue which was immune to killing tribulations slowly turned mild now as premonitions and hints of death began to vaguely show.

The white qi of nether virtue which provided a chance at life amidst the myriad tribulations seemed exceptionally acute now as it was already about to be invoked.

Zhuang Shen’s gaze was distant, “Three Enclosures Emperor Sword, Purple Tenuity Sword…”

A supreme direct lineage martial art of the Purple Tenuity Emperor, the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword.

It was a Daoist supreme sword art which was superior even to the Twenty-Eight Mansions Sword.

The Purple Forbidden Enclosure was the central palace of the Three Enclosures, the Purple Tenuity Sword that it birthed possessing even more extraordinary might as it was incomparably wondrous.

This was the utmost foundation of Golden Court Mountain’s lineage.

Even if the Three Enclosures Emperor Sword of its legacy was incomplete, with the Purple Tenuity Sword present, it was already sufficient to reign supreme in the World beyond Worlds.

As a sword cultivator, the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie’s offensive power seldom met a match in the entire World beyond Worlds even amongst Exalts.

Even the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen who possessed shocking defensive power as he was aided by four Virtues had no choice but to temporarily avoid the sharpness of his sword now.

“With four Virtues assisting you, enabling a phoenix’s nirvanic rebirth, I cannot kill you,” Cao Jie pointed his sword at Zhuang Shen, “Still, there is also no way you can beat me.”

His tone was calm as if he was narrating a fact that could not be any more obvious.

The result of the clash between them proved this to be true as well.

Cao Jie’s Purple Tenuity Sword descended, forcibly hacking through and extinguishing the fiery phoenix around Zhuang Shen’s body that was protected by four Virtues!

Surrounded by flowing fire, Zhuang Shen returned to his Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel.

Looking downwards, a bloodied hole had shockingly appeared in his palm.

Enveloped by a fiery light, Zhuang Shen and the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel on which he rode turned and left.

His calm voice resounded, “As compared to you, I am more proficient in defence.

I indeed do not possess an advantage one on one.”

Whether it was Zhuang Shen or Cao Jie, both possessed high-grade Sacred Artifacts and wondrous treasures.

However, this was not the first time they were clashing.

The two of them basically understood each other’s abilities quite thoroughly.

After exchanging moves slightly to check how much they had progressed these past years, they were basically aware of the extent of the other’s abilities.

The two were both tenth level Martial Saints of the Human Exalt stage.

There might be a victor when they clashed, but there would seldom be cases when one actually died.

Since Cao Jie had appeared, Zhuang Shen knew that his original plan was no longer feasible as there was no meaning in fighting any longer.

He said in a mild tone that did not sound any vexed or beaten in the slightest as only resolve and determination could be heard, “Still, I must have that phoenix bone.

We will meet again, Cao Jie.”

The fiery phoenix reappeared, enveloping the entire Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel as it was huge beyond compare.

It flapped its wings, instantly traversing the Clear Scenic Region as it sped off towards the southern Blazing Heaven Territory to the west.

Standing high in the sky, Cao Jie strode forward, pursuing it unrelentingly.

Where his sword-light passed, the stars in the sky seemed to plummet, consecutively slamming down towards that fleeing phoenix of fire in the distance.

The sky was filled with flowing fire for a time as countless phoenix feathers seemed to descend.

The spirits of Lin Hanhua, the Southeastern Swordmistress, those two longtime experts of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm and the remaining experts of the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory on the Riding Wind Heavenly Vessel all rose greatly.

“Exterminate all invading enemies who dare trespass on our southeast.

Let us accompany junior apprentice-brother Cao in counterattacking into the southern Blazing Heaven Territory,” The Southeastern Swordmistress now said.

Lin Hanhua said, “Yes, senior apprentice-aunt.”

They immediately switched from defence to offence, accompanying the Southeastern Exalt in launching a counterattack.

The southern Blazing Heaven Territory experts who had encroached on the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory were all alert as noticing that the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie had appeared, the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen afterwards retreating, they immediately turned and withdrew as well.

Even so, however, some of them were still slain in the counterattack with their lives meeting an end.

Considering that there were still internal problems in his own southeastern Yang Heaven Territory that had to be dealt with, after forcing Zhuang Shen back to Phoenix Ritual Mountain’s Wutong Slope, Cao Jie finally desisted and returned.


Blazing Xuan City, Dragon Stem Region of the central Royal Reed Sea.

It was also the capital of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

While it had existed only for a mere century or so, during this time, it had been the centre of the Royal Reed Sea, its number one famed city.

Still, the Blazing Xuan City that was usually flourishing was currently filled with panicked people.

The city had not been like this even when the flames of war had filled the entire Royal Reed Sea, anti-Xuan forces widespread.

Now, however, everyone was feeling uneasy, regardless of status.

Word on how the battle in the Spirit Inheritance Region had gone had already been transmitted back.

Their peak experts Shen Lingzi, King Xuancheng, Daoist Shi and Kang Ping had gone on conquest, invading Broad Creed Mountain.

Yet, they had been completely decimated there!

As the news spread back to Blazing Xuan City, it was like a world-shaking thunderbolt amidst the clear skies as it felt like the sky was going to fall, the earth about to collapse.

The Grand Xuan Dynasty experts stationed there were trying hard to ease the hearts of the people.

Their only hope was that mysterious Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation.

With that formation present, whether it was Golden Court Mountain or Broad Creed Mountain, they should have to give the Primordial Heaven Emperor some face as opposed to mercilessly coming to wipe them all out, right

This was already the last hope that the Grand Xuan Dynasty had.

On this day, however, a figure suddenly appeared in the air above Blazing Xuan City.

It was a white-haired old woman.

As the sword-light arose, however, the river of stars in the sky flickered as it was as if the heavenly river was surging in reverse and pouring down upon Blazing Xuan City.

Those who were guarding the city were only of the late Seeing Divinity stage at most.

How would it be possible for them to resist the Southeastern Swordmistress of the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Immortal Bridge stage

That day, Blazing Xuan City fell.

The Heaven Bearing Efficate Formation was destroyed.

In the Royal Reed Sea, the Grand Xuan Dynasty had become history for good.


Since he was already moving alongside Golden Court Mountain, Yuan Zhengfeng cared not about what might happen in the future as he did not do anything remotely like sitting on the fence.

He participated in the counterattack into the southern Blazing Heaven Territory as well.

Upon returning to the Royal Reed Sea in the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, just having arrived at Broad Creed Mountain’s headquarters in the Spirit Inheritance Region, he learnt of some news.

The Southeastern Swordmistress had trampled over and wrecked the Grand Xuan Dynasty’s capital for good!

“With the Grand Xuan Dynasty having fallen, the Heaven Efficate Bearing Formation there cannot be sustained,” Hearing the news, Yuan Zhengfeng sighed, “The Southeastern Exalt has completely gone and defied the major figure standing behind the Grand Xuan Dynasty now.”

If the Southeastern Exalt had not allowed it, the Southeastern Swordmistress would surely not have exterminated the remnants of the Grand Xuan Dynasty.

Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, “That Emperor basically worked together with the Southern Exalt to force the Southeastern Exalt into this.”

“While the Southeastern Exalt has a milder personality, he is no pushover.

How could he not have a temper This is a sword cultivator, after all! While his principles may be laxer most of the time, if someone riles him up, he would be much more stubborn than most people are regarding things.”

Yuan Zhengfeng pointed at Yan Zhaoge, “If not for our sect continually wrecking the plans of that Emperor, killing the Grand Xuan Dynasty to such a tragic state, he would probably not have used such intense methods.”

“Perhaps he thinks that it was at the Southeastern Exalt’s behest that we acted this way.”

Yan Zhaoge grinned, “That is probably true to some extent.

Those of Golden Court Mountain should understand this as well.

Some might even be feeling a bit resentful because of this.”

Fang Zhun said, “Currently, the Southeastern Exalt appears not to mind this.

From what Master says, the Southeastern Swordmistress and the Shadow Mountain Sword King do not mind this too.

This is actually already enough.”

Yan Zhaoge pondered, “Speaking of the Shadow Mountain Sword King, there is something that may prove rather troublesome…”


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