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HSSB898: Drawn into an unrelated conflict


A week later, the Brocade Emperor had still not arrived.

Someone else did instead.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di had originally been in the midst of cultivation when Fu Ting arrived.

Fu Ting’s expression was somewhat awkward, but on her face could be seen more of solemnity.

“My father has still not returned.

Please do not take offence,” Fu Ting said, “There are some things here at the Minor No Hatred dao arena that make it such that it may not be convenient for the two of you to continue staying here right now.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di exchanged looks.

The first thought in their minds was-could it be that the Heaven Emperor had actually invited one of the Three Sovereigns to make a move, with the Brocade Emperor being hard pressed to resist it as he was forced into making a complete retreat

Or could it be that the problematic Dim Radiant Wheel in Yan Zhaoge’s hands had caused problems so quickly, with Ingenious Flying Peak actually wanting to send him and his father away of their own accord

Fu Ting clearly knew that this was an inappropriate action.

However, there seemed to be something which was hard for her to voice out.

She took out a brocade box, handing it to Yan Di, “My father left behind a message that if he did not return, the two of you should quickly leave.

Please accept this treasure as a token of our apologies.”

“The current situation is unique.

It is that it isn’t convenient for this place to continue having guests.

Please understand this.”

Receiving the brocade box, Yan Di was not in a rush to open it as he said calmly, “We father and son have been imposing on you these past few days.

We both understand that the Brocade Emperor is occupied by something.

Still, please allow this Yan to ask-is this matter related to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory”

Fu Ting sighed, “Chief Yan worries too much.

This matter is unrelated to the Heaven Emperor, the Southeastern Exalt, the Southern Exalt and the embryonic Immortal Artifact of Young Master Yan’s.”

“My father is indeed away over some matter.

Still, that is a private affair, and the matter that will be happening at this dao arena is another affair as well, also being unrelated to the two of you.

It is just that it will not be convenient for us to continue hosting the two of you.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di both felt curious.

If this was not related to the matter of the Heaven Emperor and the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory, also being unrelated to the Dim Radiant Wheel, things here really appeared strange.

“It sounds like a calamity is about to befall the Minor No Hatred dao arena.

It is out of good intentions that Ingenious Flying Peak is asking us to leave.

They do not want to drag us down”

Yan Zhaoge was somewhat taken aback.

Since Fu Ting was unwilling to speak more on this, however, Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di could not very well press her about it.

The other party might have good intentions, also having acted appropriately as host.

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di could only abide by their host’s plans.

The two of them accompanied Fu Ting in walking out of the palace.

Passing through the front hall of the palace, they saw a bunch of people standing there.

Some of them were Ingenious Flying Peak disciples, while others did not seem like descendants of the Brocade Emperor’s lineage.

Looking carefully at them, Yan Zhaoge saw that they actually weren’t humans.

While in human garb, they actually had the heads of dragons!

They were shockingly of the dragon race!

In terms of the cultivation realms of human martial practitioners, these experts of the dragon race were shockingly all of the Immortal Bridge stage.

All of them had abundant strength and great spirits with their innate qi and blood being much more powerful than that of humans.

As they breathed, the authority of dragons overflowed as other lifeforms would feel an urge to bow down before them.

It was just that they had all intentionally retracted their authoritative auras as visitors of the Minor No Hatred dao arena as was only polite.

What Yan Zhaoge took more notice of was the fact that these three experts of the dragon race all clearly seemed very ill at ease at this moment as they appeared frantic and restless.

This was an extremely rare thing for the dragon race that was usually composed and emphasised more on their authoritative image.

After glancing once at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, they did not pay much attention to them as their gazes quickly shifted away, falling on Fu Ting.

Fu Ting nodded towards them, “I will speak in more detail with seniors after sending my guests away.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di left the palace alongside Fu Ting, with Yan Zhaoge looking back, “It would really be rare to see demons with such cultivation bases in the World beyond Worlds.”

Fu Ting said, “Following the Great Calamity, the dragon race deteriorated greatly.

They are indeed very rare today.”

“Our lineage has some ties with a branch of the dragon race that survived the Great Calamity.

This was something from the time of my Great Grand Master.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, offering no reply.

Fu Ting said, “In a moment, I will be using the mechanism here to send the two of you back to the southeastern Yang Heaven Territory.

We have really been impolite this time…”

Before she had finished speaking, the world that was formed of intermingling qis of white and black actually shook abruptly!

Now, the black and white qis which had originally been clearly separated instantly became muddled and chaotic, with yin and yang hard to differentiate.

Fu Ting was shocked, “Here already!”

The expressions of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di both changed slightly.

Having cultivated in the Minor No Hatred dao arena these past few days, they knew that this manor here had been personally created by the Brocade Emperor.

Even if its stability was inferior to that of Kunlun Mountain’s Ingenious Flying Peak’s Red Lotus Cliff, it was still far from comparable to most places.

Even though its owner, the Brocade Emperor, was not present, destabilising this place would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Yet, the scenes before them clearly indicated that someone was attacking the Minor No Hatred dao arena from the outside!

What was even worse was that the other party was extremely powerful as the possibility of the area falling to his attacks did exist!

The spiritual qi flow of the dao arena had already been turned chaotic as its foundation was shaken.

Fu Ting did not panic despite her shock as she directly retrieved a jade crystal, flinging it into the air before tapping on it.

A glow appeared on the surface of the jade crystal, forming a spirit formation with a hole seemingly appearing amidst space at its centre.

The next moment, however, space immediately healed where it had broken apart while the spirit formation began distorting, shattering the next instant.

Fu Ting frowned, “These attacks are just too powerful.

The mechanism is unable to activate.”

She looked at Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di, helplessly shaking her head, “I originally wanted to send the two of you back to the World beyond Worlds.

From the looks of it now, however, that will not be happening.”

Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di exchanged looks, both finding things to be rather ridiculous.

From the looks of it, someone had actually truly come to find trouble with the Brocade Emperor.

They had unwittingly been drawn into it as well.

“Since that is so, the two of you, please follow me,” Fu Ting said, leading them back into the palace.

While the spiritual qi flow of the dao arena was already rather messed up, as the Brocade Emperor’s residence, it was still not going to fall so easily at the end of the day.

As they walked, Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “With things already being the way they are, can Miss Fu tell us about this situation in greater detail We father and son are still completely in the dark.”

Looking at the palace up ahead, Yan Di asked in a heavy tone, “Is it related to the dragons here”

Fu Ting hesitated for a moment before she sighed, “You can say that it is related.

Still, the one who has come is here specifically for our lineage.”

“Those three seniors of the dragon race hurried here to warn us.

They did not think that opponent would come so quickly, arriving right after them.”

Fu Ting helplessly shook her head, “There are some things that have to be settled at this dao arena.

We are unable to immediately leave.

I originally wanted to send the two of you away at once, yet I was actually unable to do so in the end.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “Who exactly is this person”

The other party might not know that the Brocade Emperor was out, most likely thinking that he was at his residence as he was not capitalising on this chance to attack, instead having come specifically targeting him in the first palace.

The Brocade Emperor was one of the greatest experts of the World beyond Worlds.

That someone actually dared to come looking for trouble with him truly exceeded Yan Zhaoge’s expectations.

So, it was not the Heaven Emperor.

Who else could it be

As he was guessing, Fu Ting said in a complex tone, “The one who has come isn’t human.”


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