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HSSB90: Elder Yan, long time no see


As he and Shi Tie came before Yan Xu, Yan Zhaoge said smilingly, “Elder Yan, long time no see.”

Shi Tie glanced indifferently at Yan Xu, “Let’s talk as we walk.”

They began walking, Yan Xu following silently behind Shi Tie, not uttering a sound.

A Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan having disappeared without a trace was an abnormal thing which would inevitably rouse one’s suspicions.

Whilst not wanting to expose his own identity as well as cultivation base, Shi Tie specially left behind some marks for the Sacred Sun Clan’s people to follow up on.

On the surface, these marks depicted not just one Martial Grandmaster of a similar cultivation level to that one-eyed Elder surrounding and attacking him.

On one hand, this concealed Shi Tie’s own arrival.

On the other, bait was left dangling with which to hook the large fish.

Shi Tie looked at the Ghost Hatchet Elder, Han Sheng, “Han Sheng, you joined the Decimating Abyss organisation, creating a disturbance in Hell.

That is abominable indeed.”

The Ghost Hatchet Elder said hatefully, “The human realm is just like a living hell; what difference is there”

“Why is it that the lot of you can stand over others so loftily It is only because you are stronger.”

“Hell shall open and the Nine Underworlds shall descend, tearing apart this world that we live in now and creating a new heaven and earth.

 At that time, we’ll see again who is the one who dictates!”

Han Sheng shouted angrily, “Having fallen in your hands this time, this old man has nothing to say.

Still, Shi Tie and your bunch-don’t be too happy.

This matter isn’t over yet!”

Shi Tie said calmly, “While Hell has temporarily calmed, we can also imagine that you won’t lay down your flags and cease beating your drums just like that.”

“Your moving this time-was it a portent”

Han Sheng laughed coldly, shutting his mouth and simply giving up his struggle as he closed his eyes and stayed still, not moving an inch.

Yan Zhaoge suddenly said, “You want a certain something that I have on me, right”

Shi Tie looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge returned him a look to set his mind at rest before pulling out an object and shaking it a little in front of Han Sheng.

It was precisely the small metal plate that he had gotten from Ye Jing, which was related to the legacy of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint.

From Yan Zhaoge’s perspective, Han Sheng’s expression did not change in the slightest, his gaze not shaking whatsoever as his breathing and heartbeat were also as normal.

The gaze with which he looked at him was filled with disdain as well as baffled incomprehension.

But the gaze of the Shi Tie beside him suddenly turned severe, “Oh”

His cultivation being far above Han Sheng’s, also currently imprisoning him with his own power, he could clearly feel the fluctuations of Han Sheng’s emotions, having changed at this very moment.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled, though he did not speak.

Shi Tie similarly stared at Hang Sheng.

Seeing this, Han Sheng snorted, continuing to remain silent, just that his bluster instantly fell.

Yan Zhaoge threw up the small metal plate within his palm.

The metal plate rose into mid-air before falling downwards once more, as Yan Zhaoge caught it once again.

“The sinister shadow with which you caused a disturbance in the Sealing Dragon Abyss had nothing unique about it.

It also hasn’t been in my hands for a long time.”

“Other than that, the two of have not had any other form of contact.”

“If you must say that there is something, then there is my fellow disciple, your…en, sworn brother, Ye Jing.”

Yan Zhaoge stroked that small metal plate with his fingers, “And the only thing that I obtained from junior apprentice-brother Ye Jing was this small metal plate.

Therefore, I could only believe that the thing you wanted to obtain from me was just it.”

“So, Senior Han, is convenient for you to tell us now what you want this thing for”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Han Sheng, “It is related to the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, but just how large of a connection it is and how much of his legacy can be obtained is still an unknown.

“In the lands of the Eastern Tang right now, my Broad Creed Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan as well as Infinite Boundless Mountain have all converged here in a gathering of heroes.

In having caused a disturbance in the Sealing Dragon Abyss, you would be the target of all; no one would mind taking care of you.”

“Under such circumstances, you still dared to take the incomparably huge risk of appearing.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Let me guess.

The only reason for that is that you must have obtained some precise information related to this metal plate.

With it, you would be able to get something that would take you a step further in accomplishing that so-called grand wish of yours.”

“That thing is related to Hell, and can assist you and your companions in completing your plans”

Hearing these words, Han Sheng directly shut his eyes, only opening his mouth to speak after a long time, “This old man’s skills were inferior, getting captured by you lot.

I have nothing more to say.”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Shi Tie, “Eldest apprentice-uncle, originally, this was only an uncertain stroke of fortune that I came across by chance; therefore, I claimed possession of it.

Now, however, it seems like it is extremely significant indeed.”

Broad Creed Mountain allowed its disciples to fully benefit from the fortuitous encounters that they experienced.

If its disciples felt that they could not handle things on their own, they could also request assistance from the clan, sharing the benefits together.

However, if the matter concerned something like the Flame Devil World, Hell or some other Sacred Ground, it would be a different story altogether.

Shi Tie said, “It’s fine; let’s leave it for after everything has been settled.”

“If it is related to the Decimating Abyss organisation and Hell, the clan will take care of it.

If it is related to the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint, the clan won’t take what is rightfully yours.”

The Decimating Abyss organisation was naturally the organisation that the Ghost Hatchet Elder, Han Sheng was in.

Earlier, in a cleanup operation in the Eastern Tang, some mid and low-ranking members of the organisation had fallen into the net.

To date, Han Sheng was the strongest expert of said organisation to have been captured.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge or Shi Tie, both of them had great expectations about this, being prepared to pry open Han Sheng’s mouth and unearth a lot more valuable information.

Shi Tie said, “This time, you were willing to take a risk; the final, eventual results of the operation aside, at the very least, Han Sheng has fallen into our net.

The meaning of this is significant.

With that, you have already earned a great merit.”

“In first rescuing King Zhao of the Eastern Tang Kingdom, then helping him to wrest back control of the Jingyang Grand Formation later on, your contributions are similarly something that cannot be disputed.”

“In the midst of a battle, it the enemy does not die, it very well might be you yourself who dies.

You killing Xiao Shen, cannot be considered a fault.”

As he looked at Yan Zhaoge, a few hints of warmth surfaced within Shi Tie’s usually tough, unyielding gaze, “At present, you have already earned three great merits; the clan will not fail to reward you for them.”

“Thinking about it, having been in the Eastern Tang for not even half a year, you have already consecutively performed many great merits, your contributions also being extremely outstanding.

Such a frequency as well as efficiency is something that I have never encountered before in my years at the head of the Disciplinary Hall.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Eldest apprentice-uncle overpraises me.”

“False words are not said before the true.

This time, the Ghost Hatchet Elder having landed in our net was an unexpected surprise.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, the corners of his mouth slightly lifted, “Besides, things having gone so smoothly must also be attributed to the fine coordination of others.”

Shi Tie said mildly, “Indeed, the coordination was very good.”

Both of their gazes now came to fall on Yan Xu.

Yan Zhaoge spread out his palms in a questioning pose, “Elder Yan, from what I know, due to hurrying over to assist Zhao Sheng, you shouldn’t have the time to be here, isn’t it”

At this moment, Yan Xu had already completely calmed himself down in both mind and expression, “After having saved the Eastern Tang’s Third Prince, this old man rushed over here as quickly as he could, sadly arriving a step too late.”

He bowed towards Shi Tie, “Luckily, Elder Shi and other experts of the clan managed to rush over in time, defeating the Sacred Sun Clan as well as Old Monster Han.”

Shi Tie stared straight at Yan Xu, “Seeing that I was here, why did you run”

Yan Xu said slowly, “This subordinate was incompetent, having failed in properly determining the movements of the enemy, in effect allowing the Sacred Sun Clan to run rampant unchecked on the lands of the Heaven Domain governed by my Broad Creed Mountain.”

“My Broad Creed Mountain’s reinforcements lagging after the martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan in terms of deployment, this subordinate bears a responsibility that cannot be denied.”

“This subordinate was originally already uneasy.

Upon suddenly seeing Elder Shi, this subordinate got even more ashamed and panicked, not being able to resist concealing myself and leaving.”

“On one hand, this ashamed subordinate had no face to meet you.

On the other, this subordinate wanted to quickly make up for my past faults and rush my men in quickly gathering some more information on the Sacred Sun Clan’s movements, in preparation for our clan’s counterattack.”

Yan Xu gave Shi Tie a full, deep bow, “This subordinate failed in handling matters, being mediocre and incompetent.

I am willing to accept all the punishment that is meted out on me.”

Looking at Yan Xu, Yan Zhaoge thought that this was really a smooth old man indeed.

Seizing the initiative to admit a smaller fault whilst completely talking away the real, major issue.

What bothered Shi Tie the most in his life were people who failed in their tasks and attempted to talk away their responsibilities.

Yan Xu’s words would inevitably cause Shi Tie’s opinion of him to be extremely low.

Even if he was temporarily left unpunished due to them having to deal with the Sacred Sun Clan, Yan Xu would definitely not have it good after everything was over.

But when compared to Yan Xu’s true intentions, these faults of his no longer seemed like anything.

It was only that, Shi Tie was not so easy to fool.

“You’ve brought along a Shadow Shrinking Pouch with you, inside which I can vaguely sense the presence of a living person,” Shi Tie stared at Yan Xu, “Who is it”


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